Can Turnitin Detect Chat GPT? Unleash The Secret 2023!

Can Turnitin Detect ChatGPT

If you are a writer or a student who’s in a hurry to meet deadlines then the first thing that might cross your mind is “can Turnitin detect Chat GPT?” If we guessed right then our second guess is that the content below will be of great use to you! Wanna learn how? 

ChatGPT chatbot is the most picked tool for all the students and writers according to the recent reports. If it’s your pick too, then you must think twice, because it’s still not clear whether can Turnitin detect Chat GPT or not! Read more to at least make this one doubt clear.

The answer to Can Turnitin detect ChatGPT is clearly NO! Turnitin does not detect any ChatGPT language as of now! To know why and how and the rest of it, you have to sneak into the below given sections. 

This post offers all the information related to can Turnitin detect Chat GPT or not! And if not, then why? If this is something that you have been searching for then stop your search right now!

Can Turnitin Detect ChatGPT?

If you are also confused about whether can Turnitin detect Chat GPT or not then let us tell you that it absolutely doesn’t! Turnitin does not track or record any access to the ChatGPT language chatbot.

This is because the content brought from ChatGPT does not include any secret or anonymous signature or hallmark to mark that the content was generated with the help of an AI Chatbot, which means Turnitin can find that out that you have accessed ChatGPT for collecting data but cannot track the words which are build-up from the ChatGPT AI Chatbot service.

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This is something impressive for all the individuals who find the services provided by ChatGPT useful. Although, this doesn’t mean that you can go without taking any precautions. It’s crucial to be familiar with the services and features of Turnitin Chat GPT.

The main purpose of Turnitin is to prevent and avoid students from getting into plagiarizing. Along with these, there are a couple of other important roles of Turnitin, that are to elaborate any activity of plagiarism on the reviewed content and the other is to help students with identifying and then correcting any type of plagiarism in their content. Then does Turnitin detect chat gpt?

Considering that you have now understood the motive of Turnitin, let’s now hop on to ChatGPT. The ChatGPT chatbot can’t bring authentic data as the AI language model can only generate content depending on what is filled into the program. However, this is absolutely true if you are filling in copied content from any other source then you will be getting what you have entered into the system.

For instance, if you entered something related to “how trees are grown”, and copied a paragraph about something related to the keyword and pasted it into ChatGPT to generate outcomes, the resulting content provided by the AI will also include the text which was copied and pasted into the system of Turnitin Chat GPT.

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Now, you must be aware that ChatGPT does not have the authority to use external sources like websites, the internet or something else; which may force you to think “how is it plagiarizing content then?” This is because the data entered into the program is already copied from some other source, which is generating content that includes copied texts on Turnitin ChatGPT.

Does Turnitin Detect Chat GPT?

No, Turnitin does not detect ChatGPT. Being aware of this, one can implement this data when one needs to access ChatGPT chatbot to generate your piece of content when it is processed through Turnitin plagiarism detector afterward. Make sure you remember that, when you make use of ChatGPT you are not accessing any copied content to fill into the ChatGPT system. So does Turnitin detect Chat GPT? Lets make it clear.

You either have to make additions and change the wording of the data or entirely shuffle the paragraph or the sentences, which would then make the ChatGPT AI generate quality content for your use without any identifiable plagiarism.

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So, if there’s no recognizable plagiarism in the data that you entered into Turnitin, it will not give you poor or bothering plagiarism count on your resulting data.

How Turnitin Will Detect ChatGPT?

Can Turnitin Detect ChatGPT?

There are sayings in the air saying that ChatGPT is secretly applying or indulging a secret hallmark or signature for the generated content to be accessed through the language model AI. Although, if the official OpenAI team decides to do this, they can definitely face a huge down lag from their users.

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In addition, adding this secret hallmark/digital signature to the resulting content generated by the chatbot is going to be pretty difficult and many are thinking how OpenAI will get the effective alteration done! However, even if they do add a digital signature secretly there will still be a way out for Turnitin and other analysers to identify the information coming out from ChatGPT – an AI source.

With all of these rumors around, considering the capacity of the tech which is accessible and will also be available till the time when they do bombard their secret digital signature to the output generated by the ChatGPT chatbot. And if it does happen, users have to find another source for getting their data done without any hidden signature. 

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So, the day when Turnitin could possibly detect any use of the chatbot, is pretty far in the future and by that time there will be a number of services available in the market which will not be identified by any detectors under Turnitin software.

For now, take a long breath as you know the answer to “can Turnitin detect ChatGPT?” Which is entirely not possible as of now!

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Wrapping Up

For now it’s not possible for Turnitin to detect the use of ChatGPT in data resulting from it. But according to a few reports and rumours it’s been coming into our ears that in near future, ChatGPT is going to implement a digital signature in their content which will most probably get you caught. But no worries as there will be a number of unrecognisable services available in the market by then. All you have to do is switch!!!

Deasilex hopes that the data provided above on “can Turnitin detect ChatGPT” might be of great use to you! In case of any suggestions, doubts or queries, reach out to us in our comment section!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Can Turnitin Detect?

Almost every university and institute has an internal database of student documents submitted earlier. Turnitin can identify for self-plagiarism by scanning those documents and by comparing your files with the database. If you have accessed the portions of an assignment that you have already submitted again, it will highlight any combinations or similarities as potential plagiarism.

Q. Does Turnitin Check All Universities?

Above 2,500 higher education universities and institutions access Turnitin, including 69% of the top most 100 colleges and institutions (U.S News And World Report Best Colleges List).

Q. Does Turnitin Check Copy And Paste?

Turnitin does not detect plagiarism in content. Instead, it cross-checks a student’s assignments or documents by comparing it with one of their databases, and if found any similarities among them or found any matches with any of their sources, they flag it for you to take a review. 

Q. How Do You Know If You Plagiarised On Turnitin?

Select the desired assignment. At the right side of your assignment, click on the Submission details. In order to view any Similarity Report in Turnitin Feedback Studio, select the similarity percentage. (For example, this is a red 100%).

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