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10 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Dance For Beginners & Pros!

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Love dancing? If yes, then you are at the right place! We all have that fear of being laughed at for our crazy dance moves. But not anymore as I have disclosed the best YouTube channels to Learn Dance for beginners by top Dancers. Now you too can be a pro at dancing by learning from the best dancers!

Whether you’re looking for the best dancing workout channels or simply love to dance this post is truly for you. Dancing an art because it refers to the movement of body parts in synchronization with the music. If we talk about the dance styles, there are 21 main types of dance styles. Among all of them, the most popular is Pop style. However, you can learn any style you want. What you need is dedication and free will to enjoy dance which you can easily learn by following the best dance tutorial YouTube channels.

The best YouTube channels to learn dance for beginners are:

  1. G M Dance Centre – 3.72 Million Subscribers
  2. Dance Tutorials 3.08 Million Subscribers
  3. Deepak Tulsyan – 2.31 Million Subscribers
  4. MihranTV – 2.31 Million Subscribers
  5. Pigmie – 2.24
  6. Dancercise Studio – 970K Subscribers
  7. Xtreme Hip Hop With Phil – 654K Subscribers
  8. Get Dance – 242K Subscribers
  9. DNCR – 139K Subscribers
  10. VERB Studio – 42.2K Subscribers

All of these channels have been run by the most popular dancers. You can also make videos on trending songs on Instagram reels by learning dance from these channels. To know more about the dance channels on YouTube, you should read the full article. Learn dance from YouTube easily.

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10 Best Youtube Channels To Learn Dance for Beginners

By following these Youtube channels, you’ll get to learn dance for beginners, with the best dance tutorials. However, watching videos is not enough unless and until you practice every move.

G M Dance Centre – 3.72 Million Subscribers 

This is the official YouTube channel of G M Dance Centre. The channel was started in 2015 and here, you’ll find various dance tutorial videos of different dance styles. Talking about the stats, there are a total of 149 uploaded videos but views on them are in billions.

G M Dance Centre is the best dance channel for your kids. Get them to get groovy and learn new dance moves watching this YouTube Channel.

Dance Tutorials – 3.08 Million Subscribers 

As the name suggests, this channel is all about dance tutorials. It is dedicated to free choreography breakdowns. Every dance video on this channel has thousands of views. The total number of uploaded videos on the Dance Tutorials is 267 but views are over 200 million.

Want to learn breakdance? Nothing can be more precise than this YouTube channel having the best dancers on YouTube.

Deepak Tulsyan – 2.31 Million Subscribers

Deepak Tulsyan is one of the most popular dancers. Apart from being a dancer, he is a choreographer & traveler and loves to create dance tutorial videos on his YouTube channel which he created in 2011. As of now, there are 370 million views on Deepak Tulsyan YouTube channel whereas uploaded dance videos are 207.

MihranTV – 2.31 Million Subscribers 

Mihran Kirakosyan is the owner of this YouTube channel. He is a choreographer and a director. According to him, dancing videos are uploaded on MihranTV every Monday whereas dance tutorial videos are uploaded on Tuesday. The total uploaded videos on this channel is 567 with 300 million-plus views.

Learn dances on various songs every week. From easy to complex choreography, this channel has everything!

Pigmie – 2.24 Million Subscribers 

This YouTube channel was started in 2007 and as of now, the creator(Lucas B) uploads dance-related content on this channel every week. He may not post-dance tutorials, but uploads “stunts” and “how-to” videos that are must-learn steps for a beginner. The views on this channel have crossed 200 million while videos are 1K.

Along with amazing dance flips, you’ll be provided with dance to learn on this channel.

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Dancercise Studio – 970K Subscribers

Dancercise Studio is one of the best YouTube channels to learn dance for beginners. It is a Delhi-based dance and Zumba fitness academy. On this YouTube channel, the dance cover/tutorial videos are created by Aditi and Sarika. The total number of videos on this channel is 283 but views are more than 180 million.

Xtreme Hip Hop With Phil – 654K Subscribers

This YouTube channel is run by Phil Weeden. Here, the creators show you several dance tutorials. If you follow any of the dance styles by watching videos on this channel, you’ll be able to boost your metabolism and burn the extra fat in your body. Talking about the stats, the views are over 50 million, and uploaded videos are 185.

To learn Hip Hop dance on YouTube, go nowhere else, just subscribe to this channel!

Get Dance – 242K Subscribers

If you are a beginner at dancing, you should subscribe to this channel. Here, dance videos are uploaded especially for beginners so that they can easily learn how to dance at parties and other functions. Uploaded videos on this channel are 249 and views are 14 million-plus.

DNCR – 139K Subscribers 

DNCR is one of the best YouTube channels to learn dancing for beginners. It is basically an online dance academy by Matt Steffanina where you’ll find all types of step-by-step dance tutorials for both beginners as well as advanced dancers. The total views on this channel are 4 million and uploaded videos are only 21.

VERB Studio – 42.4K Subscribers

VERB Studio is a YouTube channel where you can easily learn new dance moves especially if you are a beginner. You can also discover various dance styles on this channel and master the basics of any dance style. There are a total of 269 dance videos uploaded on this channel with millions of views.

9 Professional Dance Channels To Learn Dance Like A Pro!!

Learn professional dance on YouTube! If you are a professional dancer and wish to polish your moves by watching the top YouTube dancers, then here are the 9 Top YouTube channels to learn dance like a Pro!

1. Dance Fitness With Jessica – 1 Million Subscribers

2. Dance With Abby – 120K Subscribers

3. Mandy Jiroux – 1.32 Million Subscribers

4. Claudia Dean Coaching – 235K Subscribers

5. Nel Shelby -1.23K Subscribers

6. Team Naach – 4.43 Million Subscribers

7. Elif Khan – 2.67 Million Subscribers

8. Dancercise Studio – 987K Subscribers

9. Kyle Hanagami 4.49 Million Subscribers

Which Dance is best for beginners?

As a beginner, you should begin with easy dance forms and then move to the complex styles. Some of the best easy dance forms to try as a beginner are:

  • Waltz.
  • Foxtrot.
  • Swing.
  • Rumba.
  • Cha Cha.

How do you become a Dancer YouTuber? How To Start a Dance YouTube Channel?

Here’s a video to guide you on How can you become a popular Dancer YouTuber:

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All these are the best YouTube channels to learn dance for beginners. If you are a dancer and know any other YouTube channel that teaches new dance styles, do comment below.

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Can I learn dance from YouTube?

Yes. You can learn dance from YouTube. Just watch the tutorial videos on the above-listed channels and follow the dance steps of choreographers.

What is the hardest dance style?

Ballet is said to be the hardest dance style as it is difficult to master.

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