Best YouTube Channels To Learn Investing | Must Check All The Channels

Best YouTube Channels To Learn Investing | Must Check All The Channels

Want to secure both present as well as long-term financial security? You should start investing right now. If you don’t know how to invest, then start following the best Youtube channels to learn investing. 

Investments can help you in providing financial security and income in the future. There are several reasons for investing such as you can get higher returns, reach your financial goals, save for retirement, and most important, it helps you in growing your money. There is no doubt that saving your money is good but investing that money into small businesses is much better.

From a list of hundreds of Youtube channels, we chose 10 as the best investing youtube channels. The top three are Dan Lok(with 3.5 million subscribers), The Financial Diet(with 869K Subscribers), and Ryan Scribner(with 705K Subscribers).

Apart from these three, there are seven more Youtube channels for financial education. To know more about those channels, you should go through the full article.

Best YouTube Channels To Learn Investing in 2021

Whether you are a beginner at investing or an expert investor, you should watch videos on these channels. You’ll get some new information related to making money through investing. 

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Dan Lok – 3.5 Million Subscribers

Dan Lok is the owner of this YouTube channel. He is a self-made billionaire and a Business Mentor. The most expert investors also follow Dan Lok and watch his videos on YouTube. His uploaded videos on the internet have crossed 2 billion views. Apart from being a YouTuber, Dan is the author of many bestselling books.

The Financial Diet – 869K Subscribers

The Financial Diet is one of the best Youtube channels to learn investing in 2021. This channel is all about teaching personal finance and making money through investments. The main playlists in this channel include “the college student’s guide to money”, “The financial confessions”, and “the financial diet”. The total uploaded videos on this channel is 566 and views are over 81 million.

Ryan Scribner – 705K Subscriber

Ryan Scribner is a Youtuber and he created this Youtube channel of the same name in 2016 in order to teach beginners about investing. According to Ryan, most people want to learn investing but don’t know where to start. That’s why he makes videos for those who want to learn the basics of investing and personal finance skills. The total number of videos on his channel is 390 videos and views are 51 million.

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BiggerPockets – 693K Subscribers

If you want to succeed in real estate investing, then this Youtube channel is for you. Here, you’ll find free content that will help you in building wealth and achieving your financial goals. If you want to know more about this Youtube channel, you can browse There are 2,011 videos uploaded on this channel and views are over 47 million.

Phil Town’s Rule #1 Investing – 387K Subscribers

Created in 2014, this is an official Youtube channel of Philip Bradley Town. He is an American Investor, a motivational speaker, and an Investment Advisor. On this channel, Philip shares his years of investment experience and gives the best investment ideas through his videos. To help people learn investing in 2021, he has created a new “Investing 2021” playlist. As of now, the total views on this channel are 23 million, and uploaded videos are 374.

Sasha Evdakov: Tradersfly – 178K Subscribers

Sasha Evdakov is the name of the Youtuber and Tradersfly is the Youtube channel where he shares his experience about investing, the Stock market, and trading. According to the creator of this channel, Stock trading can be a savage industry. However, if you follow his channel and watch educational training videos, you’ll get free knowledge about how to avoid large mistakes while investing. The channel was created back in 2012 and now, it has 14 million+ views on the 797 uploaded videos.

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Value Investing With Seven Carlin, Ph. D – 163K Subscribers

This Youtube channel was created in 2017 and it is helping investors in making smart financial decisions with the right mindset. If you browse this channel, you’ll find structured playlists including Tesla Stock Discussion, Stock Market Crash 2021, and other videos related to investing strategies. The total number of videos on this channel is 973 and views are over 13 million.

Investors Underground – 135K Subscribers

This YouTube channel is all about trading and investing. You can learn how to become a successful trader and connect with other traders to get real-time investment ideas. This channel has many informational investing videos such as Stock Trading Course and Beginners Guide To Learn Investment. Investors Underground was created in 2013 and it has 254 videos with 7 million-plus views. 

Young and Investing – 115K Subscribers

As the name suggests, the creator of this channel is a young boy whose name is Quinten. He shares videos on this channel about his views on cryptocurrency, market reviews, and discussing investing tutorials. Quinten is an active YouTuber as he has uploaded 526 videos on YouTube. The total views on his channel are more than 5 million.

Andrew Sather – 3.51K Subscribers

This Youtube channel was created in 2013 but the creator started working on it for the past few years and has uploaded 41 educational videos related to investment. You should subscribe to this channel especially if you are a beginner at investing because here, you’ll get valuable investment lessons from the creator. The total views on this channel are 187K.

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All these are the best Youtube channels to learn investing. I recommend you watch investing tutorials on these channels in order to get insightful knowledge about investments.

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