Everything You Need To Know About Book of Stamps in 2021 Explained

Book of Stamps

In the earlier times, keeping a stamp collection was a high-value hobby followed by many people. Is keeping a stamp collection still helpful? Most importantly what draws people to stamps? How much is a Book of stamps in 2021? You’ll get to know everything about Stamps in this post.

The Wonder woman, the President faces Astronauts, miniature designs, the antique touch everything is so fascinating about the stamp collection. The prices of stamps keep rising every year, so having stamps in bulk can actually be useful. Get to know the recent prices for every book of stamps you purchase and stock up for future use.

While we buy something in bulk we always look at certain factors like, Are the stamps in the budget? Do stamps expire? Is buying stamps in bulk good or bad? How many stamps are there in a book? Relax!! Here’s an all-in-one guide to help you with the stamp queries.

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We have compared the stamp prices as per last year and the prices now. Along with that, you’ll get to know about the famous U.S. Stamps in this post.

How Much is a Book of Stamps in 2021?

Here’s every information you were looking for regarding the stamp book prices in 2021, the Forever stamp prices, and the most valuable U.S. Stamps.

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How many Stamps are there in a Booklet?

Book of Stamps; How many stamps are there in a Booklet
Source: postofficefound.com

Stamps are available in a variety of designs. USPS keeps releasing new stamp designs, stamp books, and new stamp collections from time to time. In a standard stamp book, you get 20 individual first-class stamps. These stamps can be used with every first-class postage envelope.

Do Stamps Expire?

If you’ve got a collection of old stamps and you’re worried whether you can use them now or not, relax. Stamps don’t expire. That means you can use them for as long as they are in good condition. Torn-out stamps may not work. 

If you’re worried that changing rates of stamps will affect the validation of stamps, let me assure you that it won’t. 

How much does a Book of Stamps Cost?

Book of Stamps; How much does a Book of Stamps Cost?
Source: Where to buy Stamps?

As mentioned above, there are 20 stamps in each booklet of stamps. As the cost per first-class postage set is $0.55 right now.  The cost of each book of stamps including 20 stamps can be expected to be $11. 

From where to purchase a Book of stamps?

There are a number of places to purchase a book of stamps like grocery stores, pharmacies, online stores (Amazon, eBay, etc.), and your local post office. The easiest and the best way to have these stamps is getting them from the post office as they have a wide variety of stamps available in bulk. It’s always good to keep an extra booklet.

Can I get the Stamps at a Cheaper Price Than USPS?

You’ll be happy to know that yes, you can buy the stamps at a much cheaper price than the regular USPC prices. All this is possible through online shopping.

In fact, USPS itself offers discounts on online shopping of stamps from their official website.
Online stores like Amazon and eBay also offer stamps at a discounted price. While there is an ongoing war between the two biggest online sites Amazon vs Walmart. What do you think which one is better?

But there is no fixed timing for the offers, so you might have to keep checking every few days to see whether there is any discount going on right now or not at these online sites.

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How much is a Book of Forever Stamps in 2021?

Book of Stamps; How much is a Book of Forever Stamps
Source: Amazon

Why are these stamps called the forever stamps? These stamps are called forever stamps for a reason that their prices remain the same throughout. It neither increases nor decreases. 

Just like the standard First-Class stamps, Forever stamps are always sold at the same price. The new rules set by USPS in January 2021, however, have proposed newly increased rates for all main postage mails including priority mails and forever stamps.

This means that if the first-class stamp costs $0.55 per stamp, the book of forever stamps costs the same per stamp. And even if the prices for first-class postage stamps rise by double or triple the amount now, you can still use the Forever stamps that you purchased a year ago for almost half price. 

Isn’t it great? Such relief on the pocket. So, it’s never a bad idea to collect as many Forever stamps as possible, especially when the prices are quite low.

Do Forever stamps expire?

No, they don’t. You can send a one-ounce letter using the Forever stamps. No matter when you have purchased those forever stamps a long time ago or recently, the validation of those stamps remains the same.

Collectible Stamp Book

Book of Stamps; Collectible Stamp Book
Source: Find your stamp’s money

Every year, USPS releases a 64-page hardbound book which is popularly known as the “Collectible Stamp Yearbook”. You’ll find all the stamps released on a yearly basis in this yearbook. For the year 2018, there were 81 different stamps printed in the collectible stamp yearbook along with the history of each stamp’s design. For the year 2019, there were 72 stamps mounted on 64 pages of the Collectible Yearbook.

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Most Valuable U.S. Stamps

Book of Stamps; Most Valuable U.S. Stamps
Source: Invaluable .com

The 10 most valuable U.S. Stamps are:

  1. The Inverted Jenny – A single Inverted Jenny was sold for $1,351,250 at an auction in 2016.
  2. 1847 Issue Block of 16 of Ben Franklin
  3. Almanac Stamp of 1765 or 1766
  4. ‘Blue Boy’ Alexandria Postmaster’s Provisional
  5. 1869 Pictorials – Inverted Center Errors
  6. Two-Cent Blue Hawaiian Missionary
  7. 1860 Stolen Pony Cover
  8. Pan American Inverts
  9. CIA Invert
  10. Stock Exchange Invert

To Wrap Up:

Hope all your queries are covered in this post. Stock up the stamp collection, you never know when the prices rise up again. Pre-planning is always beneficial. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Book Of Stamps!

How much is a book of butterfly stamps?

A butterfly stamp currently costs $0.70. Similar to a Forever Stamp, Butterfly Stamps will always be honored at the postage rate printed on them.

How much is a 2 oz stamp?

The USPS offers a few different 2 ounce “forever” stamps. These postage stamps will always be equal to the cost of mailing a 2 oz first-class letter even if the price increases. The current cost of two-ounce stamps from the post office is $0.75 each.

What is a 70 cent stamp?

The Celebration Corsage Forever Stamp is appropriate for envelopes (and what’s inside) that weigh up to 2 ounces and is offered at the current rate of 70 cents. … The Celebration Boutonniere stamp is a First-Class Mail® Forever stamp equaling the prevailing First-Class, first-ounce rate.

How much is a book of stamps 2021?

This means complete forever postage stamps book price increased to $0.55 each. The book of stamps contains 20 stamps which mean 20 x $ 0.55 = $11.

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