7 Wedding Emojis To Show Your Partner Love and Excitement

Wedding Emojis

The bells of the church are now ringing and swaying with joy! It is for sure that your wedding vows are ready. A wedding is a special milestone for couples. Since this event is significant, it became an online trend to showcase many wedding themes. Many popular wedding items have made it to the emoji list because of how beautiful weddings can be. 

The wedding emoji categorization depicts all of the traditional elements of this holiday in their sweet conventional form. Aside from the wedding ring and church emojis, you can use a load of other emojis to express your excitement and love for your partner. These wedding emojis are here to be your new best man–or even your new maid of honor! With vast arrays of emoji collections, rest assured that there is always one that fits–like a wedding ring!

1. Bride Emoji

This emoji accurately depicts how weddings are like the season’s giant ball for women. On the wedding day, she is the most beautiful woman standing in the alleyway, holding a lovely bunch of different flowers, embraced in a bouquet. The bride with veil emoji exactly depicts a woman who is about to be bonded with someone for a lifetime. The emoji depicts a woman smiling while wearing a white veil. You can use this emoji if you are posting a photo alongside a wife-to-be. 

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2. Groom Emoji

“I now pronounce you, husband and wife!”. It is undoubtedly the caption of the season for newlyweds immediately following the orchestration of their wedding. This emoji is designed to be a man wearing a black suit with matching nicely styled hair for the big day!

For a man, Marriage is the act of making two people’s relationship public, executive, and perpetual. It is the merger of two people in a bond presumed to last as long as the couple is both living.

3. Bouquet Of Flowers Emoji

A wedding is not complete without the bride holding a unique and beautiful bouquet. It symbolizes the bountiful marriage life that a woman and her husband will partake in, and it holds the symbol of growth, purity, and faithfulness. They are crafted with love, equipped with time, and served by patience. The time a florist spends on curating the perfect bouquet makes up a factor that the love for the gifter has is enormous.

There are other flower emojis that you can find online. You can even craft your own, make your bouquet and send flowers–virtually to congratulate the soon-to-be husband and wife. 

4. White Heart Emoji

It is one of the most used heart category emoji in weddings; photos having this emoji as part of the caption symbolizes purity and admiration because of its color. It represents close bondings, support, and love in a different hue.

This emoji is perfect for weddings to send love to your new bride or groom. It also means pure love, happiness, and love that cannot be tainted with stains to tarnish your eternal love for each other. With the color white, one couple vows to have no impurities that will try to diminish the love and trust that they have for each other.

5. Heart Pulse Emoji

The heartbeats in the most nerve-wracking way, especially with big events like weddings. Imagine finally walking down the aisle, with all of the people dear to you, watching you as you cascade the pathway towards the altar. You will surely feel your heart pulse seconds by seconds as you enter the most exciting and beautiful chapter of your life. This emoji is the perfect one for you. You can never compare the butterflies in your stomach on your first date to how your heart pulse on your wedding day. You can also use this emoji when you feel overwhelmed because of all the good things, love, and support system you are receiving. 

6. Pen Writing On A Paper Emoji

Wedding Vows are there to seal promises that you and your partner will make amid your wedding ceremony. It is a written testimony that manifests how much you are willing to take full responsibility for all the days you and your partner will partake as husband and wife.

It is like an oath that promises eternal and unconditional love. The pen writing on a paper emoji symbolizes the night before the wedding. It represents the time when the wife and the husband curated their respective wedding vows. 

You can also use this emoji right after signing the marriage contract alongside the red heart emoji and the ring emoji. .

7. Cake Emoji

What’s a wedding without a beautiful high-tier cake? Popular wedding cakes are typically topped with miniature figures of the bride and groom. These cakes are freely designed and colored nowadays, instead of the traditional white cake to show the bride and groom’s personalities more. This emoji for weddings can symbolize the rich and sweet marriage life, and guests are always excited to have some during the ceremony. You can also use this alongside the party face and party popper emojis to represent how a wedding is also a party. 

Final Thoughts 

Weddings are a celebration of love and grace. It is a union of two people who will conquer married life thrice or even a hundred times harder than when they were only a couple. Fun and meaningful conversations are there to close the distance this couple will have in the future if both of them have to work miles away. Emojis are there to express how they feel about certain things, situations, or circumstances.

The internet is jam-packed with emojis that will fit any occasion–rain or shine. Visit Emojiguide.com to keep up with the latest emoji trend available to you!

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