Do Eyebrows Grow Back? 6 Natural Remedies To Get Fuller Thicker Eyebrows!!

Do Eyebrows Grow Back

Getting your eyebrows done for the first time? Feeling nervous? Relax!! It’s a common feeling all girls can relate to. I remember when I got my eyebrows done for the first time, I was too worried about how long does it take for eyebrows to grow back after trimming? If you too are wondering “Do eyebrows grow back? ” then find your answers below. 

Many times due to hormonal imbalance or diet deficiency, people experience hair loss. It’s so heartbreaking to watch those bald patches on your head and even on your brows. On top of that getting your eyebrows trimmed doesn’t feel to be the right choice. And in case you already got your brows done and are wondering how long does it take for the eyebrows to grow back then read along and find all the answers for your queries. 

It’s often seen that our hair grows in three different phases. Also, if you want to know, do eyebrows grow back? Then yes, they do. Find out how much time it takes for brows to grow back after trimming and how to grow your eyebrows naturally. Also, find out the reasons responsible for the slow growth of eyebrows. 

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Some people may require to groom their eyebrows very frequently due to massive hair growth. Neem oil also helps in beard and eyebrow growth. But do you know the harms of grooming frequently? There are many more things you need to know if you are grooming your eyebrows for the first time. Have a look.

Do Eyebrows Grow Back? 

Do Eyebrows Grow Back; Do Eyebrows Grow Back
Source: Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials

YESS!! They do grow back.

Trimming and plucking your eyebrows is a necessary part of grooming. Eyebrows do grow back after trimming.

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Normally it takes around 2-3 weeks for the eyebrows to grow back. Depending upon your hair growth rate, your eyebrow growth may vary from person to person. 

Many times people face the problem of hair thinning. There can be many reasons why your eyebrows are taking more than usual time to grow like:

  • Stress
  • Thyroid
  • Psoriasis
  • Pollution
  • Hormonal changes
  • Diet deficiency
  • Frequent grooming
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Alopecia

Note: There is a difference between the duration of eyebrow growth when trimmed and when shaved. When you trim your eyebrows it grows back in 30-40 regular days. Whereas, when you shave them, your brows may grow faster than the prior. Also, the hair growth after shaving is more stiff and hard than the threading hair. 

How Long Does It Take For Eyebrows To Grow Back After Trimming?

Do Eyebrows Grow Back; How Long Does It Take For Eyebrows To Grow Back After Trimming?
Source: Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine

Here are a few things you need to know before and after getting your eyebrows done. Every person has a different hair growth rate. Some people have thick eyebrows, and some have thin eyebrows. Just like we talked about the causes for the slow growth of eyebrows, there are three hair phases that indicate your eyebrow growth. 

  1. The Anagen Phase of the Growth Phase: This is the regular phase of hair growth. In this phase, it normally takes around 30-40 days for eyebrows to grow.
  2. The Catagen Phase: This is also known as the transition phase that lasts up to 2 to 3 weeks. In this phase, it is noticed that the hair follicles move to begin to grow on the skin. 
  3. The Telogen Phase or The Resting Phase: This is the third and final stage for hair growth. In this phase new hair grows out of the hair follicles. Also, during this phase, the new hair replaces the old ones and starts the eyebrow hair growth cycle all over again. The final phase lasts for around 4-8 weeks. 

6 Proven Ways To Get Thicker Eyebrows Naturally

Tired of artificial eyebrow markings? Here are 6 natural ways to grow thicker eyebrows at home. 

1. Use Coconut Oil

Do Eyebrows Grow Back; Use Coconut Oil
Source: at Gney Lifestyles

No one is unaware of the magical benefits of using coconut oil on hair and body. The best natural remedy that you need to try for hair growth is coconut oil. 

How to use coconut oil for eyebrows? 

You simply have to take a small amount of oil in your palms and massage your brows with it. It’s better to use warm coconut oil. It’s especially recommended to leave the oil on your brows and hair overnight to get the best results. 

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2. Tea Tree Oil

Do Eyebrows Grow Back; Tea Tree Oil
Source: Stylist

Another magic formula that works wonders for your hair is tea tree oil. It’s best known for stimulating hair growth. Tea tree oil increases the follicular health of your eyebrows that helps them to grow faster and much thicker. 

Along with hair growth, tea tree oil is also known for its acne healing properties. It also cures fungal infections on the skin. 

3. Lavender Oil

Do Eyebrows Grow Back; Lavender Oil
Source: RTE

With sweet lavender fragrance, lavender oil is also known for its anti-hair loss properties. Massage your eyebrows daily with lavender oil. But do a patch test before you start using lavender oil as it may cause some skin rashes in some people. 

4. Castor Oil

Do Eyebrows Grow Back; Castor Oil
Source: The List

Here’s another proven natural remedy for getting thicker and fuller eyebrows. Castor oil is very dense and uneasy to apply alone. You can mix it with other oils like coconut oil, almond oil to smoothen the density and then apply to your brows. It also promotes new hair growth.

5. Saw Palmetto

Do Eyebrows Grow Back; Saw Palmetto
Source: Healthline

You can use Saw palmetto in various forms like tablets, tea, capsules or you can even eat berries. Taking this supplement helps in hair growth. It’s also known for treating urinary infections. 

6. Proper Grooming Of Brows

Do Eyebrows Grow Back; Proper Grooming Of Brows
Source: The Lash Lounge

If you really wish to have thicker and fuller eyebrows, here are few things you need to take care of:

  1. Do not pluck your eyebrows. 
  2. Brush your eyebrows properly using a spoolie or an eyebrow brush. 
  3. Don’t be too hard while filling your brows with eyebrow pencils. 

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There are many ways to get fuller-looking eyebrows like makeup, brows pencils, hair treatment, and brow surgery. But who loves to bear the pain when you can get the same results naturally!! 

Yes, you read it right. In this post, we talked about Do Eyebrows Grow Back? How Long Does It Take For Eyebrows To Grow Back After Trimming? Along with that, we discussed causes for hair loss and natural remedies to grow eyebrows faster and thicker. 

Don’t waste millions on painful surgeries. Try these natural ways and feel the difference. Along with that add necessary supplements in your diet for hair growth like eggs, spinach, avocados, nuts, seeds, and berries. Share this post with your loved ones. Happy grooming!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Eyebrow Growth and Grooming:

Is vaseline effective for eyebrow growth?

No, it’s just a myth that vaseline can grow your eyebrows. But vaseline does help you in getting fuller-looking eyebrows with the gel formula in it. 

Is it good to shave your eyebrows? Do they grow back?

Yes, it’s okay to shave your brows. The shaved eyebrows may grow faster. Also, The hair growth after shaving is thicker and blunt, and edgy. So, shave your brows at your own risk. 

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