Budgeting Principles For Job Switchers

Budgeting Principles For Job Switchers

If you are thinking of taking another new role, it is important to note that some features are bound to change. For instance, your salary, work location, housing, and many more may change and hence you need to modify your budget.

The job switch process might be frightful when you think “when I need money desperately, what shall I do then?” in such cases you may view Payday Say type of loans or just prepare thoughtfully for the job switch. So, what budgeting principles should job switchers consider? Let’s see.

Reasons Why People Switch Their Jobs

Switching jobs is common. A survey done by Giant Thornton showed that in the last 12 months, 21% of Americans took a new job. There are various reasons why people are willing to switch their jobs.

To Increase Their Salary

When you are out of college or high school, chances are that you have little to no job exposure. Since you don’t have a long experience in the job market as required by many recruiters, you are willing to take any job in your field of study to start your life and to get work exposure.

The first job will probably not have a high salary. But after getting the necessary exposure, you may now think of increasing your salary by switching to a new job.

To Increase Their Working Skills

You’ll agree that working in the same job year after year is boring especially if the job does not require creativity. If you feel like the job you are in does not give you a chance to improve your skills, that is, you are repeatedly doing the same role from Monday to Friday, you can consider going to a new place where creativity is applied and job roles keep changing.

Uncontrollable Factors

During the pandemic, lots of people lost their jobs. In these cases, residents took any job available just to get some income for survival. There are also cases of war. For instance, right now there is a crisis in Ukraine. The majority of the residents are moving to various countries for safety and hence may be forced to take a new different job to get some income. 

The same case applies when there are natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, drought, tornadoes, and many more. If you are still unemployed due to some uncontrollable circumstances, the emergency cash loans for the unemployed can greatly help. Not only are they quick to get but also have favorable terms for the borrowers.

When They Switch Their Careers

There are cases where individuals graduated with a certain bachelor’s degree, for instance, in Mechanical Engineering but later decide to learn a new skill after one or two years of working as an engineer. These new skills may include software development, data science, digital marketing, designing, content creation, and many others.

To Follow Their Passion

Sometimes people study for a certain bachelor’s degree that they don’t like simply because their parents wanted them to take it or their passion changed after a while. Have you ever heard of cases where a certain individual graduated with a bachelor’s in medicine but is now working as a music creator or a travel blogger?

Those are some of the cases where individuals decided to follow their dreams and passion after graduating with a different degree.

What Budgeting Principles Should Job Switchers Consider?

Figure Out Your New Income

The income amount is bound to change when you decide to take a new role. The income can either increase or decrease depending on your situation and hence you need to determine the amount you’ll be getting per month. This will aid in creating a new budget.

Some jobs have allowances or other benefits that will lead to extra income. Add these extra incomes to the salary and determine the total. Try getting an estimate of how much you’ll be earning from these extra payments if you are not sure of how much you’ll be paid.

Figure Out the Payment Dates

If the new role pays the same time as your last job, you don’t need to worry. But if the new role payment dates are different, for instance, you may be paid weekly, after 2 weeks, or after 2 months if it is contractual, you’ll need to modify your expenses as stated in the next point.

Look At the Time When Your Bills Will Be Due

The payment time for your new job can change but some expenses will not change. For instance, if you have a loan that is supposed to be paid every month, you’ll have to plan on how to pay them, especially in the case of contractual jobs.

Other similar expenses include your child’s school fees, utilities such as water bills, electricity bills, and rent. These expenses are fixed and hence you’ll need to figure out how you’ll be paying them despite the difference in payment dates.

You can decide to pay some of these expenses in advance if it is possible. For instance, you can pay your child’s school fees early, and talk to your landlord about paying for 3-months rent in advance.

Modify Your Expenses

As I mentioned earlier, your income can increase or decrease depending on your new role. If your income has increased, you may consider adding some more expenses to make your life more comfortable. For instance, you can move to a bigger house, take a gym subscription, increase your savings, increase the amount allocated to debt payments, and many other expenses you may think of.

However, if your income has been reduced, you’ll need to cut some expenses. For instance, if you had any subscriptions, you can reduce the plans or cancel them. You can also move to a new smaller house and reduce other expenses such as entertainment costs.

Figure Out the Working Condition

Some individuals switch from working in an office to working remotely. This can also happen in vice versa. Switching to remote jobs will reduce the expenses for transport and eating out. However, it can increase the charges for services such as WIFI.

On the other hand, switching to an office job will bring extra expenses such as transport costs and eating out during lunchtime. Hence, you need to plan on the extra expenses that will come about as a result of the job type you’ve chosen.


Switching to a new job is not easy. It will come with its benefits and disadvantages. It’s important to determine what these pros and cons are and prepare for them, especially during the budgeting phase.

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