Can I Use Coconut Oil On Tattoos? Pros And Cons Of Using Coconut Oil On Tattoo!!

Coconut Oil On Tattoos

We all are well aware of the magical properties of coconut oil. From skincare to hair growth, from cooking to eating, coconut oil has been in use since the good old ancient days. Many of you might not know that coconut oil is great to help heal your tattoos. Although there are some precautions that you need to take before applying coconut oil on tattoos, which you’ll very well be aware of at the end of this post.

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Getting tattooed is such a pleasure. But the aftercare plays a very important role in its longevity and skin healing. Many tattoo artists recommend some particular moisturizers or tattoo serums, but who likes to experiment with chemical products when you have a wonderful solution at home like coconut oil. If you are wondering if it is safe to put coconut oil on a tattoo then let’s clear your doubts.

As painful as it is to get a new tattoo, it’s even more painful to watch your skin getting damaged due to carelessness in aftercare. Many times people leave their tattooed area dry or some may make contact with water after getting a new tattoo, which causes damage to the skin. Coconut oil is very beneficial in this case. You might like to save this post for the future as we talk about some amazing skin-saving benefits of using coconut oil on tattoos. 

Where there are benefits, there are flaws too. Coconut oil is gentle on the skin but sometimes it might cause harm to your tattoos if these things are not taken care of. What are these things? Well, to find out the pros and cons of using coconut oil on tattoos, we recommend reading the post till last.

Pros And Cons Of Using Coconut Oil On Tattoo

Understanding the flip side of the coin is very important. Since aftercare plays a very vital role in healing tattoos, it’s good to know if the product you are using is safe for your skin or not. Here are a few benefits and side effects of using coconut oil on tattoos. Do give it a read.

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Pros Of Using Coconut Oil On Tattoo

Provide your tattoos the perfect aftercare using natural products like coconut oil. Here are the amazing benefits of coconut oil. 

1. Using Coconut Oil On A New Tattoo

Coconut Oil On Tattoos; Using Coconut Oil On A New Tattoo
Source: Illustrated Teacup

If you are wondering if it is safe to use coconut oil on a new tattoo, then yes, it’s completely safe. Although, you should start applying the oil after 2-3 days from getting tattooed. It’s beneficial at all stages of the tattoo, then when it’s in the healing stage, or undergoing removal

2. The Antimicrobial Properties Help Against Infections

One of the most problematic things after getting a tattoo is catching infections due to dirt or exposure to water. Coconut oil has amazing antimicrobial properties that not just only help in healing but also protect your skin from catching any kind of bacteria or infections. This antifungal property is due to the lauric acid present in coconut oil. 

3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties Help In Healing

Coconut Oil On Tattoos; Anti-Inflammatory Properties Help In Healing.
Source: Ulu CBC

Many people might feel burning sensations in the area where they got the tattoo. This is natural after getting a new tattoo. To relieve this burning sensation, use coconut oil on tattoos as it has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe your inflamed skin. It has active ingredients like vitamin E and C which also help in healing the tattoo fast.

4. Great Moisturizer

When it comes to moisturization, there is no better moisturizer than coconut oil. Whether it’s for hair, skin, or teeth, coconut oil works great. Replace your chemical-infused products with this natural remedy. Since the skin gets dry after getting a tattoo, coconut oil can help to provide the right moisturization and healing to the skin. Also, it protects the tattoo from looking dull.

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5. Full Body Benefits

Coconut Oil On Tattoos; Full Body Benefits
Source: Authority Tattoo

Not just for tattoos, but coconut is beneficial for the whole body. If you are facing hair loss, try coconut oil, it has proven anti-hair fall qualities. It’s also a great way to moisturize your body during rough winter weather. Compared to other body lotions, coconut oil is much more effective and cheap. 

6. Safe For Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin? Don’t worry, coconut oil is safe for all skin types. Although a patch test is always recommended. Since it’s a natural product it does not cause any type of harm to the skin. For fresh wounds and tattoos, it’s a great healing remedy.

7. 100% Natural

Coconut Oil On Tattoos; 100% Natural
Source: Her Style

Reap the benefits of 100% natural ingredients for healthy skin. The products available in the market, sold in the name of skincare are not actually safe. They contain chemicals and artificial fragrances which can hamper skin health. Try coconut oil instead. It has great benefits.

8. Easy Accessibility

Another major profit of coconut oil is its easy availability. Coconut trees are present all over the world now, which leads to easy accessibility of coconut oil. As a consumer, everyone lives what’s available on a budget and in large quantities. You can get pure coconut oil from any cosmetic or general store.

9. It’s Versatile

Coconut Oil On Tattoos; It’s Versatile
Source: Trailer Trash Tattoo

Unlike other skincare products that are targeted towards a single purpose, coconut oil is a multi-purpose oil. It’s versatile. It can be used on the skin for healing tattoos, for healing dry skin, for urine skin burns and wounds, and as an anti-aging product too. Oh, and how can we forget the cooking benefits of coconut oil. It’s good for the digestive system as well.

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Cons Of Using Coconut Oil On Tattoo

Although coconut oil has no hazardous side effects, it depends from skin to skin. Many people may be allergic to tree products and may have palm tree sensitivity, in that case, it might cause an allergic reaction. Here are the cons of using coconut oil on tattoos:

1. Hypopigmentation

Coconut Oil On Tattoos; Hypopigmentation
Source: TattoosBoyGirl

Sometimes using coconut oil on fresh tattoos might cause itching or redness and rashes. If you are allergic to high-fat products then do not use them on your tattoo. Consult your dermatologist before experimenting with anything on your skin.

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Final Verdict

Better safe than sorry. Before trying any skincare product, it’s always preferred to do a small patch test on your skin. Wait for 24 hours, if the product doesn’t cause any reaction on the skin, you can continue using that product. If it does, then you better consult your dermatologist. 

In this post, we talked about the benefits of using coconut oil on tattoos. We learned how the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of coconut oil make it a great healing agent for the skin. Also, it’s easily accessible and affordable.

In addition, we talked about the side effects of using coconut oil on fresh tattoos like hypopigmentation. If you experience any kind of itching, redness, or rashes, discontinue using it.

Some people may also be worried about whether coconut oil fades their tattoo. No, it doesn’t. In fact, it preserves your tattoo from getting dull. Do share this piece of information if you found it helpful. For more health tips, stay tuned!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Tattoo Aftercare

How soon can I use coconut oil on my new tattoo?

Wait for at least 2-3 days before applying coconut oil on a fresh tattoo. Let it heal a little. After that, you can either use coconut oil directly on tattoos, or you can use some products made from coconut oil.

Will coconut oil fade the tattoo?

Fading tattoos is a timely process. But using coconut oil doesn’t add to the fading process at all. In fact, it preserves the shine of your tattoo for longer.

How many times can I use coconut oil on my tattoo?

Use the oil 2 to 3 times a day. Massage it over the tattooed area and let it rest on the skin. 

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