List of Best Travel Destinations of Brad Pitt with Family and Kids

Brad Pitt Travel Destinations

One of the best ways to get rid of your daily life stress is travelling. It is a key that allows you to get out of your busy schedule and lets you explore yourself in many ways.

Travelling is also a good remedy for people suffering from anxiety and depression issues as it improves a person’s mental and physical health.

This may be a reason why most famous celebrities love to travel. One of the celebrities who love to travel a lot comes in the category of the most handsome men in the world. Yes! He is none other than Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt, also known as William Bradley Pitt, is a famous American actor and one of the most travelled celebrity. He is fond of travelling and has traveled so many places around the world.

Here, in this article, we have mentioned a list of some famous places where Brad Pitt has traveled and spent his holidays with fun.

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List of Best Travel Destinations of Brad Pitt

1. India

Brad Pitt Travel Destinations
Brad Pitt in India. Image Source:

The world’s second-largest population country, India, comes in the category of the most famous country to travel in the world. India has so many places where you can spend your vacation with fun. It is the only country with the largest range of mountains.

Hollywood Actor, Brad Pitt has first come to India in 2006 and he visited some places there. Most of people may not know that he has also traveled to Rishikesh on the 7th of March where he did white-water rafting in the Holy river, Ganga. In addition, he has also visited Rajasthan and Goa.

Recently, he participated in a conversation with Shah Rukh Khan for CNN News 18. There, he said that he can “never make it in Bollywood” as he doesn’t know how to dance at all.

Brad Pitt has said that if he ever gets a chance to visit somewhere, he would love to travel to India and explore all the places there, especially Northeastern parts.

2. Europe

Brad Pitt Travel Destinations

The roots of western civilization lie in European culture. This may be the reason that Brad Pitt loves to travel to Europe. Europe comes in the list of some famous places that Brad Pitt loves to travel to in winter.

He loves to explore places with different cultures. He has already said that that he loves to visit Marseilles and the entire north side of France. While shooting the Babel film in Morocco, he found Europe a dream country to visit.

Brad Pitt has strongly recommended visiting the famous flower market, market square, Matisse museum and Russian Cathedral.

Apart from this, he has also praised the seafood of Europe. Brad Pitt has said that Seafood is really good in Europe and he sometimes goes over the top with the bouillabaisse fish stew. He also loves the most peaceful place in Mexico, Las Ventanas.

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3. Paris – London

List of Best Travel Destinations of Brad Pitt with Family and Kids
Source: The Oklahoman

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world and Brad Pitt has visited Paris several times. When Brad Pitt was arriving in Paris on Monday, he looked out from his balcony of the Eiffel Tower.

Most of the people captured this amazing moment. On the 8th of March, 2013, he visited some furniture stores and walked in full black outfits around the City of Light. He walked with a female companion.

Brad Pitt used to visit Paris with his partner, Angelina but in 2019 he was seen travelling alone in the streets of Paris. According to Jared, Brad was seen at Charles de Gaulle airport. It was spotted after attending his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston’s birthday party.

4. China

List of Best Travel Destinations of Brad Pitt with Family and Kids

China is the world’s most populated country with around 1.4 billion population and the third largest country by the area that cover almost 9.6 million square kilometers of land. Also, it is famous for the Great Wall of China.

Brad Pitt was banned in China but now he made his first promotional appearance after he visited China in November 2016 for the premiere of Allied that took place at the massive city, Postal Museum. He amazed his fans in Shanghai. Most of the people of China captured this charming event.

He was there for almost half an hour and was constantly taking his time to snap selfies with his fans.

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Brad Pitt comes in the category of most handsome men and he is also one of the most traveled celebrities. Brad Pitt loves to travel all around the world and explore each place one by one. He also loves to watch web series and tv shows.

He also likes to travel on bikes and when some asked him about his interests, he told that he loves to buy bikes and likes to explore each place on the bike.

Where ever Brad Pitt goes to visit, he will not leave any museum or cultural hub.

In addition, he loves to go to the hills for trekking and explore places on foot. He has also seen some awesome street musicians on his way.

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