8+ Best and Different Styles To Wear A Shirt In Formal And Informal Way

Different Styles To Wear A Shirt

“Appearances are often deceptive” we all agree with the statement. But we must agree that appearance gives the first impression to the person we meet, deceptive nature comes afterward. In this article, we will be telling you the different styles to wear a shirt, be it the formal way or the informal way.

Clothing is one of the three basic necessities (Food, Clothing, and shelter) for living. But now clothing has become a social status, the better you are dressed the more socially groomed you will be called. So, today we are here with the different styles to wear a shirt. Shirts are common clothing used to cover the upper body. This article is for boys as well as girls, as shirts are worn by both the gender equality. 

Although shirts are worn by both genders equally there is a basic difference between the alignment of the buttons of the shirt. For males, the buttons are present on the right side and for females, buttons are present on the left side. Another difference that can be found on most of the shirts is the presence of the chest pocket on the male shirts.

What is an Oxford shirt?
What is an Oxford shirt?

Well, shirts can be of different types from the plain formals to the checks and flowery informal. The variety of shirts from rarecustoms is endless, so here we are with the article that will tell you the different styles to wear a shirt.

Different Styles To Wear A Shirt

Let’s move to the topic “Different Styles to Wear A Shirt”. Read below to get the best ideas and dress accordingly to impress your crush on formal weddings or beachside parties. Okay, let’s start the grooming classes.

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Tucked In With Tie

Different Styles To Wear A Shirt - Tucked in Shirt with Tie
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This is the best best way to get dressed. Get a formal plain shirt in any dark color, it can be full black or full dark blue. Not only dark a plain white shirt can also be an option with a formal tie. Remember to close the top button and tuck your shirt inside your pants. Bro, you will be killing it.

Tucked In With Top Button Open

Different Styles To Wear A Shirt - Tucked in with open button
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Well, if you don’t have a tie but still want to look formal then it is not any hard and fast rule to wear a tie. Do as we told you in the above step get a plain shirt and formal paint. But remember the color combination here. If you are going with the dark shirt try to wear light pants or if you choose the light color shirt then your trousers must be dark and do not close the Top button. 

Not Tucked In With Jeans

Different Styles To Wear A Shirt - Shirt and Jeans
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Enough of the formals. You cannot wear these formal shirt types on the beach party or a casual breakup party. You need to be a bit informal and at the same time, you need to look the best. What we suggest at the moment is you buy denim jeans and a shirt but this shirt is different from the formal shirts. The shirt used for the purpose will be an umbrella cut from the front as well as behind. 

A T-Shirt Inside

Different Styles To Wear A Shirt - t shirt Inside a shirt
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Well, if you have put on the weight and are not able to wear your favorite shirt, then follow this idea.

Wear a t-shirt and then a shirt and don’t close the shirt’s buttons or if you wish like closing the buttons close three buttons from the bottom. Again, the most important thing here would be the color you choose for the t-shirt and the shirt, be specific with it.

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Make a Knot

Different Styles To Wear A Shirt - knot Shirt
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Now, this is something for girls. It totally depends on you what you wear from inside actually it depends on the occasion you are trying this outfit for. Wear a t-shirt or spaghetti from inside and then the shirt. Do not close the buttons in spite make the knot of the free ends of the shirt.

Shirts With Shorts

Different Styles To Wear A Shirt - Shirt and shorts
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Girls who love to slay with their looks will find this combo the best of all. A long shirt (Not too long) with shorts (Not too Long). Rest you know what makes you look hotter!!! For me, Open Hair or hair tied in a pony is deadly.

Shirt On A T-Shirt and the Open Jacket

Different Styles To Wear A Shirt - Shirt on t shirt and then jacket
Source: Permanent Style

This combination is for winters don’t try it in summer you will be called mad by your friends. The idea is to wear a t-shirt then on it wear a shirt and at last wear the jacket. The jacket should be shorter in length than the shirt you are wearing.

Shirt With Rolled Sleeves

Different Styles To Wear A Shirt - Black shirt and Rolled Up Sleeves
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A perfect and the most followed combo that is especially for boys. Black shirt, with rolled-up sleeves, a watch in the hand, and a guy with the beard. Bro, you will have a cent-percent chance of stealing any girl’s heart. Don’t believe me? Ask your female best friend, you’ll get your answer.

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We hope now you are clear with the different styles to wear a shirt. Guessing this grooming article was helpful to you. So, the next time you wish to go to any formal or informal occasion and get confused with what to wear, read this article. I am sure it will help you a lot.

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