Top 9 Designer Handbag Trends 2021 That You Shouldn’t Miss

Designer Handbag Trends

Ladies! Get ready with your credit cards as this post is all about designer handbag trends!! Last year most of us neglected to refresh our wardrobe with fancy attires, high heels, and stylish handbag collection. Not as many places to go and fewer opportunities to dress up diverted us from the ongoing trends.

No worries! Since there’s a rising hope of things getting better, it’s time to catch up with trends. Which handbags are in trend right now? Whether it’s the Dior Saddle Belt bag or Louis Vuitton’s Multi- Pochette, celebrities are spotted from time to time carrying designer brands. Since you don’t wish to miss the designer handbag trends once again, we got you covered with the seasonal trends.

Who doesn’t love going with the trends? Whether it’s roomy totes or chunky chains, handbags have always been a fascinating buy. Some of the designer handbag trends that were seen in Paris, Copenhagen, and Milan fashion weeks are strap pouches, plush shoulder bags, palettes, totes, and many others. 

While these were just a few names, there are many more in the list of designer handbag trends collection waiting for you. Next time you buy a new handbag, make it one of these spring trends.

Designer Handbag Trends 2021

Here are the top 9 fascinating designer handbag trends 2021. If you love following the trends, then don’t miss these ones.

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Chunky Chain

Designer Handbag Trends; Chunky Chain
Source: L’officiel USA

The chunky chain handbags are once again back in trend. Not only for handbags but this chain reaction was seen impacting the market like in jewelry pieces, on tops of shoes, and other products too. Chunky chain handbags are a perfect street-style crew collection. They are as elegant as feminine.

Curved Carryall

Designer Handbag Trends; Curved Carryall
Source: WhoWhatWear

Carryall gets an elevated update this season, with roomy, soft, and slouchy appearances. The leather details from Bottega Veneta, sleek stitching from Tod’s and not detailing from Neous leaves no reason to not cradle one of these this spring season. Plus these bags are so cute and classy. 

On-Point Totes

Designer Handbag Trends; On-Point Totes
Source: Vogue

Basic square totes? Naah!!!! 

No more basic totes. Angular ones are in trend. Brands like Marni, Wandler, Givenchy and boy are sure to catch your eye with their angular on point totes. 

Tech Mate

Designer Handbag Trends; Tech Mate
Source: Chanel

Whether you are taking a sanity walk or just roaming around, having apps like Uber, Apple Pay and Venmo is such a relief. Designers are making smart choices by creating trends with phone cases, and holders stylishly convenient for those who like to travel light. Whether it’s a pink hourglass phone holder bag or Chanel Raffia and jute phone holder, trends are taking a much lighter and brighter shape. 

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Puffin/Padded Bags

Designer Handbag Trends; Puffin/Padded Bags

Ahh!! The comfort!! 

We’ve become used to comfort in the past year. Then whether it be comfy clothes or accessories too. This season handbags are up with super soft cushioning, padded leathers, and supple scrunch. To give your arms a cloudlike resting pad this summer season, these shoulder pillow bags are trending hard. 

Covetable Color

Designer Handbag Trends; Covetable Color
Source: Galerie Magazine

For those who like their summer as bright as the sun, one of the most baggy trends to spot was bags in standout brights. You get to pick from so many different color options unlike the regular leather bags that come merely in cheery and brown shades. With a picking option from Brandon Blackwood, JW Pei and By Far, all you gotta do is pick your favorite size, shade and silhouette. 

Fluffy Feathers

Designer Handbag Trends; Fluffy Feathers
Source: Pinterest

Feathered handbags are such a chick!!

A fluffy featured handbag is all that you need to flaunt this spring season. This fluffed up style is perfect for your day and night outfits. Just going for a casual outing or a classy dinner party, feathers will match every occasion. 


Designer Handbag Trends; Chainmail
Source: Pinterest

To bring up the 90’s feel but with elements of modern trends. You might associate the chainmail with the ancient medieval times. Not just that the metallic shine and glitters brings out the perfect disco feel that goes with all. 

Fisherman’s Net

Designer Handbag Trends; Fisherman's Net
Source: Poshmark

Seen on the runways of Fendi, Burberry and more this fisherman’s net design is sure to be trending everywhere in 2021. The name and design are inspired by the fisherman’s net. For those who wish to stand out in the crowd with their unique handbag collection, this piece needs to be tried. 

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Handbag Trends:

What designer bags are in style in 2021? 

10 designer bags to invest in 2021 are:
Chanel 19 Bag
Fendi Baguette Bag
Givenchy Antigona Bag
Gucci Horsebit Bag
Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack
Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessories Bag
Bottega Veneta Jodie Bag
Jacquemus Le Chiquito Bag
Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Tote
Dior Book Tote

Are Backpacks still in style? 

This revival of fashion has spread very quickly and the backpack is increasingly present on the streets, on Instagram, among celebrities but also fashion lovers alike. Season after season, the backpacks have remained at the top of the trends and will definitely remain.

So, these are the designer handbag trends in 2021 that are blowing up the minds with their unique fashion statement. Whether it’s the bright colors or oversized leather tote, we saw handbags of all shapes and sizes coming down the runway. What are you waiting for, grab your favorite handbag and go with the trends! 

Featured Image Credits: Bustle

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