List of Drugs Used To Treat Coronavirus| Covid-19 Vaccine Recent Updates

List of Drugs Used To Treat Coronavirus

Finally, the vaccination is here, trials are up and almost all the senior citizens and the frontline coronavirus worker have been vaccinated. But the battle is not over yet. Well, the major reason behind writing this article was to make people aware of the vaccines and the drugs used to treat CoronaVirus.

The regional virus whose first cases originated from Wuhan, China has spread all over the world overnight. As of 01 April 2021, the reports by WHO says there are almost 129 M reported cases, with 72.3 M recoveries and 2.82 M deaths.

The virus has shown its bluntness in killing the elderly and immune-wise weak section of the society. The global;l pandemic has restricted the people at home but slowly now the markets are being opened and people are out of their houses and the reason being the availability of the drugs and vaccines in the market.

The drugs used to treat coronavirus in the market are Actemra and vaccines available in the market are  Moderna Therapeutics, Gilead Sciences, GlaxoSmithKline, CureVac, and many more.

As the virus has caused the universal lockdown, it was expected to have a great impact on the social and economic fall down. And the expected thing happened but now we are up with the vaccination. 

Major Drug Used for the Coronavirus Treatment

The drug used for the treatment of coronavirus, used by the Chinese doctors to bring down the growing cases of coronavirus in the country was the Actemra Drug.


Drugs Used to Treat Coronavirus - actemra
Source: Roche

Swiss Drugmaker Roche came up with the anti-inflammation drug “Actemra”. The Chinese government approved the drugs and the doctors were using this drug to cure the patients with the symptoms of coronavirus.

The drug was found very effective on the patients carrying the symptoms of the virus. The drug has proven to be a boon to the world and moreover, the entry of the drug at the time when the virus infection is on peak has made it the most effective drug used to treat coronavirus. 

List of Other Vaccines and Drugs Used to Treat Coronavirus

Drugs Used to Treat Coronavirus - vaccination
Source: BBC

As the virus spread very quickly, different companies and biotechnological laboratories came up with different treatments and vaccines that could treat the virus. We feel it our duty to make you aware of the drugs used to treat coronavirus symptoms as very little is known about the virus.

Moderna Therapeutics

The drug industry Moderna along with the mRNA-127 started working on the vaccine for the novel coronavirus after the 42 days since the first case of the virus was reported. Moderna worked with the National Institute of Health (NIH) and tested a few of the vaccine trials on healthy volunteers.

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If the trials on the volunteers are successful then the company would take approval from the Food and Drugs Administration for the next stage of vaccination testing. The product by the company is the synthetic strand of RNA and mRNA that works with the body cells to produce antibodies to fight against the virus.

Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences are approaching the virus with the treatment perspective. The drug used by the company has treated a coronavirus-infected patient in the US. As the patient treated by the company is healthy the company is allowed to use the drugs on the 1000 patients across Asia and us.

The major focus of the company is to treat the people within 2 weeks of the diagnosis. The company is using the drug that it made for the Ebola Virus but it failed. But the drug is used now. The company gave the name to the treatment as Gilead’s Retreatment. 


GlaxoSmithKline is in Agreement with the Chinese biotech Company Clover Biopharmaceuticals. GlaxoSmithKline, one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world has agreed to provide its Proprietary adjuvants to the Clover Biopharmaceuticals which is a compound that enhances the effectiveness of the vaccine.

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The Chinese company Clover Biopharmaceuticals is injecting proteins that help in boosting the immune system thus, resisting the virus from infecting the body. The company is to launch the vaccination after the trials.


The CureVac Approach is similar to that of Moderna. The company is using man-made mRNA to increase the production of protein in the body. The company has got permission from the nonprofit Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations for testing its vaccination on the coronavirus. The company is working in collaboration with CEPI on producing the mobile mRNA, that will make mRNA at the places where the coronavirus outbreaks.

Are Scientists Still Working to Find More Drugs Used to Treat Coronavirus?

Drugs Used to Treat Coronavirus - Scientist vaccination
Source: The World Economic Forum

The war is not over yet, scientists all over the world are still working on finding the drugs used to treat Coronavirus. There are many companies and drugs used to treat coronavirus that is under process and many developed vaccines are under observation to improve them.

Pharmaceutical companies Trying To find the Drugs Used to Treat Coronavirus

 Here is the list of the companies that are involved in finding the drugs used to treat coronavirus. Drugs by many of these are approved by the government while some are under trial. 

Favilavir, the first Approved Coronavirus Drug in China

Favilavir was the first antiviral drug that was approved by the National Medical Products Administration of China. This drug used to treat coronavirus has shown maximum efficiency in its clinical trial of treating 70 patients. The clinical test was conducted in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 by University of Oxford

ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 is the antibody developed at the Jenner Institute of the University of Oxford. The drugs used to treat coronavirus have tested almost on 510 volunteers from the age group 18 to 55.

Fusogenix DNA antibody by Entos Pharmaceuticals

Fusogenix DNA is the DNA antibody by Entos Pharmaceuticals. The Fosogenix DNA antibodies are created by Fusogenix Sedate that helps to fight against coronavirus infections. The drug will produce the SARS-COV-2 proteins in the body that will help to generate immunity against the coronavirus disease.

Chloroquine Approved for Emergency Use by US FDA

On 19 March 2021, the former president of the US, Donald Trump announced the usage of hydroxychloroquine, the drug used to treat arthritis and malaria will now be used to treat coronavirus. The drugs used to treat coronavirus have been approved by the US Food And Drug Administration and the trials have proved it to be effective against the coronavirus.

BPI-002 by BeyondSpring

BPI-002 is a small atom that is effective against various diseases as well as coronavirus. The drugs used to treat coronavirus react with CD4+ partner T cells and CD8+ cytotoxic T cells and react against the diseases in the body.

Other Drugs Used To Treat Coronavirus 

  1. TNX-1800 by Tonix Pharmaceuticals

  2. Brilacidin by Innovation Pharmaceuticals

  3. Vaxart’s Coronavirus Immunization

  4. CytoDyn-leronlimab

  5. Predictive Oncology

  6. Emergent BioSolutions

Youtube Video That Tell The Drugs Used to Treat Coronavirus


The pharmaceutical companies and the drugs used to treat coronavirus are mentioned above. Although the vaccines have arrived there is a long way to go. Keep a safe distance from people and wear masks. Get vaccinated, Team Deasilex cares for you.

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    In Pakistan, there is a message circulating on social media that since Hospitals are being over-run with patients, therefore, people are advised to use combine therapy of “Klaricid, Azomax, Ventolin and other Expectorant” to treat the disease. Now, I understand that this is a viral disease and will simply not go away by use of anti-bacterial drugs. Please shed some light on the comment.

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