What is the best way to get more than 300 marks in biology in NEET?

Getting 300+ in bio for NEET is not a tough job. All you have to do is ncert should be at your tips. Apart from ncert i would suggest first go through any study material like of allen which i use to prefer and then go through the ncert. Because a single line ncert have vast meaning which can be easily understood through any such study material or refrence book. Apart from this try to solve as much mcq as you can. Never neglect this mcq part will help you to clear your doubt which may you havr during your reading session.

Always periodically revise the back unit always.

Focus on those chapters. More from which probabilty of qustions high like ecology ,biotechnology, reproduction .

And most importantly for plant physiology must go through ncert and must solve mcq .

For diversity you can completly rely on ncert but again must focus on mcq for that too.


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