12 Playful Cotton Candy Nails To Try Right Now!! Show Off Your Sweet Tooth Cravings!!

Cotton Candy Nails

Cotton Candies have held a special place in our hearts since childhood. Even today, being 30 or even in your mid 40’s your heart may crave these sweet and soft confectionaries!! Let your love for candies reflect in your nail designs too!! Yes!! Get to relive your sweet childhood memories, with these cute Cotton Candy Nails that look super chic!!

How does it feel to carry your favorite sweet candy on your nails? I am sure this must be a wonderful feeling. Well, why not? After all, these days, watermelon nail designs, cotton candy nail designs, and many other sweet and sour combinations are pretty much in trend these days.

Ahh!! This gives yet another reason to get these cotton candy nails painted ASAP!! To give you a quick sneak peek through the various cotton candy designs mentioned below, some of my favorites on the list are Rainbow cotton candy, Frozen cotton candy, velvet cotton candy, and a few others.

Huh!! Someone is getting impatient to explore the rest of the cotton candy ideas for their nails!! Okay, let’s dive in then!!

Best Cotton Candy Nails Ideas

Cotton candy nails give you the liberty to be playful with different shades!! You get to use all your favorite shades in one design! What else can you be asking for?

Below are a few top picks of cotton candy nail designs that are trending right now!! Be ready to create these delicious, fruity nails and steal every stare!!

1. Cotton Candy Ombre Nails 

Cotton Candy Ombre Nails 
Source: Pink Beach Babe

What’s so great about these Ombre nails that makes them so popular that they are found in almost every nail art design? 

The way ombre designs blend two shades perfectly, it’s obvious that people will feel drawn towards this design!

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2. Cotton Candy Nails With Sprinklers

Cotton Candy Nails With Sprinklers
Source: Winkgo

Another cotton candy design that looks super chic and elegant is this cotton candy nail with sprinklers. This nail design literally looks like a donut covered with color-coated sugar balls. Looks Yummy!!

You can get this design printed on your nails easily. Just color your nails with mixed candy shades like blue, pink, red, orange, yellow, and then to create the sprinkling effect you can use glitter sand, or colorful pearls and place them on your nails.

Ah!! Aren’t these just delicious!! Don’t eat them now. LOL!!

3. Rainbow Cotton Candy

Rainbow Cotton Candy
Source: Pinterest

Rainbow shades look so alluring be it in clothing or in nail shades. Added bonus is this amazing rainbow cotton candy design. It’s the same as painting your nails in bright rainbow shades and then mushing them together to create a rainbow candy look. 

This design is perfect if you like to opt for a vibrant nail design, as it gives you the liberty to be playful with colors. 

4. Cotton Candy Unicorn Nails

Cotton Candy Unicorn Nails
Source: YouTube

Unicorn designs are kids’ favorite!! No!!! These are everybody’s favorite!!

Ahh!! There’s something about this unicorn design that feels so fascinating. That’s what makes these cotton candy unicorn nails stand in the list of best cotton candy nail ideas.

It’s simple to curate! You need a few rainbow shades, a good unicorn design in your mind, and excitement to make it!!

Paint your nails with mixed shades and then draw a unicorn on top of it. OMG! Look at this dream design!! Isn’t it amazing?

5. Frozen Cotton Candy Nails

Frozen Cotton candy nails
Source: Tiney

Ahh!! Frozen cotton candy nails!! These look amazing!!

You can use any pastel color to create a frozen look. Some matte nail paints can also be used for this design. Pick up purple, pink, yellow, and blue matte shades.

Now carefully mushing them together on each nail, create the perfect cotton candy effect!! You can also draw some donuts, or candies to add more emphasis to the look.

6. Cotton Candy Swirls

Cotton Candy Swirls

Want to do some doodling on your nails? Well, here’s another elegant way to style your nails in a cotton candy look by swirling different candy shades.

Exciting, right! You need some vibrant candy shades like yellow, orange, red, pink, green, and others. Pick thin pointed nail brushes, dip into the nail paint and start swirling!

You can either draw colorful lines to create the cotton candy effect or you can mix-match colors by sprinkling them with a brush on your nails!!

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7. Cotton Candy With Rhinestones

Cotton Candy With Rhinestones
Source: Kiara Sky

Rhinestones add a dazzling effect to any nail design. Imagine your cotton candy nails shining with bright diamonds!! WOW!!

To curate this look you can use any favorite shades to create the cotton candy effect on your nails. Let the nail paint dry for a while!

As soon as it dries, place small pearls and rhinestones at the inner edges and some at the outer edges too to create the perfect dazzling look!! See! Your cotton candies are shining!

8. Cotton Candy French Tips

Cotton Candy French Tips
Source: Fathom away.com

Now, this is something interesting!!! French manicure with the twist of cotton candy! WoW!!

Excited to try this one?

Well, let’s begin then!! In this design instead of creating white french tips, we will form colorful tips using different shapes to give the candy effect.

You can use pink, green, yellow, orange, black or whatever color you like!! Looks simple, sober, and yummy!!

9. White Cotton Candy Nails

White Cotton Candy Nails
Source: Pinterest

Take some inspiration from clouds and try out this next white cotton candy nails design!!! Omg!! The nails look so beautiful covered in these snow-like cotton candies!!

You must use matte nail paint to create a snowy effect. Also, use some setting powder of pure white color for a velvety cotton candy touch to the nails!!

10. Pink Cotton Candy Nails

Pink Cotton Candy Nails
Source: KBShimmer

Ahh!! The pink cotton candy!! Aren’t pink cotton candies the classic version of cotton candies?

How can you skip this one then!! Try these amazing baby pink cotton candy nails at home and feel like a princess!! You can use some diamonds and pearls on your nails if you want to!!

11. Cotton Candy Marble Nails

Cotton Candy Marble Nails
Source: Pinterest

The marble effect to the nails looks so attractive and stylish!! You can try this brand new cotton candy marble nails design and be the center of attraction!!

Also, you can be as playful with the candy shades as you want to. Watery, gel shades look perfect for this design!!

12. Fruity Cotton Candy

Fruity Cotton Candy
Source: Let’s Eat Cake

Talking about cotton candies and how can we miss the tutty fruity flavored cotton candies?? These are the most vibrant and bold nail designs that you should definitely give a try!

Add some yellow, some blue, green and red!! Oh, and don’t forget to mix-match them all for a real cotton candy effect!

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Wrapping Up:

How’s your sweet tooth craving after exploring these yummilicious looking cotton candy nail ideas? You can create your favorite design from the list, or create a new design every new day!!

If you loved these nail design ideas, then don’t forget to pass them on to your loved ones too!! Stay tuned while we come up with yet another wonderful nail design. 

Until then, Happy Nail Painting!!

Frequently Asked Queries Regarding Cotton Candy Nail Ideas:

Q. Which cotton candy manicures are in trend right now?

1. Candy gradient
2. Cotton candy manicure with hearts and bows.
3. Fluffy textured cotton candy nails
4. Cotton candy and bubble gum.
5. Sparkly Confetti tips.

Q. Which is the best cotton candy polish?

1. OPI Nail Lacquer
2. Wet n Wild Fast Dry AF Nail Paint
3. Klee Naturals Cotton Candy Polish

Featured Image Credits: Footfiles

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