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Types Of Collars On Women's Clothes

The beauty of a girl lies in her “Beauty Bones”!! Embrace your beautiful necklines with the grace of ancient and modern styling. For centuries, women’s fashion has seen many changes but some classic styles are still found in the fashion world like the Types of Collars on Women’s clothes. 

From Elizabeth to Princess of Wales, Diana, from Jennifer Lawrence to Beyonce, everyone flaunts these fashionable collar styles in different forms. Inspired by Hollywood beauties and royal Princesses’ clothing style, here I got you covered with the best Types of  Collars On Women’s Clothes.

There are basically three main types of collars Within these 3 basic types of collars we can find so many variations and patterns in collar types. The 8 Best Types of Collars on Women’s Clothing mentioned below are:

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  1. Shawl Collar
  2. Mandarin Collar
  3. Peter Pan Collar
  4. Jabot collar
  5. Puritan collar
  6. Classic Collar
  7. Spread Collar
  8. Notched Collar

I have categorized these collar types into women’s dresses, women’s shirts, formal and casual dressing. Pick any flattering style and flaunt it your way. Don’t forget to pair these dresses with basic accessories like earrings, a simple neck chain, etc.

The Basic Types Of Collars on Women’s Clothes

Collars On Women's Clothes; The Basic Types Of Collars on Women's Clothes
Source: www. lophocrevit.com

Before we talk about the 8 trendy collars on Women’s clothes, let’s discuss the three basic collar types that inspire other interpretations of fancy and stylish collars. 

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1. The Roll Collar: The roll collar is the basic formal collar. It has an overfold and is stiff. Mostly formal dresses and business shirts have these types of collars. 

2. The Flat Collar: The flat collar comes in so many different patterns and styles like lace collar, embroidered collar, and many other patterns. This type of collar lay flat on the top of the neck area. To quote an example, Peter Pan Collars are a type of flat collars. 

3. The Stand Collars: The collars that are stiff and stand high around the neckline are called stand collars. 

Types Of Collars On Women’s Dresses

You might know about the variety of dress types, like midi dresses, formal suits, casual pullovers, and many more. But do you know what types of collars on Women’s clothes look the best? Here have a look at the collar types and find out which dresses do they suit best.

Shawl Collar

Collars On Women's Clothes; Shawl Collar
Source: The Sweater Shop

Shawl Collar is a round V-neck collar that looks super elegant in all types of dresses whether formal or informal. Giving your dresses the grace look, the collar is extended from shoulders and rested sideways. 

You might have noticed this collar type in the timeless classic dresses, dinner jackets, and cardigans. Shawl collars add the perfect luxury layer to the simple garment you are wearing. 

Mandarin Collar

Collars On Women's Clothes; Mandarin Collar
Source: Smarter Textiles

You don’t need to wear any heavy necklaces with Mandarin Collar dresses as they cover your neck completely. It gives a regular unfolded collar-like look. This small collar is inspired by traditional Mongal and Manchu fabrics. 

This collar has a small opening at the front and stands stiffly unfolded. 

Mandarin collars look great with blazers and overcoats. Plus, it shows the elegance of the cultural look. 

Peter Pan Collar

Collars On Women's Clothes; Peter Pan Collar
Source: Son de flor

Peter Pan Collars are just graceful. It gives the perfect Royal look to your dresses. Inspired by one of the plays, this collar style is very popular in the latest collar trends. 

It’s simple, elegant, flat, and curved around the corners. It’s more like an artificial collar stitched outside at the top of the neck area. 

Peter Pan Collars look perfect on blouses, dresses, and shirts. Also, they make you look 5 times younger. Impressive, right? 

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Jabot Collar

Collars On Women's Clothes; Jabot Collar
Source: Shein

Lace is back in trend!! And so is this collar with lace frill folds at the front. Jabot Collars were very famous during the 19th century. It’s slightly standing at the front with ruffled plates. 

Since this collar covers your neck completely, you need to over-accessorize. You can use a brooch to add extra elegance to the dress. Aged or young, it looks great in every age group. 

Puritan Collar

Collars On Women's Clothes; Puritan Collar
Source: The Shirt Comapny

Puritan Collar is a simple yet elegant collar that gives the ancient Royal look. This collar is inspired by Royal princesses like Princess Diana

It’s a flat collar with embroidered frill on the top of the neck area for an added element of beauty and grace. You can find this collar on shirts, blouses, and dresses. Pair it with a nice necklace and look your best. 

Women’s Shirt Collar Types – For Business Occasions

Classic Collar

Collars On Women's Clothes; Classic Collar
Source: HT Hughes

Classic Collar is the basic formal shirt collar that you can usually find in most formal clothing. This type of collar is the same for men and women. 

You can find these collars on cotton shirts with a button-up or button-down styling. It’s also available in other fabrics like synthetic, polyester, silk, etc. It gives your perfect classy official look. 

Spread Collar

Collars On Women's Clothes; Spread Collar
Source: Screen Printing Kansas City

Have you seen lawyers or law students wearing their white crisp uniform shirts? The collar on those shorts is what a Spread Collar looks like. 

It’s the same as a regular collar with slightly wider gaps between the regular ones. It’s the best choice for any business meetings, corporate meetings, and job interviews. 

You can place a bulky tie knot between the collar space. It looks great. 

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Notched Collar

Collars On Women's Clothes; Notched Collar
Source: Kinross Cashmere

Another official look that grabs the trending fashion spot in this list is Notched Collar, the type that is most commonly seen in nurses’ uniforms. 

You can find these types of collars on your business blazers, doctor coats, silk button-up shirts, etc. 

This type of collar has square corners with a triangular cut style. Looks classy and fabulous on business outfits. 

Types of Collars From A to Z

S.no.Collar Type
1. Bertha Collar
2.Bib Collar 
3.Bow Tie Collar
4.Cascade Collar 
5.Chelsea Collar
6.Convertible Collar
7.Cowl Collar
8.Crew Collar
9.Detachable Collar
10.Jabot Collar
11.Johnny Collar
12.Mandarin Collar
13.Notched Collar
14.Peter Pan Collar
15.Pointed Flat Collar
16.Polo Neck Collar
17.Ruffle Collar
18.Sailor Collar
19. Shawl Collar
20.Shirt Collar
21.Turtle Neck Collar
22.Whisk or Winged Collar

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Hope now you know a variety of collar types in women’s clothing. You can flaunt your body by wearing any of these collar dresses and look your best.

Be the showstopper by wearing an off-shoulder dress having a shawl collar or wear a full-coverage dress with a Jabot collar. The choice is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Types Of collars in Women’s Clothing

What are different collar styles and collar types?

The most commonly worn collar styles are:
1. Shirt collar.
2. Shawl collar.
3. Sailor collar.
4. Ruffle collar.
5. Funnel neck collar.
6. Mandarin collar (also often called a Chinese collar)
7. Peter Pan collar.
8. Turtle neck collar.

What are the different types of collars on Women’s shirts?

1. The Point Collar.
2. The Pin Collar.
3. The Square Collar.
4. The Tab Collar. 
5. The Spread Collar.
6. The Cutaway Collar.
7. The Club CollarThe Button-Down Collar. 

What is a French Col

The French collar has a wide shape and pointed square collar legs. This type of collar is usually a common informal shirt. It’s an all-rounder collar type that can be paired with ties or without ties. If you want to go casual, then you can wear the shirt with the first button open. 

What is the difference between point collar and spread collar?

The spread collar is more of a universal collar style whereas the point collar is more of a traditional style. Both these collars look the same with the same length of collar points. 

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