Burnt Orange Hair Ideas | From Cascading Curls To Stunning Updos!!


Burnt Orange is the closest cousin of red when it comes to dying hair! Just like red hair color works best on pale skin with freckles and forest green eyes, burnt orange works like that too! However, being the most versatile color that it is, it can go with any skin tone and eye color! The only thing that differs is how we pull it off! If you’re stuck between which color to choose from red, ombre to orange, then I would suggest that you try Burnt orange as it can form a perfect combination with all the said colors! Check out these Cool Burnt Orange Hair Ideas to know how you can perfectly pull it off!

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One of the facts about dying your hair dark is that we sometimes get too overwhelmed trying them out! Reason being that they often come out too strong. Yet here we are! Getting inspiration and ideas for our next salon appointment! Why? Well, the answer for that would be “we love darker locks” and there’s a different charm in those bold colors like Red, Burgundy, Burnt Orange, etc!

The transitions of Burnt orange from French Cognac, Honey Brown, Cinnamon, Cajun Spice, etc are some of the best that tones down the intensity of orange in your hair! Furthermore, the colors like ginger, orange blaze, sunrise orange, etc are widely sought after among ladies dying their locks in intense shades like burnt orange!

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Burnt Orange Hair Ideas For Women Of All Skin Tones And Eye Color

burnt orange hair ideas
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First things first, even if the name suggests “Burnt”, don’t take it LITERALLY! Burnt orange color isn’t actually the orange color that is burnt, but rather it’s a combination of coral, copper, and orange! To bring out its raw beauty, you can color your whole head in the shade or you can tone it down with the help of colors like ombre or ash gray! 

Furthermore, don’t confuse burnt orange with other vicious shades of orange like carrot or of a literal orange! 

Also, it doesn’t really matter what skin color or eye color you have because burnt orange can go well with any skin tone! This color is extremely versatile making it one of the most favored colors among people with darker skin tones!

When done beautifully, your burnt orange will give off the shades of red, gold, and copper! To get these magnificent shades in your hair, it’s better you book a salon appointment as you won’t be disappointed with their results! However, as we all know, the outcomes of dying hair at home aren’t always praiseworthy! Now let’s get started to paint those locks orange!!! To start it off, here are three popular ways in which you can color your hair orange!

  • Orange Dreadlocks

Nothing is better than dreadlocks for getting those wild, rock star vibes! Adding orange to your cascading dreadlocks is the way to go girl as it will make you like fire!!!

  • Half-half

Half-half hair colors are in trend to get those Cruella vibes! Although she painted it black and white, you can go orange!

  • Face framing orange

We’ve all heard of the face-framing red, but you can go burnt orange instead of red! All you have to do is color your frontal locks in the color orange and VOILA, you’re all good to go!

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Best Burnt Orange Hair Color: With Combinations And Transitions

The best way to pull off the darker shades of red that burnt orange gives is to apply the color with combinations of amber, ombre, ash brown, ash grey, crystal clear, etc! For a funky and cool brunt hair look, you can go bold with colors like neon! The shades of neon can give you a playful and even wild look!

Here’s a list of some of the best hair color transitions and combinations for burnt orange hair color!

ginger burnt hair
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Ginger Burnt Hair

Ginger burnt orange hair is one of the most popular hair colors among the ladies wanting to dye their hair in various shades of orange! You can try this hair color on longer or shorter hair, either way, the result is only going to be beautiful!!

Burnt Orange Hair With Cascading Ombre

The combination of dark and light is almost universal and not to forget, PERFECT! The two-shade effect of ombre is best for toning down the intensity of burnt orange! You can either color the top of your head in the burnt orange hair color or your hanging locks! Either way, it’s going to look best when paired with an ombre! However, if I were to recommend, it would be better if you dyed your head first in the shade of burnt orange!

Burnt Orange Hair Color With Ash Brown Or Grey Hair Color

Just like ombre, you can give a cascading look to your long hair by dying the lower portion of your hair in the shade of ash brown or ash grey! You can also use lighter tones like the “crystal clear” which when paired with burnt orange, form a great combination! Also, you can get playful while coloring your hair! How? Well just like a hidden rainbow, you can dye a hidden burnt orange!

Orange Hair Color With Amethyst

There’s nothing regal than the color Amethyst and when paired with burnt orange, the combination is simply, MARVELOUS! This is actually a hair color combination that will literally make heads turn your way! The best way to pull this style off would be to color your long hair in the shade of orange and the top of your head with Amethyst! 

Burnt Orange With Neon Yellow

Want to add a little funk to your life? Then start with your hair! Neon colors are the definition of playfulness and wildness! Once paired with Burnt orange, the combination is almost deadly! This is a bold combination and no light-hearted people can pull it off! To actually try this spectacular combination out, you need the heart of steel and the courage of a lion! The best way this transition works is to dye your hair sneakily in neon yellow with the packaging of neon yellow! Don’t understand what I mean? Well, I’m telling you to style it like a hidden rainbow!

Pastel Orange Hair

Nothing beats the beauty of pastels! From lilac to orange, the shade of pastels is truly magical! Pastel colors give off those dreamy fairy-tale and tranquil vibes and thus, applying pastel orange hair color to your hair is one of the best choices you’ll make in your hair dying journey! You can also give an ombre effect to your pastel orange locks to bring out the beauty of the color!

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 7 Short Orange Hair Ideas: Orange Dye Hair

short orange hair
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Orange hair color on short hairs? Why not!! Dying your short hair in orange color is actually one of the finest and even the greatest choices that you’ll ever make, especially on pixie hairs! Let’s look at some of the best short orange hair color ideas that will help you in your next salon appointment! Happy dying!!

Orange Hair Color On Pixie Hairs

Pixie hair cut like Ellen or Halsey is one of the best short hairs to dye orange color on! Especially the pastel orange that works magically on short locks! You can dye the top of your head in an ombre or burnt orange color to give off the ombre effect!

Orange Hair Color On Blunt Hairs

Blunt bob like Dua Lipa’s can be dyed in the shades of Burnt orange with a combination of honey brown or dark brown. You can style your blunt bob in loose curls or bed head bun!

Orange Hair Color On Bob

Selena rocked the bob haircut like no other and you do it too, but obviously with the hints of orange! You can add light highlights of orange in your dark brown bob hairs or you can go all out and paint the whole of your in orange color!

Orange Hair Color On Blunt Bangs

We love bangs whether it’s in long hair or shorter hair, so what’s best other than trying orange dye with the hairstyle you love the most!! You can color your front bangs in the color orange while keeping your natural hair color as it is or you can color the whole of your hair in orange color while keeping your bangs as it is! This style is most common these days and not to forget, BEAUTIFUL!!

Orange Hair Color On Undercut Pixie Hair

Undercut Pixie is also one of the best short hairstyles to try orange dye on! You can color your longer bangs in orange or you can simply color the fine ends of them in the orange shade! Either way, the result is spectacular!

Messy Bun Hair Style For Orange Hair

Messy bun hairstyle is our go-to while attending morning classes when we don’t have much time to style those stubborn bed hair! You can leave your orange swirls open while loosely tying your bun high up! This will give you an effortlessly natural look!

Loose Curls On Orange Hair

Whether on long hair or short, loose curls are the best! We can carry them off effortlessly at a party or even while running our daily errands! And not forgetting hope voluminous they make our hairs look! Now coming to loose curls on bob with orange color, you can simply keep them loose or pair them with two small buns on top! No matter what way you style, the result is only going to be beautiful!

Best Orange Hair Dye

orange hair dye
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We all know the process of dying our hair, don’t we? First, we have to bleach our hair and then dye it gets the perfect darker hues that we desire! Now the tricky thing is, which dye!! There are many orange hair dyes available in the market to give you the beautiful brunt shade that you desire.

  1. Special Effects SFX Hair Color Hair Dye Hi-Octane Orange 
  2. Arctic Fox Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color
  3. Manic Panic Electric Tiger Lily Hair Dye – Classic High Voltage – Semi-Permanent Hair Color
  4. Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids (Orange) 3 fl. oz.
  5. Crazy Color Hair Dye – Vegan Semi-Permanent Hair Color
  6. Sparks Bright Hair color Orange Crush
  7. Arctic Fox Bundle with Tint Brush & Bowl, 100% Vegan Semi Permanent Hair Color Dye
  8. Punky Flame Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Color
  9. Manic Panic Psychedelic Sunset Hair Dye – Classic High Voltage
  10.  La Riche Directions Color Hair Dye

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Wrapping Up

There are many funky, cool and classy burnt orange hair ideas that you should definitely try! For example, the shades of ginger and ombre with dark orange hair curls are one of the best! You can also dye your short hair in orange color! Believe me, the results are going to truly amaze you!


How to get burnt orange hair color?

To get a beautiful shade of burnt orange, first, you need to bleach your hair and then apply a generous amount of burnt orange hair dye! Some of the best burnt orange hair dyes are- 

  1. Special Effects SFX Hair Color Hair Dye Hi-Octane Orange 
  2. Arctic Fox Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color
  3. Manic Panic Electric Tiger Lily Hair Dye – Classic High Voltage – Semi-Permanent Hair Color
  4. Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids (Orange) 3 fl. oz.
  5. Crazy Color Hair Dye – Vegan Semi-Permanent Hair Color

What are some of the best burnt orange hair ideas?

Some of the best orange hair ideas are:

  • Burnt orange with blonde highlight
  • Burnt orange with ombre
  • Dark orange with loose curls
  • The orange color on short hair cuts like pixie or bob
  • Half-half hair colors with orange 
  • Face framing color with burnt orange
  • Front bangs in orange color

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