Can You Put Glass In The Microwave? Will Your Glass Explode?

can you put glass in the microwave

Microwaves and ovens have made our life super easy and efficient! We’re no longer setting the timers on our stopwatch as we used to while cooking on the stove! From baking our favorite pie and even boiling a cup of water, anything can be done with the help of a microwave!! But is everything as easy as it seems? Well, obviously it is, provided that you know what you’re doing! And the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is what kind of container you are using! Can you put glass in the microwave or maybe a simple plastic container? 

Knowing the right container for a microwave is very important to avoid blunders! Thus it is vital that you know what kind of container you’re using so that it doesn’t cause you any harm! This is the reason why microwave-friendly containers were developed in the first place!

Placing a glass container or maybe even a cup or any cookware that is made of glass is usually considered safe and microwave friendly! There are very rare cases of glass shattering or exploding in the microwave and if some of them have been recorded, then there are reasons for the same! For example, using a cold glass in the microwave! Using cold or delicate or even curved glasses in the microwave is a no-go!

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Let’s look at various things that you need to be careful of while using a glass container in the microwave so that your glass doesn’t shatter or explode! Here’s a takeaway, make sure your glass doesn’t have any metallic borders or gilding! Why? Well!! You’ll soon know why!

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Can You Put Glass In The Microwave? Adopting Microwave Friendly Practices!!

Can You Put Glass In The Microwave
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Knowing what kind of crockery to use in the microwave is very important! After all, what is a microwave! It’s a technical appliance, right? And we all know that these technical appliances need to be handled with care to avoid any harm to oneself and even the appliance! Some kind of crockery can simply ruin your food while some other can damage your microwave altogether! For example, the containers that are foil-lined!

Choosing microwave-friendly and safe containers is very important if you’re planning to use them in your microwave. Even ceramics that are safe should be handled with care while heating a cup of water in the microwave! It’s all because of the reason that some of the containers can scald you while others can ruin your food or even your microwave!

A glass container is usually microwave safe, but there are some things to know like- “not all glasses are the same!” Some glasses are cold, some are delicate, curved, or even have metal gildings! Thus, it becomes identify to determine what kind of glassware are you planning to use in your microwave! Read this carefully if you want to know if your glass is microwave-safe or not!

Determining If Your Glass Container Is Microwave Safe Or Not!

To determine whether you can use your glassware in the microwave or not, all you have to do is follow these five steps! These easy steps will tell you whether the glass that you were planning to use, should be actually used or not!

Step 1: Examining Your Glassware

microwave safe glass

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is determine whether your glass cup or dish is microwave-safe or not! If your glassware has metal finishes or patterns or metal gilding, then it should not be placed in a microwave as it can be hazardous!

Step 2: Checking The Labels

are glass mugs microwave safe
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Just as I previously mentioned! You have to turn your glass container over to its bottom for checking any labels that might read “microwave safe!” If the same is written, then VOILA! The next few steps can be ignored! If not? Well then continue ahead! Also, keep in mind that you do not use a cup or container that has specifically written on it that it is not to be used in a microwave!

Step 3: The Glass Container And A Cup Of Water

can you use glass in the microwave

Now if you’re unsure and nothing is written under your glass container, you can check for its microwave safety by following this! All you have to do is take a cup of water and your glass container! Put both of these in the microwave! 

Step 4: 1 Minute Is The Rule

can you put glass in the microwave

You should microwave both the container and the cup of water for a maximum of 1 minute to check if it’s microwave safe! Once the timer’s up, take out the cup of water and the container! As we still do not know whether your container is microwave-safe or not, you should take out the container with the help of safety gloves to avoid scalding!

Step 5: Checking The Remnants Of Hot And Cold

glass mug in the microwave

The last step is to examine the cup of water and the glass container! If your glass container is hot, then it is not microwave safe, and if cold, then good for you! As the cold glass container will signify that your container is microwave safe! A slightly warm container can also be considered microwave safe!

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Are Glass Mugs Microwave Safe?

glass for microwave

Most of the mugs and cups made from glass are microwave friendly! If you want to be sure enough, then just check for a logo or label that might tell you if it is microwave-safe or not! You can also check for safety by following the 5 step process written above or by simply microwaving a cup of water for 30 seconds! If the cup of water is cold while the water inside is hot, then congratulations! Your glass cup or mug is microwave safe! But make sure that you are not microwaving a glass cup that has metal gilding as it is a NO-GO!

Microwaving Cold Glass! Safe Or Not Safe?

microwaving cold glass
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We are well aware of the fact that not all containers or dishes are microwave safe, especially foil-coated (aluminum foil) or styrofoam! The next on the list can be cold glass if it’s microwaved! WHY? Well due to the sudden change in temperature! A cold glass has contracted particles that suddenly loosen up when introduced to heat! This is the same reaction when you pour hot coffee into an ice-cold mug! The mug cracks right? The same happens to the cold glass in a microwave!

Hence to avoid breaking your glass mug or container, it’s better to leave it at room temperature so that it can get its normal temperature back! Once the glass regains its normal temperature, you are free to microwave it as it won’t cause a hazard!

Types Of Glass And Their Reaction To Excessive Heat!


Glassware is deemed safe for microwaving, but how much heat can your glassware handle depends on the kind of glassware you are using! If your glass is thin or delicate, then obviously it can’t handle much heat and will shatter or crack after three minutes of use! Glasses that are curved in shape and are made of crystals are likely to explode as they can’t handle uneven temperatures to a large extent!

Ordinary glassware can, at best, handle your microwave for 3 minutes! Any further increase in time can make them shatter or explode! 


Glass containers or mugs are microwave safe as long as they do not contain any metal gilding or patterns etched on them! You can microwave your glass to check if it’s microwave-safe or not by following a five-step process! The cold glass should not be directly put in the microwave as it might shatter or even explode! Hence, it’s better that you are aware of what to and what not to do while using a microwave! 


Can glass melt in the microwave?

The melting point of the glass is 1400°C-1600°C approx! So no matter how much heat your glassware is facing in the microwave, rest assured! As the microwave heat is not up to 1400-1600 that can melt your glassware!

Can we use glass in a microwave?

You can use glass in the microwave but you have to make sure what kind of glass you’re using! If you don’t check beforehand, then your glass might shatter or even worse, EXPLODE! 

What kind of containers should we not use in a microwave?

Aluminum foils and styrofoams are not microwave-safe. A usual plastic container that isn’t microwave-safe can also melt in the microwave! So in all, you have to check for the label before using a container in the microwave that specifically reads as “microwave safe!” 

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