Black Spot Season 3 | Release Date, Cast, And Plot | Is Black Spot Back In The Thrill Game?

Black Spot Season 3| Release date, plot, cast and all that you need to know

This year can surely be considered as the year of great comebacks for the entertainment industry. A lot of shows and movies like the trapped season 3 had an extraordinary comeback this year and people loved them. Seeing the popularity among the fans, the makers are recouping up with the plot to get the best season ever. Wait! But, what about Black Spot? Will there be Black Spot Season 3 this year? Ahh! Curious to know? If yes, then here is a piece of interesting news for you in this post.

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Black Spot is a tremendous show full of horror, thrill, and suspense. An amazing cast and great storyline are what created a special space in the hearts of fans. Unfortunately, no matter how much thrill it has, the show suffered a huge downfall in viewership in the second season.

It’s been two years and makers have not made an official announcement for the new Black Spot Season 3. Well, if this made you sad, then you must not. Do you know why? It is because there is no spark for cancellation. Though the makers have to bear a loss because of Black Spot’s previous season, the platform never called for a goodbye.

So, Is it happening? If so, then when will it premiere? What will be the story? What about the cast? Any teaser? And, how many episodes? Hang on! If your mind is also messed up with questions like these, then below you will find the satisfactory answer to all these questions on Black Spot Season 3.

Black Spot Season 3: Is It Happening? 




And a lot of drama! 

Black spots’ previous seasons have it all. 

Black spot season 1 won a lot of hearts with its talented cast and extraordinary narration. Perhaps, somehow this didn’t work well for Black Spot season 2 and no one knows why???

Really, Why??? 

It is shocking to know that spectators neglected the amazing story and got their hands off! Well, if you think that it was the platforms’ fault, then you might be wrong. As it was aired on Netflix. 

Soon after the end of season 2, viewers were craving for the release of season 3. It was rumored to go on air in June 2020. The die heart fans were eagerly waiting for the release announcement. 




The makers have got different plans. It may break your heart but they planned to call the show-off. However, you can take a relaxing breath as Netflix has not announced the cancellation yet. 

Great to know this. Right? 

There are rumors that Amazon or Netflix can take the chance and buzz off all the rumors for its cancellation, making the show a big hit once again. 

Well, You must be wondering as to how we are so sure about this? The reason is that the same has happened before with La casa de Papel. This show made a huge impact on international audiences soon after Netflix took it over. So, why not this? 

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Black Spot Season 3 Release Date: When To Expect?

Black Spot Season 3| Release date, plot, cast, and all that you need to know

Though there is no wind of a comeback till now, yet you need to note that the writers never gave a clear ending to the season. So, they might be planning for the new one secretly. Maybe!!

But, when will it be released?

Well, well, well!! The Blackspot Season 2 took a span of 2 years to get back in action. So, how can we expect the new season sooner? 

However, the entertainment industry is heated up with the news of expecting the release of season 3 on some other platform. So, If Amazon or Netflix announces any news to settle the curiosity among Black Spot Season 3, then, you might have its premiere in 2022. Ahhh! Hopefully, they do! 

What if it will take a lot of time? You can keep up with the news and meanwhile, enjoy some of the most-watched shows on Netflix. 

Black Spot Season 3 Cast: Are The Characters Returning?

Someone has rightly said that it is the characters of the story that gives light to the plot and the same happened with the Black Spot. 

No need to mention how incredibly the actors gave life to the characters. 

S. NoCharacterActor
1.Laurène WeissSuliane Brahim
2.Martial FerrandisHubert Delattre 
3.Franck SirianiLaurent Capelluto
4.Bertrand SteinerSamuel Jouy 
5.Louis HermannRenaud Rutten
6.Léa SteinerAnne Suarez
7.Leila BaramiNaidra Ayadi 
8.Cora WeissCamille Aguilar
9.Sabine HennequinBrigitte Sy 
10.Gaspard BellanDan Herzberg
11.Anna DelambreCyrielle Debreuil
12.Rudy GuerinThomas Doret
13.Roman BarthélémyThéo Costa- Marini
14.Paul MéricThéo Costa
15.Maître CaubereJean-Michel Balthazar 

So, if Black Spot season 3 returns back on Netflix or Amazon, then it is expected to see all of them once again rocking their characters. The main cast will be unchanged. Obviously,  Laurent Capelluto and Suliane Brahmin were the stars of the story. How do they not be there in season 3 of Black Spot? 


Nah!!! This is not the end. You might see some of the new additions to the story. 

This dangerous town will feature some of the new faces to give new turns to the plot just like they introduced new faces in Blackspot season 2. 

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Black Spot Season 3 Plot

Since there is no news of the making of the next season on Netflix. Still, we can judge the plot. 

Haha… We are the spy!! 

So, what to expect? 

Obviously, the story will revolve around the imaginary town of Villefranche like the previous seasons. The same old dense forest, mountains, and creepy surroundings because of which, it has turned to be a land of death with a huge death rate. Yeah! Even six times more than usual. 

The mysterious murder will continue to destroy the human existence in that isolated town.

Before looking forward to the plot for Black Spot’s season 3 Netflix show, do you remember the crucial events in the previous two seasons? 

Mayor’s daughter disappeared suddenly. 

There were a lot of new dead bodies. 

And most likely, the same will happen in this season. A lot of blood and sudden deaths. Laurene Weiss, the police major, and Frank Siriani, the prosecutor will try their best to find the hidden truth about the place. 

More and a lot more.  

Black Spot Season 3| Release date, plot, cast, and all that you need to know

What About The Black Spot Season 3 Teaser?

Well, there is no surety if the Black Spot Season 3 Teaser will be worth the wait or not? Moreover, with no clear idea about the release and the complete plot, it will be a mystery until the Black Spot Season 3 teaser goes on air. 

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How Many Episodes Will Be There In Black Spot Season 3?

Season 1 had 8 episodes and so does season 2. So, for the eagerly waiting viewers, the show is likely to follow the symmetry, and you will be able to see a total of 8 episodes with a lot of mystery and thrill, packed in it. 

Wrap Up:

Sadly, this is awful to know that your favorite show is not going to be live soon but this doesn’t mean that you should lose your hopes. There is no news about the cancellation and this is enough to wait. After all, wait to lead to great results. 

So, this was our idea. Now, it’s your turn to share your thoughts and views about Black Spot Netflix Season 3 below in the comment section with us. Your suggestions matter to us. 

Also, keep on coming back to us, If you want to know about the latest updates and news related to the show. 

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  1. The series is amazing!! I watched season 1 and 2 this last weekend. I hope there will be a season 3. The actors and the characters that they play are outstanding. The plot keeps you at the edge of your seat. Just when you catch your breath, something else is happening. I will be very disappointed if there is not a season 3.

    Candace Cooke

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