CT State Rep. Brandon McGee breaks down the issues in weekly segment on FUBU and iHeart Radio

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– He campaigned for mayor and represents Hartford’s North End at the State Capitol. Now, he’s branching out into a new broader world.

Brandon McGee is the voice of Hartford and Windsor inside the Capitol. And Chair’s the legislature’s Black and Puerto Rican Caucus and Housing Committee.

Now, add to that – international radio show host.

For McGee, the new year ushered in his own weekly segment on FUBU and iHeart Radio. It’s called “The Inside Room” and it’s featured on “The Takeover with Shay McCray.”

“I can speak radio and entertain but Brandon got it down packed,” said Shay McCray, Host, FUBU Radio Atlanta.

McGee started as a guest on McCray’s show, which streams live from 4 to 6 p.m. Now, he has his own segment on Mondays.

“I brought him back twice and his numbers went up because people were really intrigued and interested in what he had to say,” said McCray.

“Being inside the room for me means inclusivity, making sure we provide opportunities for the folks who walk down the street in Hartford,” said State Rep. Brandon McGee (D) Hartford. “Or folks who are in Dakota, Georgia can listen and weigh in on very important topics.”

McGee’s show will touch on some timely and emotional topics like the violence that unfolded in the nation’s Capitol.

FUBU Radio CEO Keith Perrin says it’s a way to branch out beyond hip hop, R&B, and entertainment news.

“I remember her bringing the Representative on and I was like, ‘that’s a great segue into the political field, “said Keith Perrin, CEO, FUBU Radio, New York.

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McGee says he’s not on the airwaves to tell people how to vote, but to break down the issues.

“With respect to housing-related matters and in a language that many of our black and brown people can understand and it resonates,” said McGee.

You can find the show on FUBU and iHeart Radio apps. Follow @officialfuburadio, @shaymccray or go to fuburadio.com.

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