Derry Girls Season 3 Overview – The Teen Comedy Is Back!!

Derry Girls Season 3

Don’t you miss your school days? Derry Girls gives us a more obvious reason to feel nostalgic about teen life, the school days, and the crazy-lazy fun! It’s in fact the best dark humor sitcom you’ll ever watch! Derry Girls Season 3 was expected in 2020 but got postponed due to the pandemic. Now that things are quite well around, be ready to witness the black comedy once again super soon!! 

Who’s your favorite character from the series? Is it Erin the trouble bubble or Michelle the Wild Child? Derry Girls is such an amazing scripted show with genius characters, the on-point sarcasm, and rib-tickling comedy of course! We have collected every information about Derry Girls Season 3 by far and here’s everything you need to know. 

Is Derry Girls Season 3 coming out this year? A few months back Nicola Coughlan (Clare in the series) made it clear in an interview that filming for Derry Girls Season 3 had started. And recent tweets from the show’s creator Lisa McGee about the upcoming episodes make it quite obvious for the fans to expect season 3 anytime soon. Let’s dig into the details! 

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Hope you enjoyed the comedy series with its previous 2 seasons and 12 amazing episodes. Expecting the same fun and wit from the next season? Your anticipation will soon be a reality! 

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Derry Girls Season 3 Overview!

Here’s everything you need to know about Derry Girls Season 3 Cast, Plot, and Release Date!

Derry Girls Season 3 Release Date! 

Derry Girls Season 3 ; Derry Girls Season 3 Release Date
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Not just once but many times the filming for Derry Season 3 got delayed due to Coronavirus. At first, season 3 was expected to begin shooting in April 2019, then postponed to 2020, and is still on the waiting list. 

How much more do we have to wait for the new episodes? Umm! Not too long! 

Nicola Coughlan whom we saw playing the role of Clare Devlin gives out some hints about the upcoming season. She tweeted a few months back that the show is ready to start filming again! 

Wuhu!! That’s a good sign. Want to hear more good news? 

The mastermind behind the show, the creator Lisa McGee also showed some positive indications regarding the release of Derry Girls Season 3 while sharing the picture on Twitter with the caption-

“Fine-tuning series 3”.

This means she’s up to creating the next episodes of the series. 

Lisa also shared her excitement regarding the upcoming series and how she’s eager to start filming again when they get a green chit from corona majors. 

Most probably if everything goes well, then shooting for season 3 can begin in the fall of 2021! 

Derry Girls Season 3 Cast and Characters! 

Derry Girls Season 3; Derry Girls Season 3 Cast and Characters
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Fans can expect the same cast returning this upcoming season too. There’s news about some fresh faces to be introduced this time. Have a look at the cast and characters. 

  1. Saoirse-Monica Jackson will play Erin Quinn. You can call her the trouble bubble as her dark sense of humor gets her in trouble often. She’s also very concerned about what others think about her. 
  1. Louisa Harland will play Orla McCool. She’s Erin’s maternal cousin. She’s the real opposite of Erin as she cares the least about others’ opinions. Orla is cool and eccentric. 
  1. Nicola Coughlan will play Clare Devlin. Clare is Erin’s best buddy in the school. She’s also turned out to be a lesbian at the end of season 1.
  1. Jamie-Lee will play Michelle Mallon. Michelle is also one of the closest to Erin. She’s the wild child of the group always creating troubles for herself and her friends. She’s a carefree, drug addict, and physically active person. 
  1. Dylan  Llewellyn will play James Maguire. He’s Michelle’s maternal son and the only boy in the all-girls school. The fun figure for everyone. 

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  1. Tara Lynne will play Marry Quinn. She’s Erin’s mother. The strict matriarch and a loving-caring mother. 
  1. Kathy Kiera Clarke will play Aunt Sarah. She’s Mary’s sister and Orla’s mother. The careless but loving mother. 
  1. Siobhan McSweeney will play Sister Michael. She’s the headmistress of the College. 
  1. Apart from these earlier and known figures this time we can expect guest stars like Jamie Dornan and Dara O Briain. 

Derry Girls Season 3 Plot! 

Derry Girls Season 3; Derry Girls Season 3 Plot
Source: Daily Express

The plot for the upcoming season is under wraps. As the previous two seasons were super witty and heartwarming for their hilarious storyline and the side-splitting one-liners. Fans can expect the same expressions in Derry Girls season 3 as well. 

Nicola Coughlan’s other Twitter posts prove this point right, saying “the storylines in this series are the best we’ve ever done”.

Waiting for season 3 seems all worth it! 

We can expect some romance in the air for Erin and James as season 2 ended with Erin’s jealousy towards James’ love interests. 

How will the ceasefire affect the gang? This is definitely going to be a fun and thrilling part. 

Creator says ‘Derry Girls’ could get a movie

Since both the actors and the characters are getting older, season 3 will likely be the beloved show’s final season. Derry Girls creator and showrunner Lisa McGee told I News that after this upcoming season, she would be open to a movie and then end the show after this upcoming season.

When will Derry Girls season 3 be on Netflix US?

Derry Girls had, however, stuck to a yearly schedule (give or a take a few months) and we did originally expect it to arrive in either late 2020 or 2021. 

So what will happen is that the show will air first in the UK on Channel 4 and then come to Netflix in the US and most other territories soon after. Netflix UK will face another long wait.

Flashback From Derry Girls Previous Seasons!

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To Wrap Up:

The gang that’s better together will face a lot more! It’s worth waiting to see how the team manages to be together in spite of all the odds. Stay tuned to our site for more trending updates regarding the upcoming projects! Share this post with all the Derry Girls fans and let them get excited!! Hope to binge-watch season 3 soon!!

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