Black Sails Season 5: Is there no Hope for the Fourth Sequel of the show?

The show is based on the novel Treasure Island written in 1883. The set of the show is to gain control over New Providence Island. The writer of the show is Robert Louis Stevenson and the creators of the show are Jonathan E Steinberg and Robert Levine.

The show is made under and for the Starz production. On YouTube and other video streaming platforms, the debut was promoted for free on the date of January 18, 2014, as for the debut on TV it happened a week after the online debut on the date of January 25, 2014. Fans are waiting desperately for the fourth sequel of the show.

The series revealed 20 years before the period when things began to take place in Treasure Island. The period 20 years before was the Golden age of Pirates. At that time, we got introduced to Captain Flint, who is fighting to survive along with the other several pirate flocks to gain control over New Providence Island.

Storyline: Black Sails

The show black sails takes us to a period. At that period, a pirate is considered a significant threat to every marine import and export. Therefore these pirates were regarded as enemies by all nations. And the pirates thought all countries add their enemies and they followed their own rule that is to fight against the world.

The show starts with the pirates who are in search of treasure named galleon Urca de Lima. Somehow pirates manage to find the lost treasure but while bringing it back. The prize gets lost in the shores. After then the catch is kept under the guards of Spanish soldiers. Pirate Jack Rackham and his friends find the treasure again and then transport it back to New Province Island. Further episodes show the origin of Flint and answered questions like, why did he choose to become a pirate instead of being a reputed navy officer. All in all, the fight is between the British and the pirates they both battles against each other so that they can gain control over New Providence Island.

Having four seasons released every season answers a question. The first season mostly focuses on the hunt of Spanish treasure. In the second season, the prize becomes stranded in the shores of Florida. But in the end, Pirate Jack Rackham takes back the treasure to New Providence Island. Also, why and how Flint became a pirate from a navy officer is answered in the second season. Season three and four show war between pirates and the British Empire to gain control over New Providence.

Release Date: will there be season 5 for black sails

Black sails are a very aggressive show. In the front, real-life pirates like Jack Rackham, Charles Vane, Anne Bonny, Ned Low, Benjamin Hornigold have been fantasized. Black Sails also lets us see a lot of betrayals and a lot of treasure hunting. And it’s one of the most successful series of Starz studios. The show for 3.6 million viewership which resulted in winning two Emmys Awards in 2014.

On January 29,2017 season 4 of black sails was aired and on April 2 completing ten episodes season ended. After two months Starz announced that season 4 would be the last season of black sails. Yes, we know you are sad, but it wasn’t a surprise. By watching the story, it was pretty clear that this was going to happen. Creators even killed off main characters. While treasure was still intact but new characters from the novel were introduced and were showing up in the episodes.

Though there is no hope for the fourth sequel of the show, we’ll update this section if we found any changes are happening around. So stay tuned with us.

Cast: Black Sails

In the show Toby Stephens plays the role of Captain Flint also named James McGraw, he is the captain of Spanish Man O’ War and Walrus. Hannah New is given the character of Eleanor Guthrie; she is the owner of the Nassau saloon. The role of John Silver is given to Luke Arnold, John is a freshly recruited chef. Later he becomes the supply officer for the Walrus war and the Spanish for Man O war. Jessica Kennedy plays the role of prostitute Max; Max is sexually indiscriminate; she wants to be madame in Nassau.

Role-playing of Billy’s bones also named William Manderly is given to Tom Hopper. William is the first mate of the Walrus war. Zach McGowan plays the character of Charles Vane. He is the captain of the Ranger ship and also stewards at Nassau Fort. Jack Rackham, the supply officer of ship Ranger, is played by Toby Schmitz. He is also the latter captain for Colonial Dawn and a brothel manager. Clara Paget acts as Anne Bonny. She is a crew member of ship Ranger and Colonial Dawn.

Though there are many characters to tell about we don’t want you to get bored. So we only gave an introduction about the main characters of the show.

English Dub: Black Sails season 1 – 4

If you loved the storyline and wanna watch the show from season 1 to 4, you can watch it in English on NETFLIX or HULU.

Trailer: Black Sails

Here we’ve provided trailer of the fourth season of black sails so that you can have more insights into the show.

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