Biden taps New York Fed market chief as national security deputy – Granthshala USA

“Dileep will be tasked to recreate American international economic policy on the needs of working Americans,” Sullivan said in an email statement.

Desse said he would work with Singh and Peter Harrell, who were recently named senior directors for international economics and competition – on complex, cross-cutting issues, including climate, technology and trade, which were used throughout government Approach required. “

Along with Singh, the Biden administration is also in discussions with Jennifer Harris of the State Department to become the NSC’s senior director for international economics and labor, and the Mexico Program Director for Nonprofit Solidarity affiliated with the AFL-CIO, Gladys Cisneros with. According to a person familiar with the negotiations, the Center for International Labor to become the director of the NSC.

Harris currently directs an initiative at the Hewlett Foundation, which aims to “replace Renaissance with a new ‘common sense’ as to how people’s lives should be improved.”

Several influential allies have held special deputy national security advisory roles in previous administrations, and prioritizes the appointment that Biden’s team is integrating economic and foreign policy.

In the Obama administration, special sub roles were created for Ben Rhodes, one of the president’s speech writers and closest aides, as well as counter-terrorism advisors John Brennan and Lisa Monaco. Wally Adeyimo, now deputy to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, filled the same role as Singh during the Obama administration.

Singh’s system reestablished a structure of the Obama administration when it took office amid the global economic crisis. Michele Frannan was appointed Deputy National Security Advisor for International Affairs, a position she held jointly on the National Security Council and the National Economic Council. Froman later became the US Trade Representative.

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Thia Lee, president of the pro-labor economic policy institute, praised the NSC staffing move, saying the White House “wants to bring workers directly into international economic policy decisions.”

International economists and Lee, a former head of the AFL-CIO, said, “Often activist voices or activist advocates have been brought in since the policy was formed, and it is too late to build the worker rights component or job lens.” Deputy Chief of Staff.

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