Colors That Go With Burgundy | Falling In Love With Alluring Combinations!!

colors that go with burgundy

Our whole life, even our emotions are associated with colors. They have a language of their own and all we have to do is UNDERSTAND! It is vital that we get a hold of this communication pattern to balance out things! Just like we have friends and foes, colors do too! They also get mad when paired with an unfriendly partner, especially Burgundy here! Burgundy simply can’t be paired with red or its cousin reds! So what are some of the best color combinations for burgundy? Let’s find all the answers in our “all about burgundy” session and especially, “what are the colors that go with burgundy?”

Colors communicate and relay their messages in deeper or lighter tones of red, blue, or gray! All we need to do is sync! Our house walls, our paintings, and even our clothes tell a story through their colors! But what happens when you haphazardly paint it irrespective of friends or foes? Well! The result is a simple DISASTER!

Burgundy, despite being a color, is also a place in France! The red wine of Burgundy in France is what gave us the color that we know as “burgundy!” But French people are rather ironic! Want to know why? Well, although they gave us burgundy, they themselves call it differently! French people refer to the color as “Bordeaux!” Isn’t that ironic? Stay tuned to know more about burgundy!

12 Perfect Colors That Go Well with...
12 Perfect Colors That Go Well with Burgundy

Burgundy is a tone of red that gives purplish-red or blackish-red hues. In the language of colors, this dark red color signifies strength, power, ambitions, and wealth! But do you know what other colors accentuate the beauty of burgundy? Ahm! Keep scrolling to find out!

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Burgundy Facts: Colors That Go With Burgundy!

color combinations of burgundy
Source: Schemecolor

As mentioned earlier, Burgundy is a shade of red with purplish undertones that signify wealth and ambition! But how do you know when a color is burgundy or not? Well! For better understanding and lesser confusion, colors are stored in computer databases so that people can freely access them! These are called “the Hexadecimal codes” All colors have three basic components, i.e, RGB “Red, Blue, and Green!” These three colors decide what shade color will give and the percentages of this shade can make a color look brown or maroon!

Burgundy color has the Hexadecimal code of #800020 and the color is derived by mixing purple to red! Shades of red can be rather confusing! The perfect example here is “burgundy and maroon!” People usually confuse maroon color with burgundy or maybe sometimes think they are similar to each other! But are they really? No! Both these colors are different! Let’s see some of these differences below!

Difference Between Maroon And Burgundy

difference between maroon and burgundy
Source: Lila Loa

If you are a person who also mistakes burgundy and maroon, then this is for you! See what are the differences that will help you distinguish these two colors in the future!

Maroon Burgundy 
The maroon color is made by mixing brown with red. Thus it gives off a reddish-brown hue!The burgundy color is made by mixing purple color to red. Thus it gives off a purplish hue!
Hexadecimal code- #800000Hexadecimal code- #800020
RGB color space- 50.2%-0%-0%RGB color space- 50.2%-0%-12.5%
Maroon comes from the French word marron that actually means “chestnut!”Burgundy derives its name from a French city that goes by the name of “Burgundy”
Differences between maroon and burgundy

I hope these pointers helped you tackle your confusion regarding maroon and burgundy colors!

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Interesting Facts About Burgundy Color!

burgundy color facts
Source: Stylecraze

Burgundy is a beautiful color that is widely preferred in our lipstick that gives them a luscious look! Even handbags and our evening gowns look flawless when they are in the shades of burgundy! Let’s look at some of the interesting facts about this color!

  • Burgundy is actually the name of a wine-producing city in France!
  • Psychologically, the color signifies ambition and controlled power! It’s the color of true royalty just like any other shade of red!
  • Burgundy and maroon are different colors unlike commonly believed so! (you already know the reasons for that!) 
  • People who love this color are said to be introverted who seek glory and balance!
  • The first recorded use of burgundy as a color was in 1881.

Burgundy Color Combinations: Colors That Go With Burgundy

colors that go with burgundy
Source: StyleMann

Burgundy is a dark color so lighter or neutral shades of colors go well with it! Colors like grey, cream, turquoise, white, black, beige, silver, umber, or gold accentuate the beauty of burgundy and make it pop! Even different shades of the mentioned colors go well with burgundy! I personally like to pair burgundy with gray as they balance each other out! Burgundy with charcoal or teal or light gray looks really pleasing!

Colors That Do Not Go Well With Burgundy

all about burgundy color
Source: Unsplash

As we all know, dark+dark combinations are a no-no! Hence pairing your burgundy color top with red pants might be a poor choice! They might well work in some cases, but not every time! Thus, not making any universally acceptable combination like that of burgundy or white or burgundy or gold!

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Colors accentuate our beauty and thus it is important that we know what combination of colors will make us look flawless and breathtaking! Burgundy is a dark shade of red that pairs well with gold, white, black, or other neutral or light colors! The combination of light colors with dark ones is always pleasing to the eyes and they make the colors pop! There are many colors that go with burgundy and you should have knowledge of them!


Are maroon and burgundy the same color?

No, maroon and burgundy are not the same! Although they both are made by mixing red color, the composition and choice of colors are different! Maroon is reddish-brown whereas burgundy is purplish-red! There are many differences between maroon and burgundy starting from their meaning to their respective hexadecimal codes!

What are the different shades of burgundy?

Burgundy comes in different shades! Some of them are listed below!

  • Blackberry Burgundy. #4c3938.
  • Bruised Burgundy. #5b4148.
  • Burgundy. #900020.
  • Burgundy Wine. #6c403e.
  • Old Burgundy. #43302e.
  • Vivid Burgundy. #9f1d35.
  • Vulcan Burgundy. #5f3e42.

What colors work best in combination with burgundy?

Light or neutral color combinations work best with burgundy. Especially white! But it does not mean dark colors won’t do! Navy blue and burgundy color combinations also look very good!

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