CBD Dog Treats: Pros and Cons of Usage

CBD Dog Treats: Pros and Cons of Usage

As your closest animal friend, your dog deserves wellness. CBD dog treats are meant for that purpose. However, their content has been an object of concern to many dog owners. 

If you are in doubt as to the effect this type of treat might have on your dog, then read this article to find out all the important information you need on CBD treats before trying them.

What is a CBD Dog Treat?

These treats are edibles meant for dogs, basically to optimize their physical and mental health. This does not mean that a canine treat containing CBD is for any specific disease. Rather, it is used as a palliative for some neurological and, sometimes, persistent painful conditions. 

Some reasons why the treats can be given to dogs include the following:

  • To relieve pain in dogs suffering from arthritis or pains in general. This is especially true for osteoarthritis
  • To mitigate the stresses that result from separation anxiety, agitation from sudden noises and travelling
  • To stimulate a canine’s appetite when it refuses to eat or has trouble eating regular food
  • To calm and stabilize dogs suffering from episodes of seizures or even heart issues
  • To serve as medication for canines that experience allergic reactions to prescription medication 

In What Form Do CBD Dog Treats Come?

They come in different forms examples of which include biscuits flavored to be especially appealing to dogs. You can take a look at holistapet CBD dog treats to see what other forms they can come in. 

Dogs that refuse or are not readily willing to accept pills and tablets find them irresistibly appealing.

There are also oils containing this ingredient that a canine can ingest without any negative effect. You can find it in stores where CBD oils are sold.

The Controversy with CBD Dog Treats

Some persons dispute the usage of these treats simply because it contains CBD. This is mostly because the ingredient is usually mistaken for one of many other substances that are illegally and medically not recommended.

So what is CBD?

The full meaning of CBD is Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is gotten from a plant known as Bhanga. Its botanical name is Cannabis sativa. Cannabidiol is not the only substance gotten from the plant. Over one hundred distinct other chemical compounds are derivable from the plant. 

Some of these other substances include cannabis and marijuana. These contain Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Both Cannabidiol and THC are in the same group called cannabinoids. But whereas THC a psychoactive agent, CBD is not a psychoactive agent.

It is the THC content in marijuana and its likes that makes those that take it become high. 

On the other hand, cannabidiol acts on receptors in the brain for the purpose of alleviating symptoms of human nervous system disorders. These disorders range from multiple sclerosis to epilepsy.

The ingredients used do not have any psychoactive effects on animals or humans. They are also non-toxic, making them totally safe for use. Visit https://www.health.com/condition/pain/what-is-cbd to learn more on this subject.

Are There Pros and Cons?

Studies have shown promising results in the use of CBD in treating canines and other animals. Cardiovascular and respiratory systems disorders, pain, cancer and problems with metabolism in some animals have been known to be relieved by using cannabidiol.

However, it can become addictive and cause changes in behavior for animals. This is because of the psychotropic properties of cannabis.

Additionally, there is a slight chance that ALT, which is an enzyme in the liver, could increase with long-term use and high dosage of the ingredient. 

In general, the pros outweigh the cons of using cannabidiol to treat dogs. The major concern, though, is that the ingredient is not yet legal.

The FDA is still working to regulate it so it may take a while before it becomes a mainstream ingredient for officially treating any ailment. This is true both for dogs and humans.

Besides, some states are yet to lift bans on the sale of any product that has traces of cannabis or hemp.

Should You Sell Such Treats?

Consider the following before venturing into the business of selling these dog treats:

1. Though some states have legalized the use of medical and recreational marijuana, many of them are yet to change their minds on its use on pets.

2. There is a restriction on veterinarians who want to prescribe these products to clients. This is despite the fact that many of the vets view the drugs as safe and effective.

3. While the Farm Bill of 2018, which you can learn about here, allows industrial hemp to be grown and transported with some restrictions, it still has no power over the FDA, which is yet to change its mind regarding using CBD on dogs.


More research is required in this field to make sure that there is absolutely no side effect of cannabidiol on dogs. 

When this is done, awareness of the legality and effectiveness of such treats should be a priority. This is following how effective it has been so far in treating specific ailments. 

Finally, the relevant regulation concerning the use of CBD would need to be revised. This may lead to wider acceptance of the treats. 


We all love our dogs and would do anything to keep them active and healthy. So it is little wonder to find that many dog and pet owners use different unconventional treatments for their ailing pets.

However, given the skepticism surrounding medical uses of cannabis, CBD dog treats should be approached when other conventional avenues have been exhausted, and only after thorough conversations with a veterinarian.

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