Cheerful Smiley Face Nails Design For A Happy Heart!!!

smiley face nails design

Johnny Stimson beautifully sang these magical lines that go by “cause if we just smile, we can forget all of our troubles for a while”. Smiling in real terms is a therapy in this world overflowing with uncertainties! It reflects happiness. Well, do you know what happens when you paint that on your nails? The answer is that it oozes ecstasy and all the synonyms of happiness that I could possibly think of. So why not drop our anxieties today and get some happy inspiration from these “Smiley Face Nails Design”.

How to Do Artistic Lip Art
How to Do Artistic Lip Art

Smiling faces brimming with joy can light up the darkest of the times and you know what? There are many kinds of smiles! These are blissful to cheery to even flirtatious. Every smile has a different meaning too and let’s just uncover them one by one while painting them on our nails! If you’re not in the mood to move your Orbicularis oris, then choose abundance instead! The abundance of green with these classy green nails! Or choose serenity with these heavenly baby blue nails! No matter what you choose, these nail arts are only going to fill your heart with joy!

Beautiful smiley face nail designs are those which have different kinds, shapes, or sizes of smiles! So bring out all your color palette hues and start painting them on your nails! Obviously not without a smile! Is it getting too smiley here? Can’t help it! It’s a happy nail painting day y’all! Now, for starters, you can start by painting small multicolored smiles or just the classic yellow emoji smile! There are many designs to choose from so let’s start painting!

Now just a happy note before we start painting your almond, coffin, or stiletto nails with a smile. Did you know the celebrities are huge fans of smiley face nail art too? Well, they sure are! Rita especially! Even Gigi and Kesha have shared their magical smiley nails! Getting excited to try those out too? Let’s begin!

Beautiful Smiley Face Nails Design To Lighten Up Gloomy Your Days!

Let your creative self out and start choosing your favorite colors as we’re about to jump into the colorful world of smiley nails today! Don’t be shy and get your glitters and rhinestones out too! Who wouldn’t like a certain shine in their smiley nails? Don’t you? 

Once you’ve got all your nail art supplies out, start painting girl, what’re you waiting for!! Let’s haha with these smiley face nails!!!

1. Colorful Smiley Face Nails

smiley nails design

Different hues of color can add shine to our otherwise boring day! To add the same shine to your nails, try painting smiley faces with different colors. These different color smiles will definitely give your cherry vibes while brightening up your mood!

Dab different colors of nail polish on your nails and start adding smiley faces. For precision, try using a toothpick! Complete these colorful smile nail art by adding a sheer coat of transparent nail polish and VOILA! You’re all done to flaunt your cheerful nails!

2. Pastel Smiley Nails

pastel smiley nails

The warm shades of pastel are too pleasing to look away from! When painted on your nails, these pastel hues give off those peaceful vibes that we just can’t get enough of! Try painting your almond nails with pastel nail colors like lilac, baby blue, and the sort!

Once you’ve added the base coat, paint smiley faces on them. You can paint as many smiles as you want or you can stick to just one! Do what makes you happy as the results are only going to be awesome! Oh, by the way, you can also paint smileys in pastel colors as pastel on pastel is a rather good combination! I’d say it’s sweet and elegant!

3. Bright Sunshine Smile Nails

smiley nails

These are the classic smiley nails that you shouldn’t miss trying out! Even the process is simple as you don’t have to do much but the bare minimum! First of all, paint your nails in the bright shade of yellow! If you’re not fond of yellow, then choose any other bright color you want!

Now once you’ve applied the base coat, start adding smiley faces on the top of it! You can add simple smiley lines on your nail or add faces with smiles. Once you’re done painting smiles, complete it with a glittery yet transparent nail color!

4. Ombre Smiley Nails

ombre smiley nails

Transitions of dark and light? Bring it on girl! Ombre shades are one of the most widely tried out and preferred nail shades and thus, painting smiles on them has a different charm! Choose any ombre shades of your choice, I would suggest ballet slippers and white!

The subtle hues of these colors are simply mesmerizing. Add mini smiles on your base coat of ombre and once you’re done, flaunt those exuberant smiley nails! 

5. Smiling Flower Nails

smiley flower nails

Spring is long over and winter is setting in! So, why not paint those alluring spring flowers while reminiscing about your favorite season, But of course, there’s a twist!

While painting those beautiful flowers, don’t forget to add smiles in the middle of them! It would be like Teletubbies smiling in a flower! Furthermore, don’t forget to complete the nail art by applying transparent nail paint!

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6. Trippy Smiley Face Nails

trippy smiley face nails

Halloween is just around the corner and these melting trippy smiley face nails should be your choice for the eve! Isn’t it spooky that these smiles are melting around the background? Yeah, it’s rather creepy! Haha! 

Nevertheless, my uneventful commentaries aside, do try these trippy nails this Halloween and scare the heck out of your friends! Boohoo!

7. Holographic Smiley Nails

holographic nails

Let’s get lost in the halo of these classy holographic nails that scream LUXURY! But as you would have guessed by now, we’re definitely going to add some smiles to these lavish nails!

The process is rather simple and all you have to do is paint smiley faces once you’re done applying the base coast of your metallic nail color! You don’t have to paint the whole of your nails with nail color as painting around the tips is fine enough. Complete the look with smiley flowers or emojis. No matter what style or colors you choose, the results are only going to be splendid!

8. Graphics And Emoji Smileys

smiley nails

The beauty of graphics is mind-blowing and that’s the reason why many celebrities choose to paint these subtle shapes and sizes on their nails! You can paint simple graphics with checkered lines with smiley faces on top or you can go as complex as you want.

I would suggest going with a simple design first as they are easy to do and look as classy as any other nail art would! Now, for the beginners, choose a pastel color or any color of your choice and start painting thin closely placed checkered lines on it. Once you’re done painting them, add simple smiley flowers on top of them and complete the design with a sheer coat of transparent nail paint! 

9. Black Smiley Face Nails

back smiley face nails

There’s a different charm of black nails which no pastels can match. The color which isn’t even color in the first place is the first choice of ladies all around the world and there’s no questioning why! 

Now coming to smiley nails, why not add happiness to the darkness of black? Poetic enough! Yeah, I’m not John so figures but leave that!

Add a beautiful bright smiley on your black nail paint and voila! You’re all done and ready to flaunt! Now, you can do this smiley nail art with gel nails, acrylic nails, or your regular nails!  The results are only going to be BEAUTIFUL!

10. French Tips With Smiles

smiley french tips

French tips can never go out of trend and for the ladies wondering if they’re out, Should know that they aren’t and will never be! So go with this classic nail design and try painting alluring smiles on the tip of your nails!

Now comes the fun part, how’re you planning to do the base for french tips? See, either you can just simply paint smiles on your tips or you can go bold! I would suggest you go bold and paint a wavy colorful rainbow on your almond nails and add a dreamy effect to it by painting clouds with smiles! Isn’t it dreamy? I’m sure for a fact that you’re going to fall in love with these particular smiley face nails!

11. Neon Smiles Nail Art

neon smiley face nails

No other color pops out as the neon ones do! So do your nails a favor and paint smiles over neon nail color! These smiley faces on your neon nails are surely going to be the star of the streets with the way they’ll pop when you flaunt them!

The process for this nail art design is rather simple! All you have to do is paint a neon nail color as a base coat and then add a smiley face to it! You can go bolder by adding rhinestones as well, the results are surely going to amaze you!

12. Mini Smile Nails

mini smily nails designs

Nothing is cuter than minis! A tiny version of anything looks too cute to be true and that’s what we’ll try on our nails! Try adding tiny smiley faces on your nails on top of transparent nail color!

Take a sleek toothpick and dab it in your nail color and then get to the job of adding smiles to your nails! The best thing about minis is that they’re easy to paint and let’s not forget how cute they look! Is it getting too cute? Well, this smiley nail art was meant to be!!

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Celebrity Tried Out Smiley Face Nails

rihanna's smiley face nails
Source: Pinterest

Do you think you’re the only one tripping over these amazing smiley face nails? Well, let me tell you! GIRL, you aren’t the only one out there! These celebrities below, are just like you who can’t get enough of smiles on their nails!

1. Rita Ora’s Smiley Face Nails

Rita Ora is as much a crazy fan of smiley face nails as you are! She has tried out many smiley nails and it’s impossible to count each one of these! From classic bright smiley nails to trippy smiley face nails, this lady has tried out everything!!

2.  Smiley Nails Of Harry Styles

Our dear Harry tried out those cute smileys on his small nails and fans just couldn’t get enough of this! If you’re one of those who thought “ah! Males don’t do manicures”, then girl oh girl! It’s time to change your rugged perceptions and restrictions of fashion and beauty!

3. Gigi Hadid’s Wide Smile Nails

This top Victoria’s Secret model too couldn’t hide her love for smiley face nails when she painted smiles with glitters on her nails! Gigi painted her nails with smiles back in 2017 when she received the “Glamour Women Of The Year Award”.

4. Kesha’s Smiley Nails

Kesha is another celebrity who has tried smiley nail art many times! She has painted smiles with tongue sticking out on her nails and even gave smiley emojis a mesmerizing look by painting them on two-colored wavy lines!

5. Rihanna’s Bright Yellow Smiley Nails

Way back in 2008, Rihanna tried these bright smiles on her square nails that still haven’t gone out of trend! The smiley faces were painted in the classic bright yellow color with black nail color!

Best Smiley Face Stickers And Nails On Etsy

smiley face nails on etsy
Source: Etsy

Are you a lost case when it comes to nail art? Don’t worry girl! Etsy has you all covered! Buy these cute and classy smiley face nails and stickers on Etsy and flaunt them in the crowd!!

1Smiley nail decalsView
2Happy Vibes Nails | Summer Glitter Party NailsView
3Nail stickers, Mouth, Face Nail StickersView
4Smiley nailsView
5GOING GREEN | Mismatched Press On NailsView
6Mix and match y2k smiley face inspired to press on nailsView
7groovy + funky smiley face brown + pink fall press-on nails!!View
8Blue Swirls Press On NailsView
9Drippy hand-painted gel nails.View
10Trendy nails, press on nails, yin yangView

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Summing Up:

Smiley face nails can add happiness to your otherwise boring life so you should definitely try them out! Moreover, many celebrities have been flaunting these cheery nails since 2008 (like Rihanna) and thus, giving you all the more reasons why you should not wait to draw happy smiles on your beautiful almond or oval nails!

You can try out holographic smiley face nails, french tips with smiley faces, simple smiley nails, and many more! So don’t wait any longer and just try them out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the trendy nail art designs of 2021?

Some of the trendy nail art designs of 2021 are-
1. Rainbow nails
2. Tiny Accents
3. Smoky Swirls
4. Metallic Nails
5. Rhinestone Nails

Q. What are the best nail styles to paint smiley faces on?

Smiley face nails look exceptionally regal on almond or oval-shaped nails! They also look good while being painted on stiletto or coffin nails! It doesn’t matter what nail shape you have if you can paint beautiful and neat smiles on them.

Q. What are the essential tools for creating Smiley Face Nails Design at home?

It’s not a tough job to create these smiley face nails design at home. All you need is the dotting tools, a selection of super fine nail art brushes, and good nail paints. Get your hands on these supplies nad your nails are ready for those cute smiles.

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