Criminal Minds Season 16 Happening Or Not? Get Every Latest Update Here!!

Criminal Minds Season 16

Enjoyed watching Criminal Minds? Yeah, I am sure you did, that’s why you are here wondering whether there will be a Criminal Minds Season 16 or not? To be honest, there have been rumors about the show lately regarding its upcoming season. What these rumors are, let’s find out!

To begin with, the streaming platforms like Paramount+ have shown a silver lining about the revival of the show in one of its interviews. In addition, CBS got a fantastic response for the series for the past 15 years. If given another chance to feature season 16 on its platform then why not? I don’t think CBS has any issue with the comeback of the show’s 16th season. 

Furthermore, the budding love interest between Reid and Rachel Leigh Cook leaves an open spot for the revival of Season 16. Taking all these factors into consideration and taking notes of the fanbase of the series, let’s just hope for the best to happen. In fact, there are speculations that Criminal Minds Season 16 filming will start by the end of this year. How true is that, let’s find out!

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There is something so intriguing about this crime drama thriller, that even after watching fully loaded 15 seasons of Criminal Minds, we still crave for more. While there are many other shows like Criminal Minds like Mindhunter, Hannibal but this one has its own fanbase.

Criminal Minds Season 16 Release Date

Criminal Minds Season 16; Criminal Minds Season 16 Release Date
Source: YouTube

Any premiere date for the release of Criminal Minds season 16  has not been announced yet. Although, on February 19, 2021, the project work for season 16 was assumed to be at its beginning stages as reported by TVLine. 

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If the show producers along with Paramount+ and CBS Studios are planning for another shot at Criminal Minds then it would probably be a year or more as the revival of Criminal Minds: Suspect behavior is yet projected.

Another thing that has been noticed is the cast and the crew of Criminal Minds has shifted to other projects soon after the arrival of Season 15 of Criminal Minds. It’s a certainly disheartening thing to have no further updates regarding the show. 

But as told by Paramount+ that soon there will be a revival for the series, fans can still hope for the best. The thing is, nobody knows the exact time how much we have to wait for a fresh season. So, stay positive.

About Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds has come across a 15-year long journey with tremendous success across various platforms. To your surprise, inspired by the theme of the show, Criminal Minds has spawned a media franchise including a video game and a South Korean Adaptation.

This American Police procedural TV Series was started on September 2, 2005, and covered a long journey with 15 seasons and a total of 324 episodes. The last episode featured on February 19, 2020, after which fans have been eagerly waiting for the finale season i.e. Season 16 as promised by Paramount+.

The story covers a group of crime-solvers starring our favorite cast which includes Mandy Patinkin, Thomas Gibson, Lola Glaudini, and many more. All these members work for an FBI Company in the series as dedicated members of BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit). 

The show features various obstacles that the team has to tackle while solving the murder and crime mysteries. 

Not to forget that Criminal Minds is the most-watched show on CBS. Some of the related TV Shows like Criminal Minds are Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, Criminal Minds: South Korea, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

Criminal Minds Main Characters

Criminal Minds Season 16 ; Criminal Minds Main Characters
Source: the Cinemaholic
  1. Mandy Patinkin played the character of Jason Gideon as a senior supervisory special agent.
  2. Thomas Gibson played the role of Aaron Hotchner as Unit Chief.
  3. Lola Glaudini played the role of Elle Greenaway as Supervisory Special Agent.
  4. Shemar Moore played the role of Derek Morgan as Supervisory Special Agent.
  5. Matthew Gray Gubler played the role of Dr. Spencer Reid as Supervisory Special Agent.
  6. A.J. Cook played the role of Jennifer Jareau as Supervisory Special Agent/communications Liaison.
  7. Kirsten Vangsness played the role of Penelope Garcia as Technical analyst/ Communications Liaison.
  8.  Paget Brewster played the role of Emily Prentiss as Supervisory Special Agent/ Unit Chief.
  9. Joe Mantegna played the role of David Rossi as senior Supervisory Special Agent.
  10. Rachel Nichols played the role of Ashley Seaver as FBI Cadet/ Special Agent.
  11. Jeanne Tripplehorn played the role of Dr. Alex Blake as Linguistics Expert.
  12. Jennifer Love Hewitt played the role of Kate Callahan as Undercover Agent.
  13. Aisha Tyler played the role of Dr. Tara Lewis as Forensic Psychologist.
  14. Adam Rodriguez played the role of Luke Alvez as Fugitive Task Force Agent.
  15. Damon Gupton played the role of Stephen Walker as Supervisory Special Agent.
  16. Daniel Henney played the character of Matt Simmons as Special Operations Agent.

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Recurring Characters

  • Agent Grant Anderson
  • Agent Josh Cramer
  • Diana Reid
  • Kevin Lynch
  • William LaMontagne Jr.
  • Jack Hotchner
  • Lindsey Vaughan
  • Henry LaMontagne
  • Mateo Cruz
  • Joy Struthers

Criminal Minds Episode List

SeasonEpisodesRelease DateRatings
122September 22, 20058.2
223September 20, 20068.8
320September 26, 20078.2
426September 24, 20089.4
523September 23, 20098.5
624September 22, 20108.7
724September 21, 20118.6
824September 26, 20128.0
924September 25, 20138.2
1023October 1, 20149.0
1122September 30, 20157.8
1222September 28, 20166.9
1322September 27, 20176.0
1415October 3, 2018N/A
1510January 8, 2020N/A

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Final Verdict

No doubt, there has been no good news regarding the Criminal Minds Season 16 release date lately. But what kind of fan you are if you can’t keep your hopes alive for longer. Some shows take decades to make a comeback and this one just ended last year.

For the time being, we wait for any official updates about this show. There are many other shows lined up for release on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Don’t miss them. Stay tuned for further updates. Have fun. Happy Binging!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Criminal Minds Upcoming Season:

Why did Penelope leave Criminal Minds?

Penelope left to help a private research company with her hacking skills at Silicon Valley fighting against a severe climate crisis.

Does Penelope Garcia wear wigs in the show?

Penelope Garcia was such an adapter, who dwells well in every style she carries. Yes, she wore wigs in the show and pulled it off really well. She was the most experimental character when it comes to styling and looks in the show.

Will there be a Criminal Minds Season 17?

Right now, there has not been any news regarding the 17 seasons as season 16 of Criminal Minds is still on hold. At present, there are 15 seasons for the show with a total of 324 episodes. 

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