Cabin Activity Ideas To Try Out

Cabin Activity Ideas To Try Out

With work routines getting significantly intense, a summer getaway to go to a cabin in the woods or a campground with cabins sounds like a good idea. This getaway is the perfect way to rejuvenate your mental well-being before getting back in the hustle. Escape into nature and let your spirit run wild, unwind, and make it an experience worth reliving. 

If your family owns a cabin, or you are going to a friend’s cabin, or simply renting a cabin for the weekend, you must make the most of it! There are numerous outdoor and indoor activities to indulge in with your family or friends. Since there may be a lack of signals out in nature, or even if there is not, the best way to relax is to switch off your devices and unplug the Wi-Fi to get the complete cabin experience.

If you are looking to rent a cabin that is pet-friendly, kid-friendly, safe, or out in the mountains, you can get all of it in one place. So many opportunities await you out there that best suit your requirements and group size. You can also explore smoky mountain cabin rentals and have the time of your life this summer exploring the mountainside!

A Vacation Attitude
A Vacation Attitude

Cabin Activities

Numerous cabin activities await you once you enter the cabin. If you are going to a new cabin for the first time, take a moment to look around and check the facilities. Get into the feel of the cabin life! Forget all your day-to-day worries and enjoy nature and peace. Take in that early summer sunshine and let that bring warmth to you after a snowy, cold winter season. 

Sit outside with a couple of margaritas or lemonade and take your time to get to know the place. Visit the lake with your family and kids if you are at a lakeside. Kids would love going to the lake. Take a quick swim in the lake and enjoy your time.

After exploring your cabin surroundings and taking the time to settle in, start thinking of indulging your group in some fun activities that you all can enjoy.

Water Balloon Fights

Everyone loves water balloon fights! No matter how old you are, bring out that inner child and forget your adulthood worries. If you are playing with children, remember to be gentle with them when throwing water balloons at them. Split into two teams with mixed ages so that both teams are even. Keep a scoreboard if you want to keep team scores. Oblige anyone to keep scores on the scoreboard. Decide on a prize for the winning team, or make a bet to make the game interesting. 

Don’t forget to keep a first-aid kit in case of emergencies and clean up after you’re done, as punctured balloons can harm the environment.

Yard Games

Yard games for kids include hide-and-seek, hopscotch, jump rope, four square, traffic cop, dodge the ball (adults can play this too), parachute, and catch the flag. There are innumerable open-field games for kids to play. Sometimes, little kids also invent games that keep them busy throughout the day. They can ride their toy car outside and take turns, build forts in the ground, or keep running around chasing others.

There are some yard games for older kids and teenagers as well. These games include:

  • Pocket shot.
  • Hone your aim.
  • Flickin’ chicken.
  • Portable corn hole boards.
  • Kubb is wiping the clash toss game.
  • Supersized pong game.
  • Bocce ball set.
  • Goodminton paddle set.
  • Ring toss, bottle bash game set.
  • Yard dice game set, darts, horseshoes.
  • Giantess ladder.
  • Disc game.
  • Capture the flag (played in teams).
  • Dominoes.
  • Flashlight flying disc.

You can learn about these games here.

Outdoor Movie Night

Such family activities are inclusive to all ages, though you’ll need to have a stable power supply to avoid any interruptions. A movie night can be one of the most fun activities! Consider bringing a portable projector to play the movie, set some non-invasive lights such as fairy lights, spread out a large cotton sheet on the ground, throw some cushions on it, and keep some extra sheets to cover yourself if it gets cold during the night.

Prepare some movie snacks beforehand, and spread them out on a large picnic table outside. Do not forget to pop up some popcorn to complete the movie night. Prepare a big batch of slush, collect some snacks like chips, fried chicken or grilled veggies, a salad, or anything else your group prefers. 

Pick out a movie that everyone in the family can enjoy. It is a good idea to pick a horror movie since you will not be watching it alone. Alternatively, you can play a comedy if you are the mood to get some laughs. Some families love watching the same movie repeatedly because it is their favorite go-to movie, which comes with many memories. Why not do the same and make many memories from this cabin trip. Watching a family movie is also an excellent way to bond with your family and friends.

Hiking and Biking

If you are out in the mountains, you have to go hiking or biking! You do not want to miss this experience. Go out with your siblings or cousins for a hike in the hiking trails. However, make sure to leave early morning so that you can make it back before dark. Hiking in the dark can be very dangerous, so be careful.

You can also go biking if you bring your bikes with you or rent them. This fun activity can help connect with others your age, especially kids and teenagers. You can turn it into a race and see who can make it back to the cabin first.

Cooking and Bonfires

A bonfire alone is a fun activity, combined with fire dances, ghost stories, singing songs, playing music, and roasting marshmallows. Imagine how fun it would be to do these activities with a large group. You can even split into two teams and hold a singing competition. 

The lure of a bonfire is such that it makes everyone go all night. Since you are here for a fun weekend trip, do not be afraid to have fun all night. Make sure you leave the cabin with lots of memories. Bond with your family as much as you can, especially if you do not get much time during your busy schedules back home. 

Additionally, try bringing a recipe book with easy and new recipes to experiment with during your getaway. Since you will have a lot of time on your hands at the cabin, it is better to put it to good use by staying productive. This fun activity would engage others and spend quality time together. Moreover, others may even appreciate you for your efforts. 


If you are in a cabin near a fishing lake, do not miss the chance to go fishing. Take an expert at fishing with you who can show you the ropes. It will be an extremely fun family activity. You can rent a boat, go out into the lake with your fishing nets and fishing sticks and try to catch some fish for dinner. Try to leave early in the morning, since catching a fish may take a lot of time. Once you have caught enough, come back to the cabin and have fun grilling the entire fish outside together, and have fun enjoying your fruits of labor with fishing yourself.

Board Games

If the weather is not so shiny outside, and it is raining, making you cooped up inside, indulge in board games. Scrabble is a personal favorite that runs in many families. Monopoly and UNO are also the types of games to bring people together. Other games include castle panic, elder sign, and pandemic, among many others.

Pictionary is another indoor game that you will very much enjoy playing with your family and cousins. It includes drawing and letting your teammates guess what the word is. Charades is another similar game, where you have to use sign language to let your teammates guess what the word is. Some people like to pick a theme to play a game, like movies, TV shows, or fictional characters. This way, they are not completely lost while guessing and have an idea about what they are trying to figure out.

Solo Activities

Since you are off the grid and out in the open, consider using this time to do some solo activities like reading a book, sketching, or writing a diary. You’ve chosen this time out from the daily hustle to shift your focus on yourself and reflect on your thoughts. After all, you want to make the most of this trip, getting some me-time will be worth your while. 

So it’s important to look inward during this time and connect with your emotional, psychological, and spiritual self. Pick out activities you enjoy doing yourself and live in the moment to enjoy your time out.

Summing it up

A cabin trip will bring you so much joy and relaxation that you probably cannot get elsewhere. The freedom to indulge in so many fun activities to bond with your family and friends is endless! Even if you visit the cabin for peace and quiet, it is an excellent way to unwind from your stressful life. Cabbing out could be a once-in-a-year experience for you and your family, so do not miss it.

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