Can Bollywood Beat Hollywood? 7 Best Factors To Compare

Can Bollywood Beat Hollywood

Alam Aara, the first talking film released in 1931. The movie is said to be the birth of Bollywood and with this birth, another question was born can Bollywood beat Hollywood? Hollywood is the oldest film industry in the world. It was born with the release of the short film “In Old California” in 1910.

Over periods and times, Bollywood is compared with Hollywood. But the fact is Hollywood is the epicenter of the film industry and generates a revenue of $43 billion every year. Although Bollywood has a huge fan base but not as vast as Hollywood. Many experts say that the rising time of the Hollywood industry was during the 80s and 90s and this is the time for the sequels and remakes of those movies. On the other hand, Bollywood is growing rapidly with the copied and the original content. There is a lot to be considered before making any comparison between the two. So we have mentioned a few points based on which we can reach the conclusion for “can Bollywood beat Hollywood?”.

The answer to can Bollywood beat Hollywood? Is difficult yet can be given to comparing the two on the select like Music, Industry Size, Technology, duration, costumes, creativity, language and settings, and various other factors.

Now, we are to find the answer to “Can Bollywood Beat Hollywood?” We will compare both the industries on the factors mentioned above and finally deduce the conclusion and we will have the answer for which one is best Bollywood or Hollywood.

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Can Bollywood Beat Hollywood – Lets Start The Comparison

Movies are the reflection of the society for which they are made. I don’t remember who said these lines but just felt like quoting them. With these lines let’s start the comparison for “Can Bollywood Beat Hollywood?” depending upon various factors.


Can Bollywood Beat Hollywood - Music
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The first and the foremost difference between both industries is the inclusion of songs in the film. Hollywood industry has a theme song, cast music, and very rarely a song for the situation whereas when we talk of the Indian Film industry songs are an inseparable part of the movies. Bollywood has different albums for the songs in the movies. As far as music in the movies is concerned Hollywood can’t meet the level of Bollywood.

Industry Size

Can Bollywood Beat Hollywood
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Well, if we talk of the industry size then this factor goes in the favour of the Hollywood Industry in the topic “Can Bollywood beat Hollywood?” In terms of revenue collection, Hollywood collects an average of $43 billion every year and Bollywood is almost ten percent in terms of revenue collection. On average Bollywood generates revenue of almost $4.3 billion.

We will get a clear picture if we look at the stats Avengers earned INR 40 crores on an opening day with 900 screens whereas Padman earned INR 38.80 crores on an opening day but the number of screens was 2800. There is a difference.


Can Bollywood Beat Hollywood - Technology
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Well, this factor as well goes in the favour of the Hollywood industry in the topic “Can Bollywood beat Hollywood?”. Hollywood has always fascinated us with the VFX and the technology they are using since the last century. It is not that Bollywood is lagging far behind, the thing is Hollywood is a bit ahead in terms of technology and VFX tools being used. The technology in the Bollywood industry varies with the production houses and the budget of the film.


Can Bollywood Beat Hollywood - Duration
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The next factor of comparison in the topic “Can Bollywood Beat Hollywood?” Is the duration length of the movie. The average run time of Bollywood movies is 180 minutes which sometimes goes both in favor and against the movie. If the movie is interesting then you don’t know how time flies in the cinema hall but if it is boring then you will feel your time and money both getting wasted. On the other hand, the average run time of Hollywood movies is 90 to 120 minutes.


Can Bollywood Beat Hollywood - Costumes

The costume is the center of attraction when it comes to Bollywood movies as I told you above Bollywood movies are the reflection of Indian society and different states. So, when it comes to the costumes in the film the budget is specially decided and costumes are specially ordered whereas in Hollywood movies actors wear western clothes. I am not saying they look bad but the variety in costumes Bollywood offers can never be offered by Hollywood. So the costume factor goes in the favour of the Bollywood industry in the topic “Can Bollywood Beat Hollywood?”

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Can Bollywood Beat Hollywood - Creativity
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Creativity is the most important factor of comparison when it comes to the topic “Can Bollywood Beat Hollywood”. Both the industries get equal points in this. Both have been creating equally good movies according to their fanbase and popularity. Both industries know what their fans want and are delivering accordingly. 

Language and Settings

Can Bollywood Beat Hollywood - Language and settings
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When it comes to the languages and the settings of the movie Hollywood industry is majorly dominated by American Spoken English because of the vast majority being Americans but as we know India is vast and diverse if a person is shown belonging to South India, he will be speaking with the south Indian Accent or if he is from Punjab he will be speaking like a Punjabi. So, this factor goes in the favour of Bollywood in the battle of “can Bollywood beat Hollywood?”

Final Verdict

The battle between both the industries can be imagined by looking at the words by one of the biggest superstars of the Bollywood industry Mr. Amitabh Bachan

Everywhere Hollywood has gone, it has destroyed the local industry whether it’s England, Italy or Germany, they just come and take over. They have the money and the expertise. They have the quality and quantity. We are fighting against them

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Well, to be honest, Bollywood has come a long way and is still growing but Hollywood has already reached its peak so the answer to the question that “Can Bollywood Beat Hollywood?” is yes, but it needs some more time to grow and compete. What are your views on this? Do let us know in the comments section.

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