Will Disjointed Season 3 Be Back On Netflix? Reasons For Earlier Cancellations!

Disjointed Season 3

Are there any chances that Disjointed Season 3 will make a comeback on Netflix? Even if there are 1% chances of it happening again, fans are ready to wait for it. The question is “Why Was Disjointed Cancelled?” Why was it removed from Netflix? 

Disjointed is based on a true story of a weed advocate from Los Angeles, who had a dream to run a plant dispensary that came true, eventually. The TV show has delivered a single season till now, which is divided into two parts. The show promotes so many social issues that every youngster can relate to. Will Disjointed be back on Netflix?

As soon as Disjointed wrapped up its season 2, there was huge criticism about the show all over the internet. On the other hand, some fans really appreciated the plot as it targeted some real-time issues. In this post you’ll get to know every detail about the show like Will There Be A Disjointed Season 3, Disjointed Season 3 Cast and Characters, what was the reason behind the cancellation of the show, and much more…

Nevertheless Shoutout PH Netflix Fa...
Nevertheless Shoutout PH Netflix Fans

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Will There Be A Disjointed Season 3

Disjointed Season 3; Will There Be A Disjointed Season 3
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After the Disjointed Season 2 failed to acquire the set marks of viewership on the platform, Netflix canceled it. The show was not so appreciated on Netflix by critics. It had very poor rankings on both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb as well.

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Due to all these reasons, the show creators have not decided on a third shot yet. Although there are some silver linings that point towards the show’s comeback. What are they, find out below.

Disjointed Season 3 Petition Signed By Fans

Soon after Netflix canceled Disjointed from its streaming platform, a devoted fan came out and appealed to everyone to sign the petition to bring the show back. Her name was Kimberly Smith. She was the first one to sign the petition.

Her appeal was: “Please bring it back as there are only a few shows that have shown the positive side of cannabis.” The cast and the story were amazing, she said.

After her appeal over 22,000 people have signed the petition. The number keeps on increasing. But Netflix hasn’t changed its decision as there is no news about the show yet. 

Fans have been trying even harder. Not just the petition, but many fans have come up with an idea to start a campaign for the renewal of Disjointed Season 3. Hopefully, it could bring a change in Netflix’s decision.

Disjointed Season 3 Cast and Characters

Disjointed Season 3; Disjointed Season 3 Cast and Characters
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If everything goes well, then hopefully fans can expect the previous cast returning back in season 3 as well. Many of the main leads that will be recurring in the show’s third season are:

  1. Kathy Bates will once again make her entry as Ruth Whitefeater Feldman,
  2. Aaron Moten will be seen as Travis Feldman, who is Ruth’s son.
  3. Tone Bell will be seen as Carter, in the role of the security shield.
  4. Elizabeth Alderfer (Game Day) will once again play Olivia, who is Travis’s love interest and the budtender.
  5. Elizabeth Ho (Melissa and Joey) will play her part as Jenny.
  6. Dougie 1st Earl Baldwin whom we saw in Bewdley (Nowhere Boys) will play the role of Pete, who is the in-store grower.
  7. Betsy Sodaro (Clipped) will be seen as Deborah or “Dabby” Shapiro, who is a frequent client for Ruth.
  8. Chriss Redd (whom we saw in Saturday Night Live) will be seen as Steve “Dank” Dankerson. He is Dabby’s boyfriend and Ruth’s ordinary patron.

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What Was The Reason Behind Cancellation Of The Show

Disjointed Season 3; What Was The Reason Behind Cancellation Of The Show
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When any show or movie is made, it’s made with a certain mindset. Like what kind of audiences it can target, what type of reviews can be expected, which streaming platform it will run on, and much more. In the case of Disjointed, the required targets were not met.

The show somewhat failed to acquire the viewership expected by its creators. Not just that, it also didn’t perform so well for the critics and other audiences. Disjointed Season 1 and Disjointed Season 2, both have received nearby 23% positive responses from streaming platforms and audiences like Rotten Tomatoes. 

Looking at the responses, Netflix happened to drop the show immediately from its streaming site in order not to spoil viewers’ experience. 

Are There Chances For Disjointed Season 3 To Make A Comeback?

Irrespective of all the low rankings on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, there is no denying the fact that Disjointed was among the few shows that have some real-life issues portrayed so well in their storyline.

It tried to bring out the issues like PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which we intend to ignore. Furthermore, it framed a storyline covering other sensitive issues like activism, marijuana history, benefits of the plant, and the misconceptions on stoners. 

Despite covering such sensitive social issues, it was unable to make a mark among the audiences. There is still a slim chance that Disjointed Season 3 might return on Netflix. Until then you can enjoy Disjointed Season 1 and 2. 

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Final Verdict

As you read in the post, Disjointed didn’t have an easy journey to stand out among audiences. But there is nothing to be disheartened about as fans are trying their best to bring back the show. Plus, the plot of the show speaks for itself.

Sooner or later, I hope we get to watch the show again. For any updates regarding this show and other upcoming shows on Netflix, stay tuned! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for daily updates.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Disjointed Season 3:

Will there be a third season for the show Disjointed?

No decision has been made official yet. There is only anticipation regarding the comeback of the show. Although, fans have signed a petition to bring back Disjointed Season 3, which if worked, then you can expect a new season soon.

How many seasons do Disjointed have at present?

At present, there are 2 seasons of Disjointed with 10 episodes each. It is actually a single season divided into two parts.

Is the show “Disjointed” based on a real story?

Yes, it is based on the story of Ruth Whitefeather Feldman. She runs a pot dispensary in Los Angeles and has a history as a weed advocate. 

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