Blue Vs Purple Shampoo | Toning Down Ugly Brassiness For Beautiful Hair!!!

blue vs purple shampoo

Having gorgeous hair is like having a permanent crown on your head! Rarely have I found a woman who isn’t protective of her hairs, the degrees only go up above turning to our obsession with shiny locks, which is totally FINE! I mean I get you, girl, and understand why having frequent salon trips for recently color-treated hairs becomes so necessary! Like it was just yesterday when our hair glowed like a morning sun but now, they’ve turned brassy all of a sudden. Well, that’s the case with every color-treated hair so know that you’re not the only one! This is where this Blue Vs Purple shampoo guide will come in handy!

Blue or Purple shampoos are a lifesaver for our color-treated hairs as the natural hair undertones start showing up just after we are done with our salon trips. This can be due to any reason, may it be frequent shampooing, chlorine, sun, styling, etc, all of them cause our natural undertones to pop up that had been stripped off during the process of coloring our hair (bleaching). So what to do in such cases? Is it a lost cause? Obviously not! 

Blue or Purple shampoos are specifically designed for color-treated hairs helping us maintain the colors we’ve added to our beautiful locks! Every hair, may it be blond or brunette, have certain undertones ranging from yellow to orange to dark orange (seemingly red). Keeping these undertones in mind, both shampoos are designed to tackle our blond or brunette hairs and the problems that we face afterwards!

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Stay connected to know about blue and purple shampoo and which one you should be using. Here’s a complete guide for your bleached or colored hairs!

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Blue Vs Purple Shampoo: Everything You Need To Know!

blue vs purple shampoo
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As I said earlier, Blue or purple shampoos are designed to cater to the needs of color-treated hair. But what are these needs actually? Well, it’s all BRASSINESS! We all know the process of bleaching right? Well for those who don’t, here’s a brief explanation of what happens to our hair during the process. Bleaching is an essential step during every coloring procedure which strips off our natural hair color that makes room for new color additions! Now, what happens afterward?

Usually, our platinum blond or golden highlights will start showing that despicable yellow or orange shade after some time and this is what we call “brassy hair”. That’s where blue or purple shampoos come into the picture! The main agenda of blue or purple shampoos is to tackle these brassy hair undertones. Now the answer to “which one of them is best suited for you?”, we first have to know what your original hair color is and what you are transforming them into?

So if you have natural blond or lighter hair, your hair undertones would be yellow and for those having brunette or darker hair, their usual hair undertones vary from darker shades of orange to lighter! Now if you turn completely blond from a brunette, what will happen? Well, after some time you’ll start noticing that your hairs have started giving off that dirty orange shade. Well, this orange shade is the natural undertone of darker hairs and thus, they are treated by using blue shampoo, unlike purple shampoo which is used to get rid of those yellow undertones.

Blue Vs Purple Shampoo For Blondes

The first thing to keep in mind is that Blond hairs have yellow undertones. So if you’re a blond going for simple highlights or going all out dying your whole chunk of hair, you need to know the right shampoo to use to keep that artificial color intact!

Styling, heat, chlorine, frequent hair wash, etc, can strip off that artificial hair color and after some time, you’ll start noticing the shades of yellow in your color. This is what happens with all blondes going brunette and hence, using a purple shampoo is advisable.

Purple shampoos have prominent violet pigment that helps in toning and correcting the yellow undertones for blondes. So if you are a blond who has recently got colored hair, do not forget to use purple shampoo and conditioner! Purple conditioner is a must after shampooing with purple shampoo as it helps to keep your hair glossy, luminous, and amazing!

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Blue Vs Purple Shampoo For Brunettes

blue vs purple shampoo for blondes
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Brunettes getting gold highlights or going completely blond, usually face the issue of orange shade that starts appearing in your hair. To get rid of these undertones, you should start using blue shampoo as it helps correct and tones down your natural orange undertones.

Blue shampoo has blue-violet pigment that warms up the orange undertones that appear in naturally darker hairs when dyed a few shades lighter!

Make sure you follow up with a blue conditioner after shampooing to retain maximum moisture and to make your hair glossy and healthy!

Blue Vs Purple Shampoo For Gray Hair

Going gray is in trend, unlike older times when they were practically, DESPISED! So for those who are just growing grey hair or just dying them grey, this is for you! After some time, you’ll start noticing yellowish-orangish shades in your grey hairs and that can be tackled by using purple shampoo.

Purple shampoos are best suited to maintain lighter shades for blonde hairs, but their main job is to cancel yellow, the color opposite to it! So if you see your grey color having yellow undertones, you can simply tone them down by using purple shampoo. However, if you see orangish undertones in your grey color, tone them down with blue shampoo as blue cancels out orange!

Most Importantly, again, don’t forget your blue or purple hair conditioner as natural grey hairs are pretty rough!

Blue Vs Purple Shampoo For Bleached Hair

brassy hair

Well again! Remember this mantra, blue cancels orange, and purple cancels yellow! So if your bleached hair has yellow undertones, go for purple shampoo but if the shade falls more on darker orange or simply orange, then go for blue shampoo!

It is recommended that brunettes use blue shampoo as their hair will always have different shades of orange undertones. While on the same hand, blondes are recommended to use purple hair shampoo as their hair usually has yellow undertones.

Can You Mix Blue And Purple Shampoo?

Mixing your blue and purple shampoo literally is not such a good idea as it will loosen up the toning effects of both shampoos. I have seen some people struggling with the tones of yellow and orange in their hair and I have a solution for those people that can be done besides manually mixing a concoction of blue and purple! 

The best solution to deal with the combination of yellow and orange tones in your hair is to simply alternatively use blue or violet shampoo! You can try changing your shampoo in every wash going from purple to blue or vice-versa! This trick has helped a lot of people deal with their brassy hair!

How To Use Blue Or Purple Shampoo?

how to use blue or purple shampoo

Blue or Purple shampoos are toning shampoos to help you get rid of your brassy hair. So the first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind is that you don’t have to replace your regular shampoo with them! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you should use your blue or purple shampoo!

  1. How long can you retain your color depends on how often you wash your hair. Washing hair twice or thrice a week is enough and more than that can just fasten up the fading of your acquired color! 
  2. Once you are sure that your hair needs a thorough wash, the first thing you need to do is wash your hair with your regular shampoo to get rid of any impurities!
  3. Once you have washed your hair with a regular shampoo, dry your hair and evenly coat your hair with blue or purple shampoo from tip to bottom and let it sit for 2-3 minutes.
  4. If your hair is more brassy, you can leave the shampoo for a longer time. But make sure you read the instructions carefully that have been printed on the label to get best results and avoid any mistakes.
  5. Once the time is up, gently wash your hair and follow up with a blue or violet conditioner.
  6. Using serum afterward is very important for chemically treated hair as it nourishes and adds shine to our hair.

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Wrapping Up

We love playing with color and dying our hair but the clock is always ticking! Our hair tends to turn brassy over time and we simply despise that fact! This is where blue or purple hair shampoos come into the picture looking like a knight in shining armor and toning the yellow or orange undertones down! But you don’t know which one to choose? Well! All you have to do is mug up the mantra, purple shampoo for blond hairs and blue shampoo for brunette hairs!


Should I use blue or purple shampoo?

If you have naturally blond hair, then you should use purple shampoo and if you have brunette or darker hairs, use blue shampoo.

Is blue or purple shampoo better for brunettes?

Blue shampoo is best for brunette hair color as it tones down the orange brassiness that appears when you dye your darker locks few shades lighter.

What does blue shampoo do to bleached hair?

The main function of blue shampoo is to cancel out the orange undertones in the hair so if you use blue shampoo, the result is no orange brassy shades!

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