10+ Interesting Christmas Classroom Activities To Engage Kids!!

Christmas Classroom Activities

Finally, we have stepped into Christmas month!! Already feeling the Christmas vibes!! Cue the carols, decorate your homes, light up streets, and be ready with delicious Christmas recipes!! While everyone is so busy making Christmas plans, don’t forget about the little ones!! To engage your kids in some fun Christmas classroom activities you can pick up the best ideas from this post!

The fun part is all these activities are easy to play and kids will love creating and crafting!! We all understand the heck of planning for the festive season. When there is so much on the plate to do, forgetting about some or the other thing is obvious!!

Take a break from the hotch-potch of holiday planning and have a look at these Christmas classroom activities that you use to keep the kids engaged! With fun and recreation, we have added many educational tasks too that’ll help your kids grow and learn!!

So, ready to sneak into the list of best Christmas classroom activities? Yeah, you are!!! Let’s not keep you waiting!! Here goes the list…

Best Christmas Classroom Activities!!

If you are unable to choose Christmas Stem Activities That Kids Love, then this list will help you a lot!! 

Don’t waste time, have a look!!

1. Organize A Christmas Debate

Organize A Christmas Debate
Image Credits: goodhousekeeping.com

Children have so much to share about their Christmas experiences! Why not turn this into the Christmas Classroom activities that everyone can be a part of and meanwhile get to explore various other Christmas celebration ideas!!

You can let children decide their own topics for the debate or provide them with common topics like “Christmas Re-Gifting: Good or Bad?”

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2. Make Christmas Cards

Make Christmas Cards
Image Credits: YouTube

Christmas card making is the most basic yet interesting Christmas activity to try!! You get to try out your hands into something creative.

At the same, it’s a great classroom activity to keep the students engaged!! 

3. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Scavenger Hunt
Image Credits: treasurehunt4kids.com

Little ones will love this Scavenger hunt activity for Christmas!! All you have to do is prepare cue cards and hide them at different places.

As the game begins, divide the kids into teams. Each team will be given some set time period to hunt the notes. If they do it within the set time, the team wins!!

Isn’t it fun?

4. One Minute Cup Stacking

One Minute Cup Stacking
Image Credits: YouTube

This is something cool!! This one-minute cup stacking game is perfect for engaging kids in a fun Christmas classroom activity!!

Each kid will be given 1 minute to stack the cups. Whoever makes the highest cup tower wins the game!!

5. Christmas Movie Trivia

Christmas Movie Trivia
Image Credits: etsy.com

Have you played dumb charades? It’s so much fun, right? 

You can choose to play Christmas movie trivia as a classroom activity!! This will create a fun environment!! Divide the kids into teams and assign any Christmas movie to a single member of a team.

That player will have to act in that movie for his team members to guess. If the team guesses the movie right in the given time, that team wins!!

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6. Christmas Character Guess Who?

Christmas Character Guess Who
Image Credits: adventureinabox.com

Just like dumb charades, you’ll have to make others guess which Christmas character you are portraying.

It’s like a rapid-fire!! Whoever guesses the character first, wins the game!! And it’s a fun classroom activity!!

7. Snowman Slam Game

Snowman Slam Game
Image Credits: ebeeze.co.uk

If you have played the bottle game, then you already know how much this game is!! Kids will love playing this game!!

This classic carnival game is an easy go for kids! They’ll enjoy aiming at the paper Santas. Whoever stacks all the Santas down, they’ll win!!

8. Candy Candy Hook ‘Em Game!!

Candy Candy Hook ‘Em Game!!
Image Credits: datingdivas.com

Ahh!! Candy hooking is my favorite game even now that I am officially a kid anymore!! 

Everyone from adults to youngsters will love playing this game!! The rules are pretty simple, you just have to place the hockey stick candies in one bowl.

Using one hockey stick candy each member will try to pick/hook up another candy. The game goes on, and whoever creates the longest hockey stick line at the end will win the game!

9. Christmas Bingo

Christmas Bingo
Image Credits: denverhousewife.com

Bingo!! It’s Christmas time!!

Talking about Christmas Classroom activities and not having Christmas Bingo on the list? Nah!!! Not a chance!!

To make the game even more fun, you can use candies and colored markers to mark the Bingo chart!!

Enjoy the crazy little project!!

10. Don’t Ring The Bells Obstacle Game!!

Don’t Ring The Bells Obstacle Game
Image Credits: childhood101.com

Crossing the hurdles!! This game is pretty much fun to play!!

You have to prepare hurdles like hanging rings with bells tied at the top. The person will have to pass through that ring without ringing the bells. Whoever passes through maximum hurdles in less time without hitting the bell, wins the game!!

11. Jingle Bell Toss!

Jingle Bell Toss
Image Credits: Pinterest

Toss the cup and make it stand straight!! If you have played the drinking cup flip game, then you know how much fun this game is!!

For kids, you can change the rules like, instead of drinking shots, you can set up chocolates and candies!! Whoever flips the cup straight earlier will get candy!!

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Wrapping Up:

Dear parents, teachers, and kids, hopefully, the above-mentioned list ended your Christmas classroom activities hunt!! Brainstorm your kids with endless ideas to try this Christmas festive season!! You can even plan rewards for kids at the end of completing a task or activity!! This will boost their confidence!!

However, you plan to celebrate this Christmas eve, don’t forget to stuff your tummy with some extra cake and dishes!!

Merry Christmas!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How Do Online Classes Celebrate Christmas?

To celebrate Christmas via online classrooms, you can try the below-mentioned activities:

Q. What Are Some Fun Virtual Games To Play This Christmas?

1. Online Office Games. 
2. Digital Scavenger Hunt.
3. Virtual Pub-like Trivia.
4. Virtual Werewolf.
5. Online Murder Mystery Party.
6. Virtual Escape Room.
7. Codenames. 
8. Among Us.

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