Derry Girls Season 3 Filming To Start Soon!!

Derry Girls Season 3

Missing Derry Girls? Me too! I know how grouchy it feels sometimes to wait for your favorite show for years. But wait, here I have something for you in the box! What? Umm! Derry Girls season 3 is finally starting production! While we still wait for an official announcement for the series’ 3rd season, here I have some inside news for you. Read on, if you are a true fan. 

Many shows, movies, and series have to drop their production plans due to the occurrence of the Corona Virus scenario worldwide. Finally, with the scene getting clear, many shows are getting a thumbs-up to begin the production. So, when can we expect the filming for the most amazing dark comedy sitcom Derry Girls Season 3 to begin? There are many hints that point towards the revival of season 3.

Show’s creator Lisa McGee’s tweets were in limelight recently that mentioned that “She’s Fine-Tuning the season 3”. The beloved actresses from Bridgerton, who plays Claire in Derry Girls also contribute a lot to the hints about the resuming of the show. In one of her tweets, she mentioned that fans can expect season 3 soon as the writing part is almost done! So that means Derry Girls season 3 can soon catch up with the filming of the series.

Will there be a change in the cast? What’s the plot for the new season going to be? Will they be together till the end? Here’s everything we know so far.

When Will the Filming for Derry Girls Season 3 Begin?

Derry Girls Season 3; When will the Filming for Derry Girls Season 3 begin
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The good news is that the script for Derry Girls season 3 is completed. That means production can begin anytime soon!

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Nicola Coughlan whom we saw as Clare Devlin in the series continuously keeps spreading positive updates about the series for the fans. Like the one she shared on her Twitter account, she wrote” It’s true that everything is ready and we are just waiting for the clean chit to begin production. Filming has been delayed many times due to Covid-pandemic. But honestly, the storylines in the third season are going to be the best we’ve ever done. So, I can’t tell you how worth it is to wait for Derry  Girls season 3”.

She also shared in an interview that storylines are amazing but can’t be executed in crowded areas. That’s why let’s wait for things to get all well.

Ian McElhinney who played Granda Joe in the series also talked about the series in an interview. She talked about difficulties being faced due to the covid pandemic to resume the filming. But hopefully, as things are getting better, fans can expect the filming of Derry Girls Season 3 to begin in autumn 2021. 

Derry Girls Season 3 Cast and Characters! 

Derry Girls Season 3; Derry Girls Season 3 Cast and Characters
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Fans can expect the same cast returning this upcoming season too. There’s news about some fresh faces to be introduced this time. Have a look at the cast and characters. 

  1. Saoirse-Monica Jackson will play Erin Quinn. You can call her the trouble bubble as her dark sense of humor gets her in trouble often. She’s also very concerned about what others think about her. 
  1. Louisa Harland will play Orla McCool. She’s Erin’s maternal cousin. She’s the real opposite of Erin as she cares the least about others’ opinions. Orla is cool and eccentric. 
  1. Nicola Coughlan will play Clare Devlin. Clare is Erin’s best buddy in the school. She’s also turned out to be a lesbian at the end of season 1.
  1. Jamie-Lee will play Michelle Mallon. Michelle is also one of the closest to Erin. She’s the wild child of the group always creating troubles for herself and her friends. She’s a carefree, drug addict, and physically active person. 
  1. Dylan  Llewellyn will play James Maguire. He’s Michelle’s maternal son and the only boy in the all-girls school. The fun figure for everyone. 
  1. Tara Lynne will play Marry Quinn. She’s Erin’s mother. The strict matriarch and a loving-caring mother. 

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  1. Kathy Kiera Clarke will play Aunt Sarah. She’s Mary’s sister and Orla’s mother. The careless but loving mother. 
  1. Siobhan McSweeney will once again return as Sister Michael. She’s the headmistress of the College. 
  1. Apart from these earlier and known figures this time we can expect guest stars like Jamie Dornan and Dara O Briain. 

Derry Girls Season 3 Plot!

Derry Girls Season 3; Derry Girls Season 3 Plot
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Derry Girls have been set in Derry, Northern Ireland. It’s a story about four teenage girls who enjoy popularity, love, addiction, embarrassment, and much more during their school days. 

The show creators have to be very creative and careful about the show’s storyline. As Coughlin makes it clear that the storylines are damn interesting and the best ever, but a light-hearted tone is what the show needs. 

As we have heard of the controversies, the political tense atmosphere, and the conflict going on between those who wish Northern Ireland to remain a park of the UK and those who wish it to be a separate part and join the Republic of Ireland. These acts of violence always hinder the characters of Derry Girls due to the historical backdrop. 

In the last season, we saw an arousing love equation between Erin and James, which will be continued in Derry Girls S3 too. 

And the best part is that the clips revealed from the series have been getting viral over TikTok sounds as people are making the reels on these popular one-liners. 

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While we still wait for an official announcement for the Derry Girls Season 3 release date, one thing which is sure is double the thrill and double the drama! After all, the five friends are good together. Hopefully, filming of Derry Girls Season 3 will begin as planned by 2021 autumn and we’ll get to watch our favorite characters back on screen!

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