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Birthday Nail Designs

Birthdays are for feeling special, and for pampering. Make your birthdays special and fun with these trending and super cute Birthday Nail Designs that are easy to curate at home. All you need is some playful colors, some glitters, and you are good to go. 

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Whether you like keeping it simple or prefer bold colors, here’s a pick for everyone. Choose any of these birthday nail ideas and use your own creativity to create the perfect birthday nails. Keeping all the fashion trends in mind and making notes of different color choices by different people, the list below contains everything from glamorous birthday nail designs to simple birthday nails.

For those who are comfortable wearing nail extensions, there are some birthday nail designs that you can create with fake nails too. Some of the birthday nails trending right now are Polka  Dots with a blend of Ombre, 3D birthday nails, Rainbow nails with glitter, Black Matte with golden heart, and many others.

You can experiment with different shades and different birthday nails design. I am sure every nail addict will find their perfect fit in the list below. Enjoy the colorful splash with a bold design. 

13 Fresh Birthday Nail Designs

Your nail art speaks a lot about your personality. So make sure you choose the right birthday nails for you. Here you get different chives from cute birthday nails, to summer birthday nails design, to birthday acrylic nail ideas, to birthday nails with rhinestones, and simple birthday nail designs. Enjoy the playful nail art!!

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Cute Birthday Nails

1. Polka Dots With A Blend Of Ombre

Birthday Nail Designs; Polka Dots With A Blend Of Ombre
Source: Times of India

Try out these super cute birthday nails with playful colors. You can either go for ombre glossy nails or try the matte look. To apply this cute birthday nail design, you need to start from the inner corners of the nails with white nail paint, followed by pink and an orange shade to form a blend of ombre styling. To give it a fresh and chick look, draw colorful polka dots on your nails. Looks super cool and fun!!

2. Chalkboard Nails With An Anime Twist

Birthday nail designs: Chalkboard Nails With An Anime Twist
Source: Pinterest

Okay, so this one is for all the anime fans. Replicate the super cute anime twist nails with a matte chalkboard designing. All you need to do is cover your nails with black matte nail color. Now, draw cute and colorful anime figures you like. You can draw some hearts, stars, and balloons if you want. It matches the perfect birthday vibes. Finish it off by applying transparent nail paint over the nails. Enjoy the look!

3. 3D Birthday Nails

Birthday Nail Designs; 3D Birthday Nails
Source: Fabulous Nail Art Designs

Your special day calls for these special 3D birthday nails. They look super cute and adorable. You can try some cute fruit designs, space crafts, cupcakes, or anything you like. Apply a base nail polish to your nails. Stick your favorite art stones using nail glue. Cover the rest of the nail with contemporary colors and finish the look by applying a coat of transparent polish on the nails. See, how wonderful these 3D designs look!!

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Summer Birthday Nail Designs

1. More Nail Art Designs

Birthday Nail Designs; More Nail Art Designs
Source: The Cuddl

This summer season, don’t settle for less. Try these fun summer birthday nail designs and enjoy a colorful blast. This design is inspired by 90’s styling. Say goodbye to boring nails and try these funky styles. Apply different colors on each nail like yellow, blue, pink, white. Then adding another color to each nail, draw the brush horizontally to mix the colors. In this way, you get a wow scattered look for your nails. Enjoy the cool summer vibes!!

2. Pink Nails With Magical Glitter

Birthday Nail Designs;  Pink Nails With Magical Glitter
Source: Pinterest

A little glitter to your nails can really set the mood right. Go for these cute summer nails for your birthday, lovely glittered tips. This design looks super cute and elegant. All you need to do is apply any nude shade to your nails like beige, pink, or coffee. Then cover the nail tips with rainbow glitters. Looks dazzling!!

3. Rainbow Nails With Glitter

Birthday Nail Designs; 3. Rainbow Nails With Glitter
Source: Crazy Nailzz

Add little sunshine and rainbows to your summer birthday nail designs. Check out this amazing and cool rainbow nail design with glitter. For this, you need hexagonal nail art paper. Place the paper on your nails and cover the nails in different colors. To add a little sparkling effect to the nails, coat them with glitter nail polish. The nails look amazing and super bright just like the summer sun. Enjoy this gradient look!!

Birthday Acrylic Nail Ideas

1. Sharp Angles

Birthday Nail Designs;  Sharp Angles
Source: Yahoo

For those who have short nails, this design goes just perfect for short nails. Sharp Angles is an easy to create birthday acrylic nail design. All you need is a nice nude shade of acrylic nail paint. Apply the nail paint over all your nails. Now use any bright color to create an angle at the outer edge of your nails. Like pink, yellow, blue, or orange angle designs look best. This gives your nails a simple yet elegant look. 

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2. White Out

Birthday Nail Designs; White Out
Source: Etsy

Planning an all-white birthday theme? What can be better than this white-out acrylic nail design!! Cover your nails with a bright white shade. A chalk-white set is best recommended for this nail art idea. Now to add a unique touch to the nails add a coating of iridescent glitter flecks on nails. This looks super cool and classy.

3. Mismatched Manis

Birthday Nail Designs; Mismatched Manis
Source: Styles At Life

Tired of those boring same color designs? Then try something fresh this time. Mismatched Manis is one of the best birthday acrylic nail ideas that you can try. Instead of using the same color on all nails, you get to play with colorful and mismatched designs. You can use bright yellow, blue hues, orange, green, red, pink, or whichever color you like. Draw different designs using different colors on each nail. Enjoy the bright and colorful birthday nails!!

Birthday Nails With Rhinestones

1. Glitter Flow

Birthday Nail Designs; Glitter Flow
Source: Pinterest

Let your birthday nails be as bright as your special day. Try these amazing birthday nails with rhinestones. All you need to do is, choose a monochrome glitter polish like golden or silver and cover all your nails with it. Now to add a special touch to the glittery nails, you can stitch stones at the inner edge of the nails. Looks perfect!

2. Drecode False Nails Bling Rhinestone Flowers

Birthday Nail Designs; Drecode False Nails Bling Rhinestone Flowers
Source: Amazon.com

Don’t have time to go out for a manicure? Don’t worry, here’s a quick way to style your birthday nails. You can use these super cute Drecode false nails bling rhinestone flowers. You can get these false nails from anywhere online like Amazon. All you have to do is use the glue to stick these nails. Once done you get the perfect birthday nails with rhinestones!!

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Simple Birthday Nail Designs

1. Bold Heart Design In Hot Pink

 Birthday Nail Designs; Bold Heart Design In Hot Pink
Source: Letsthinkeasy.com

Girls can never go wrong with pink. Try this princess hot pink shade with a bold heart design to get simple and elegant birthday nails. This look is ideal for any occasion like birthdays, valentine’s day, or your bachelorette. Enjoy the sassy hot pink nails.

2. Tasty Cupcakes With Bold Numbers

Tasty Cupcakes With Bold Numbers
Source: Pinterest

Another simple and unique birthday nail design is these tasty cupcakes with numbers. You can paint your nails with colorful cupcake designs. To add the special birthday touch, draw the number of your age on the ring fingernail. Isn’t it adorable?

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To Wrap Up:

Hope your hunt for cute birthday nail designs ends here. For a quick recap, we talked about summer birthday nail designs, birthday acrylic nail ideas, birthday nails with rhinestones, and simple nail designs.

Tell us which design do you like the most. You can also check our Watermelon nail ideas for super chick nails. Do share this post with your loved ones. For more fashion updates, stay tuned. Until then have a great birthday bash!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Birthday Nails:

What are some glamorous birthday nails to wear on your special day?

1. Age Accent Nails
2. Cupcakes and Glitter
3. Happy Birthday Cupcake Nails
4. Birthday Candles Nail Art
5. Colorful Polka Dots
6. Polka Dots and B

What are the nail trends for 2021?

1. Snowy Metallics.
2. Moody Florals.
3. Matte Texture
4. Metallic French Tips
5. Acrylics and Ombre

What nail designs are in style?

1. Nude Nails.
2. Velvet Nails.
3. Matte Polished Nails.
4. Rhinestone Nails.
5. Bright Nail Colors.
6. Classic Red Nails.
7. Pastel Nail Color
8. Turquoise Nail Color
9. Glossy Fuchsia.

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