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Books to Show Adaptations in 2021 | Books That Turned To Be Best Movie Scripts

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It feels so refreshing to watch a film adapted from a book that you have already read. You know the plots, the story but the craze to watch it on screen is something different. If you are looking for some books to show adaptations in 2021, keep reading this article. 

Book adaptations to shows and series mean portraying the story of that book on screen. Every year many books are adapted into film stories. There can be no. of reasons for which a person reads books like entertainment, relief, knowledge, etc. Watching a movie after reading a book is even more entertaining and fun. You get to know the exact happening when portrayed on screen, that is why there are books to show adaptations. 

Whether you are looking for some good books to read or are looking for some books to show adaptations in 2021, we have arranged a sequence of these best book adaptations. 

  1. The Overstory by Richard Powers
  2. Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah
  3. Dune by Frank Herbert
  4. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
  5. Behind Her Eyes
  6. Nine Perfect Strangers
  7. The Dig
  8. There You’ll Find Me
  9. The Last Duel
  10. The Nightingale
  11. The Stars at Noon
  12. The Power of the dog. 
  13. Two Kisses for Maddy
  14. Always and Forever
  15. The Knife of Never Letting Go
  16. Without Remorse

All these are some of the best books to show adaptations in 2021. Now you don’t only get to read a book but also get to watch the story on screen. 

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16 Best Books to Show Adaptations in 2021

There are so many books that got adapted into movies like Romeo Juliet, Frankenstein, Greed, etc. Some of the best books to show adaptations in 2021 are mentioned in this article.

The Overstory by Richard Powers

Best Books to Show Adaptations; the overstory by Richard powers
source- Natural Happiness

The Overstory is a novel written by Richard Powers that got published in 2018. This novel bagged many different awards like a nomination for Man Booker Prize on September 20, 2018, Pulitzer Prize for Fiction on April 15, 2019, and the Dean Dowell Medal in 2020. The story or plot of this novel adapted into a show is about five trees. Nine Americans Nicholas, Hoel, Mimi Ma, Adam, Appiah, Ray Brinkman, Dorothy Cazaly, Douglas Pavlicek, Olivia Vandergriff, Neelay Mehta, and Patricia Westford, had some unique relationships with those trees.

Goodreads ratings: 4.1

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

Best Books to Show Adaptations; Firefly lane
source- Poshmark

Kristin Hannah is one of the best-selling authors of the New York Times. The characters and the roleplay are so well presented in this Book turned series that keep you amazed at all points. Love, friendship, and betrayal, here you will sense all these themes. 

Goodreads ratings: 4.1/10

Dune by Frank Herbert

Best Books to Show Adaptations; dune by frank herbert
source- Goodreads

Dune is an American Sci-fi drama series based on the novel of the same name by Frank Herbert(1965). The main story of this show is of a man named Paul Atreides who leads nomadic tribes in a battle to control the deserted planet Arrakis. This is one of the best books to show adaptations in 2021.

Goodreads ratings: 4.5

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

Best Books to Show Adaptations; shadow and bone
source- Wix.com

This is a perfect book to get hooked on. Shadow and Bone is adult fiction, featuring the relationship between Alina and Darkling but as soon as the real intentions of Darkling came out, their relationship came to an end. This series is a mixture of three adult fantasies written by Leigh Bardugo. 

 Goodreads ratings: 4.0/5

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Behind Her Eyes

Best Books to Show Adaptations; behind her eyes
source- By Gytha Lodge

If you have read Behind her Eyes, a novel by Sarah Pinborough, then this series is a must-watch for you. This is the story of a single mother Louise who is happily living her life. Once while having fun in a bar she has a one-night stand with a random guy who later on turns out to be her boss. This twist will lead to so many changes later on. Find out the twist plots in this one of the best books to show adaptations in 2021.

IMDb ratings:– 7.3/10

Goodreads ratings:- 3.8/5

Nine Perfect Strangers

Best Books to Show Adaptations; nine perfect strangers
source- Her Kentucky

Nine Perfect Strangers is a tv show based on the novel ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ written by Liane Moriarty. This is a drama series created by David E. Kelley and John-Henry Butterworth. This series contains drama, mystery, suspense, and fun. This is a story of nine strangers who get to spend their time together at a resort revealing different secrets about them. 

Goodreads ratings: 3.5/5

The Dig

Best Books to Show Adaptations; the dig
source- Goodreads

 The Dig is a History Drama of 2021 based on the novel of the same name by John Preston. This is a story about the discovery of some ancient ship from the dark ages while digging a funeral rite. Find out what else is discovered in the dig along with some mystery and drama.

IMDb ratings: 7.2/10

There You’ll Find Me

Best Books to Show Adaptations; there you'll find me
source- Gramedia Digital

This is the story of a teen-girl Finley Sinclair who’s heartbroken and lost in her messy life. She comes to Ireland to find a change in her life. This journey to Ireland will bring so many changes in her life that will add meaning to her life. 

Goodreads ratings: 4.1/5

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The Last Duel

Best Books to Show Adaptations; the last duel
source- film

The Last Duel is an upcoming historical drama thriller directed by Ridley Scott. The main theme of this movie will cover the genres of scandal, crime, and trial in medieval France. 

Goodreads ratings: 3.5/5

The Nightingale

Best Books to Show Adaptations; the nightingale
source- meltoftheany

Love heals and brings destruction too. Love is often misunderstood with owning somebody or something but it’s actually selflessness and sacrifice. In this series, you find the themes of love, women’s power, and family. Both the novel and the film are beautiful. Here you will see that no woman is less than a male and she is as capable as a male is. Women too can take part to join wars. They too are strong. Isabelle and Vianne are portrayed as perfect examples of strong women. 

IMDb ratings: 7.3/10

Always and Forever

Best Books to Show Adaptations; always and forever
source- B-OK

This novel by Lara Jeans is one of the best books to show adaptations in 2021. This film provides an overview of young minds. We always try to find love from outside rather than from our families. This book is liked by almost every teen out there as they find the story so relevant and relating to their ongoing situations. Watch this amazing book turned into tv-series and witness the love of Peter and Lara. 

Goodreads ratings: 4.1/5

IMDb ratings: 6.3/10

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The Stars At Noon

The Power Of The Dog

Two Kisses For Maddy

The Knife Of Never Letting Go

Without Remorse

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are book-to-movie adaptations? 

When the story of a book or novel is selected to be directed and produced on-screen, that means that movie is adapted from the book. 

What are some best books to show adaptations in 2021? 

 Like you can read above Dune, The Dig, Behind her Eyes, Firefly Lane, Always and forever, all are some of the best books to show adaptations in 2021.

What to look for while choosing to watch a tv show or series? 

This mainly depends upon the genre you are looking for and sometimes the popularity of that show. Whatever fits your mood can be a good choice to watch. 

Is reading a book better than watching a movie? 

Both these can be considered as the two sides of a coin. Both hold their own qualities and goodness. Where reading improves your knowledge and understanding skills, watching a movie on the other hand can provide you with a real view of that happening. 


All the above-mentioned series and films are considered as the best books to show adaptations in 2021. Whether you read these books or choose to watch the movie, this list is a mix of all genres. Pick anyone and have fun. For more such updates stay connected to deasilex. 

Featured Image Credits- Deccan Chronicle

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