What Does DHL Shipment On Hold Mean? What Are The Reasons For DHL Package On Hold?

DHL Shipment On Hold

DHL is the most reliable international courier service for the past 50 years now. It provides both domestic and international delivery services hence making it one of the best choices for people around the globe. But many times people face certain problems with the delivery services like “DHL Package on Hold” or “Delivery barred at the moment”. What does DHL Shipment On Hold mean? 

We all use DHL delivery services for multiple purposes like sending important files, packages, or buying something online. Very little do we know about the delivery services like at what time DHL service is available, at what time do they stop delivering? Does DHL deliver on Saturday and Sunday? And much more.

Here in this article, we have tried to answer all your queries regarding the DHL Delivery services. Here you’ll find answers to questions like:

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  1. What Does DHL Shipment On Hold Mean
  2. Why is my DHL package on hold?
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  5. How Can You Track Your DHL Package?
  6. Reasons For DHL Package On Hold
    And many related queries…

Is your DHL package on hold? For those still wondering what does DHL Shipment on hold mean? And why is your package taking longer than usual time for getting delivered, find out all the logical and practical reasons behind this delay, right below! Read along and know more.

What Does DHL Shipment On Hold Mean

DHL Shipment On Hold; What Does DHL Shipment On Hold Mean
Source: DHL Express Luxembourg

DHL Shipment on hold means that due to some reasons your package is kept on hold by the service providers. It will be shipped as soon as the problem is resolved. 

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Sometimes, the package takes longer to process, that’s why the package is on hold. Or sometimes, due to bad weather conditions, the delivery services may get hampered.

How Long Does DHL Shipping Take

Delivery time and speed vary from place to place. It also varies for working days and holidays. It takes around 2 to 8 working days to deliver your package. It can even take weeks for the shipment of your package if it is to be shipped abroad. Here are the timings of DHL shipment services for various countries. 

For Domestic Shipment

For standard shipping, the time taken for shipping is usually around 3 to 8 business days (working days from Monday to Saturday).

For International Shipment

The time taken for international standard shipping is around 1 to 3 weeks. For international Expedited, it takes around 4 to 12 business days to ship the package.

Estimated Delivery Timelines Of DHL Express Services

DHL Shipment On Hold; Estimated Delivery Timelines Of DHL Express Services
Source: Micro Shipping

DHL Express 9.00:

It’s the fastest door-to-door delivery service by DHL that delivers the very next day from your order before 9.00 a.m. If the delivery services fail to be on time, then you get the money back.

DHL Express 10.30:

This express service delivers the very next day of your order from door-to-door before 10.30 a.m. If the package is not on time, you get your money back.

DHL Express 12.00:

You get your package delivered by the next day before 12.00 with this door-to-door delivery service. If not then you get your money back.

How Can You Track Your DHL Package?

DHL Shipment On Hold; How Can You Track Your DHL Package?
Source: YouTube

DHL Services provide you with a tracking option for your parcel. At the very moment, you place your order, you are notified of every detail about the shipment of your package by the DHL service center.

You can easily track your package’s delivery by typing your tracking ID in the delivery status section and get to know every detail about the shipment.

Or you can enable other tracking options for your package like WhatsApp, email, calling, or normal texts. You’ll get notified when your package is delivered.

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Reasons For DHL Package On Hold

DHL Shipment On Hold; Reasons For DHL Package On Hold
Source: Rehub

There can be endless reasons why your delivery is not on time. Sometimes, you may get your package early and sometimes late. The possible reasons for these mistimings are:

Holidays And Weekends

If you have been using the DHL package service for a long time now, you must be aware that it delivers during working business days. If your package delivery encounters any sort of holiday (Christmas, or festive holidays) or weekends in between the delivery process, then it may be delayed. You’ll get a notification from DHL services that your package will be delivered on the next working day.

Backlog In Shipment

Sometimes, your package may miss the shipment. For example, it missed the truck in which the courier person was going to deliver the stuff or it missed the flight. Or another case scenario is that the package contains improper documents due to which it’s put on hold. Make sure you fill in the correct details on the package.

Waiting For Payment

If your payment is still on hold and you haven’t paid your freight, then also, your package can be put on hold by the shipper. Make sure you have completed your payment process.

Package Inspection

Depending upon what you have ordered, every package goes under the inspection process. If in any case, the system detects any unwanted stuff in your package, then also, they can put your shipment on hold.

Problems From The Receiver’s End

Sometimes, the delivery person has delivered the package right on time, but it is not delivered by the receiver. How?
You can track your shipment if it says that the package is on hold at the destination, which means the delivery is closed at the moment from the receiver’s end.

There can be so many cases, like the receiver is out of the station, or not at home at that moment. It’s good to cross-check from the receiver’s end as well.

Due To Pandemic

In recent times, when the whole world faced the outbreak of the covid pandemic, there were so many changes in the delivery services. Some delivery services completely barred their services, whereas the others took longer than normal time for delivering your package with safety. 

Similarly, there can be cases where your shipment is delayed due to an emergency or some restrictions imposed on the delivery services.

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What To Do When DHL Shipment Is On Hold

DHL Shipment On Hold; What To Do When DHL Shipment On Hold
Source: DHL

From the above-mentioned reasons, it’s clear that there can be so many possibilities why your package is on hold. The best thing to do is to get in contact with your customer service. You can do this by:

  1. Either go to the DHL express website directly and visit the contact us or help section. Mention the details of your package and get every detail from their end about your package and why it’s on hold.
  2. Or you can call them and ask about your package. They’ll let you know what went wrong with your package delivery. If there’s an issue to address, you can correct it.


I hope you got a clear idea of What Does DHL Shipment On Hold means. In this post we talked about DHL Package On Hold, we discussed the different shipping timings of DHL Services for different delivery options like domestic and international.

Along with that, we learned about many factors that could be responsible for DHL Shipment on hold like Bad weather conditions, Covid pandemic, improper details, Holidays or weekends, pending payment, and many more.

We talked about how you can track the DHL shipment of your package. And how to reach out to the customer care services in case of your shipment delay. 

Share this post with your loved ones. Also, comment down the common problem that you face while ordering or receiving a package from DHL Services. Any feedback is welcomed!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding DHL Shipment On Hold:

What are the benefits of using DHL Services?

1. You get a door-to-door delivery service.
2. Offers sea delivery.
3. It does not have any pickup charges.
4. DHL Services have their branches across 220 countries making it completely safe and the best delivery service across the world.
5. There’s an international help desk.

Does DHL deliver on weekends?

Yes, the services are open on Saturdays. In countries where standard business days fall from Monday to Saturday, the delivery services work well except for Sundays. 

How long does DHL keep the package on hold?

Your package can be kept on hold by DHL Services for 7 days. 

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