Castlevania Season 3, reveals the Release Date

Warren Ellis created an animation series for Netflix entitled Castlevania. The series comes from a Japanese video game by Konami and has the same name. Castlevania features genres like action, horror, dark fantasy, and adventure drama (alert: It includes some adult content). Adi Shankar and Trevor Morris act as the developer and composer of this American television series. On the day of the premiere of the first season, 7 July 2017, Castlevania earned the renewal for the second season from Netflix. The series got renewed for the fourth installment this year in March.

Castlevania Season 4: Release Date

Within weeks of the premiere of the third season of Castlevania, it received a green light from the streamer for next instalment. The third season of Castlevania hit the streamer’s screen on 4 March 2020. Netflix made the official announcement of the renewal on 27 March 2020. After observing the gap between the release of previous seasons we are expecting the fourth and final season to release next year, 2021. I will be bold to say this but the wait is going to be worth it ( believe me!).

Castlevania Season 4: Plot

Ellis teased some pointers about the upcoming season in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. He said that he would try to create a partial ending of every incomplete story of the third season, in the fourth season. The third season includes four storylines running parallel to each other which will conclude in Castlevania season 4. We might even see Dracula’s return in the final season. The showrunner (Warren Ellis) also emphasized on the fact that the series is not fantasy or historical but a “horror”. The wait is long, but I hope that we get something more than this soon, perhaps a trailer?

Castlevania Season 4: Storyline

The story is about how a monster hunter named Trevor Belmont stands against the unjust force of demons. It all starts when the people of Wallachia brutally burn a woman for the sake of false accusations of witchcraft. The woman was the beloved wife of a vampire named Count Dracula. He gets furious and declares that the town will pay the price for deeds by their lives and assembles a demon army. People start living in fear, and then the hero appears. Dracula’s son, Alucard ( a dhampir) accompanies Trevor in his quest while a magician, Sypha Belnades also lends a hand in it.

As the series is an animation, it includes several characters voiced by different voice artists. Castlevania got famous in the United States soon after its release, almost instantly. The show is one of the most successful (due to the number of viewers) animations of Netflix (original). Among all the seasons, the third one received a 100% positive review on a review aggregating website called Rotten Tomatoes. If you are interested in animations, then I would suggest you try this series. You won’t regret it. Comment down for suggestions and queries. If you like to read about television series and movies and you do not wish to miss any updates, then stay tuned!

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