Casino Games Based on Luck

There is no doubt that all casino games are based on luck, at least to a certain degree. However, there are a few games that stand out from the rest for being almost entirely dependant on the player’s luck instead of his skills. In this article, we will share a few casino games where luck is the biggest factor for success.

Big Six Wheel

The Big Six Casino Wheel, also known as the Wheel of Fortune is the ultimate game of chance or luck that you can find at a casino. The name “Wheel of Fortune” is perfect for this game, because the wheel is divided into many equal segments with different types of awards. On top, there is a flexible pointer usually made of rubber or leather. Once the wheel is spun, the place where the pointer stops is what the player will receive as an award.

Awards in this game can come in different forms. Including cash prizes, or material goods. There are usually only a few top prizes that a player can win, surrounded by many smaller ones, which means that you will need plenty of luck to secure a solid reward. 


Sticking with the spinning wheel in casino games, roulette is another hot attraction for many casino goers. In this game, a small ball is thrown into a spinning wheel, and the place where the ball stops will determine whether the player wins or not, which means that luck is definitely the biggest factor here. Before the ball is thrown, the player chooses which numbers or colors (red and black) to play, and if the ball stops at the selected fields, the player wins.

There have been many systems created that can allegedly beat the casino and increase the player’s chances of success. However, the effectiveness of these methods is questionable and luck largely remains the biggest factor for success.

Slot machines

Slot machines are by far the most popular casino games out there, and they are also entirely based on luck. Each machine contains a row of at least three reels, with a lever on the side that will trigger the reels to spin. In recent times, levers are usually replaced with buttons or touch screens. Each slot machine has a different graphical design, that is created to be enticing for the player. However, all also machines have one thing in common – they require a whole lot of luck.

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