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cheap and affordable food

What do we need to live…… Food, Shelter, and Clothing. These are the basic three necessities of life. A man earns to meet these three basic requirements but there are times when we are financially broke. What do we do then? We cut the unnecessary expenditure. This article will tell you about the foods which are cheap and affordable.

Groceries are the items that directly affect our budget. Getting cheap and affordable food and grocery is on the wish list of every middle-class man. We at detail made the list of the food items that are high in nutrition value and are within the reach of every common man.

The affordable food that you can have when you are financially broke are Beans, Oats, Frozen vegetables, Bananas, Spinach, Brown rice, Eggs, Chuck roast, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Pasta, Flour, and many more.

The food mentioned above is not only cheap and affordable food but is also rich in nutritional value.

Cheap and Affordable food Available In the Market


Beans are rich in nutrition and are easily available in the markets around. They can be easily cooked. You just need to buy them, dry them and cook. They can be used for making soups, curries, sandwiches, and dips. They cost somewhere around 12 cents per serving.


Oats are the best food to start your day. They are rich in dietary fiber and are considered best for a healthy body. The oats are best for diabetic patients and can be cooked as par meals, oat cookies, and oatmeal bars. You can buy 48 packets of Quaker oats for just $10.70 from Amazon.

Frozen Vegetables

If you wish to eat vegetables but didn’t want to spend much then you must go for frozen vegetables. They are cheap and affordable food that can be preserved for a longer time and cooked later. They cost less than fresh vegetables but have the same nutritional value. You can consume frozen vegetables just like normal vegetables in your meal. 


Bananas are cheap and affordable food that is rich in vitamin B, vitamin C. Manganese, antioxidants, and potassium. Bananas cost somewhere around 50 cents per pound and can be consumed in the oatmeals or banana pancakes can be made on special occasions such as Easter.


Spinach is a complete source of nutrition you can find vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin K, Manganese, folate, magnesium, riboflavin, manganese, and iron. Spinach can be used in any food such as you can make a salad, use it in omelets and pasta. You can easily find spinach in your near markets that make it the cheapest and affordable food.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a high fiber and quick-to-make meal that contains good quality vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and manganese. Brown rice is good non-gluten food that will help in lowering the cholesterol level. Brown rice is the cheap and affordable food that you buy from your nearby stores. These rice are used in making desserts or can also be eaten with meat.


Eggs are a great source of protein and are always available in the market. The price of the eggs may vary from place to place but according to the studies by the US Department of Agriculture one dozen of eggs cost 85 cents. There are various ways in which we can have the eggs such as hard boil, omelet, scrambled, poached or you can make eggs cakes with it. 

Chuck Roast

Chuck roasts are another type of cheap and affordable food that can be bought from the street side vans. The chuck roast is fatty and has fillings so having a single chuck roast can make you feel full and satisfied. It will cost you around $7 per piece. You can have Irish stew, pot roast, and beef stroganoff if you have less money for dinner.


Potatoes are not only cheap and affordable food but are also full of nutritional values. These can be cooked in a thousand different ways. You can bake them, boil them, mash them or fry them. You can have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. According to research by deasilex, one pound potato costs around 85 cents.


Tomatoes can not be cooked alone but they can add a great volume to your meal. You can have tomatoes in snacks, put them in pasta, or any other food item. They cost around $1.85 per pound. 


Pasta is the ultimate food that can be bought from any grocery store. It’s easy to make and children love it. You can give your children treats by making pasta for lunch or dinner. You can also try variations by mixing vegetables with it.


Flour is the most versatile, cheap and affordable food that can be bought for just $1 per pound. You can use flour to make biscuits, pancakes, bread, and much more.


You can try out these food items that are cheap and affordable. These food items contain high nutritional values and are healthy for consumption. If you want to add any food item to the list the comments section is open for you.

Featured Image Source: Everyday Health

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