Crime Fantasy Black Spot Season 3 Is Back!! Find Out The Release Date And Plot Of the Series!

Black Spot Season 3

Good News Folks!! Black Spot Season 3 is BACK!!! Yess! You read that right. All the speculations regarding this supernatural thriller finally have room for a comeback. To take you back to the mystery forest’s unrevealed secrets of Stag God and to show the connection between Laurene and Sylvian, Black Spot Season 3 is all set to break the cliffhanger!!! 

Black Spot is a highly underrated French series that found its home in Netflix’s dark list. If you haven’t watched it yet, go watch it, man! I can assure you if you are a fan of supernatural thrillers, this one is for sure to amaze the hell out of you. After Amazon Prime and Netflix added this series on their streaming platforms, Black Spot rose quite high in the fanbase. When can we expect the Black Spot Season 3 release date?        

I know, I know, there are so many unanswered questions and mysteries that season 2 of Black Spot left us clinging on. Fans are desperately waiting for Black Spot Season 3 to witness the dark drama once again. It’s almost a year now since we last saw Laurene beating the bushes all alone. Oh!! Not to forget the companion she found on her way, Sylvian Tessier! Do we finally get to see Zone Blanche, or Black Spot Season 3? 

There are lots of speculations being made about the third season of Black Spot by the critics and fans. In order to find out what will happen in the series next, here is all that you need to know including Black Spot Storyline, Black Spot Season 3 Release Date, Black Spot Season 3 cast and Characters, and the suspicious Black Spot Season 2 ending! Read along to find more… 

Black Spot Storyline

Black Spot Season 3; Black Spot Storyline
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Black Spot is a fictional horror and mystery series set up in a fictional town in France. The dense forest, the darkness, and the monsoon weather, all together add a dramatic end to the story. A place where the sun never shines, it keeps raining and everything around seems horrified! 

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Only a few people reside in this lonely dark place. The number keeps decreasing as the town is haunted by some mysterious danger. 

Laurene lives in this small town full of murder mysteries. The killing rate of this place is six times higher than the national average making it totally unsafe to live in. Laurene has seen deaths closely in her town and hunting for answers she discovers the biggest secret about the town. 

The situations keep getting worse as soon as Laurene starts her hunt to find the mystery man behind all these happenings around. Starting with a dead woman hung on the tree and meanwhile, the Mayor’s daughter goes missing. 

An investigator is sent to the village to investigate the deadly mishaps and find out who’s behind all these. He has no idea about the danger he is stepping into. The townspeople warn him about the dangers and tell him to leave the town. 

Will There Be Black Spot Season 3 – Black Spot Season 3 Release Date

Black Spot Season 3; Black Spot Season 3 Release Date
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The dark fantasy drama that Black Spot started with in the first season, somehow went missing in Black Spot season 2. Only after the series got aired on Amazon Prime, it claimed immense popularity and limelight. 

The question is will there be Black Spot Season 3? Out of all the fans’ tenderness and rumors about the season three release, there is still no official ringing about the coming of Black Spot Season 3.

Does that mean we are not getting a third season for this fantasy fiction? 


The massive suspensive ending that Black Spot Season 2 ended with was surely a seed towards season 3. That means that fans will get to watch the third season anytime soon. 

Due to poor response to season 2 of Black Spot, no one thought about ever getting a season 3 of Black Spot. But here it is, knocking with suspense at the door. 

The good news is that Black Spot Season 3 has been in the news and rumors for a long time now. That clearly indicates that something is cooking inside the production house. 

Although, official dates are yet to be announced by the show makers. But if Netflix or Amazon shares any updates regarding the show, then you can expect the arrival of Black Spot Season 3 by the beginning of 2022.

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Black Spot Season 3 Cast and Characters

Fans can expect the former cast to return to the third season as well. That pretty much justifies the series as to where it ended. The main characters that will feature again in the third season are:

  1. The show’s main lead Laurene Weis will once again be played by Suliane Brahim
  2. Samuel Jouy will be seen as Bertrand Steiner. 
  3. Renaud Rutten will play the character of Louis Hermann. 
  4. Hubert Delattre will play Nounours. 
  5. Laurent Capelluto will play Frack Siriani. 
  6. Camille Aguilar will play Cora Weiss. 

Black Spot Season 2 Ending

Black Spot Season 3; Black Spot Season 2 Ending
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Season 2 of Black Spot ended with Laurene still hunting for that mystery man who kidnapped her a long time ago. The ending also introduced a new person Sylvain Tessier who was in the room with Laurene. 

To find out the missing facts, Laurene visits a local librarian who tells her the century-old story of Cernunnos, the stag god, worshipped by the Romans. Stag God hated people who visited his forest and hence killed them (the Romans). 

According to the story, there were more deaths about to happen as an ancient holding was at the corner. This holiday symbolizes that soon there will be another killer by the first God. 

The colonel clearly refuses to help Laurene finding her crazy and dumb. Laurene had no other choice than to go alone to find out the mystery behind the first God. Laurene shakes hands with the townspeople and plans to hunt down the stag. 

One night Laurene finally managed to shoot the stag and cause him injury. When she follows the injured creature, to her surprise that creature turns out to be Sylvian Tessier. He was the person who was kidnapped along with Laurene 20 years ago. 

Ah-ha!! That’s just not it. The real cliffhanger was the relationship between Laurene and Sylvian Tessier. How are they both connected to each other? Do they share any blood bond? 

There will be a lot more mysteries and twists in the third season. Get ready to witness the spine-chilling thrill!!! 

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Black Spot Season 2 Triggered The Storyline For Third Season

The suspense and drama where Black Spot season two left us will be continued in Black Spot season 3. The cliffhanger about the relationship between Laurene and Sylvian Tessier will be resolved in season three. Fans are eagerly waiting for this mystery to be solved!! 

So when is Black Spot Season 3 coming out? That’s yet to be announced. Among the many speculations regarding the Laurene and Sylvian bond, the two stronger ones coming out are that they will either turn out to be siblings as their DNA is the same. 

Or, maybe during the time when the time creature saved Laurene, the DNA got transferred to Sylvian’s body. 

Whatever the story is, whatever connection Laurene and Sylvian share is pure speculation. Hoping to find out what happens next soon. 

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Final Verdict:

No doubt, how underrated Black Spot has been. Finally, acquiring the place in the top thriller series, Black Spot has been the most anticipated series in recent times. Hope you found out when will Black Spot Season 3 will arrive by reading this post. Share this with all the Black Spot fans and let the anticipation be alive!!

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Black Spot Season 3 Release Date:

Will there be a Black Spot Season 3?

There has been buzz all around regarding the release of Black Spot 3. Although official notifications are yet to be announced. But it’s for sure that the dark drama fiction is all set to make a comeback.

Is Black Spot Finished?

No, not at all. The quirky drama with a mysterious take comes swinging back. Just wait for the official announcement from the team. You can expect season 3 by 2022.

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