Do Girls Like Shy Guys? What Makes A Shy Person So Wanna Be?

do girls like shy guys

There’s a common myth that Girls usually like shy guys!! Is it true? Do you? Aww!! That’s really cute!! But ever wondered why is it so? Why do shy guys feel more attractive than outspoken men? Well, liking a person is totally inevitable but there are certain facts that may help you understand that Why Do Girls Like Shy Guys?

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Not all girls are the same. And not every time do they fall for a silent and shy personality!! In fact, most of the time, girls are seen to be drawn towards a confident, and bad boy personality over sweet, and shy guys! So, what’s the take?

Do girls like shy guys or do shy guys don’t stand a chance at all? Well, there’s no need to feel disappointed if you are a shy person, and don’t indulge so easily in anything. Let me share a secret, we girls secretly admire the silent listeners!! So, smile, as you still hold all the chances to be loved by girls!

In this world of “let me speak first” personalities, a “Speak on, I’m listening” personality is way more attractive and important. In the end, we all find comfort where we are respected and listened to! So, why do girls like shy guys have a long list of facts? Want to know what? Keep reading then!!!

Do Girls Like Shy Guys Or Confident Ones??

Do Girls Like Shy Guys Or Confident Ones
Source: Love Panky

Do girls like introverts??

Being shy doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not confident! So, stop brainstorming yourself with these silly questions that girls like shy or confident men?

Girls feel attracted towards love and care more than anything else in the world! (Yeah! But don’t touch my mascara that’s 1500 bucks!!) 

Our heart goes where it feels a strong connection!! It’s not always that a girl will choose a quiet guy over any other guy. It’s only the vibes or the connection we share with a person, that’s what world for us in the long run!!

Want to know some interesting facts about shy guys and what qualities do shy guys possess that make them so wanna be sweethearts? Well, go and read on then!!!

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1. Shy Guys Are Great Listeners!! Good For Chatterboxes!!

Shy Guys Are Great Listeners!! G
Source: Frances Keller

Are you a babbler who speaks a lot? Yeah, you probably have been awarded the ‘chatterbox’ tag at school, right? Lol!!

It’s often seen that people usually don’t possess a listening ear! They just speak and speak and hardly do they listen to your things carefully!

In a world where we all are so busy bragging about our lives, don’t you feel you need someone who could listen to you and understand you deeply?

Well, that’s one of the facts why girls are into shy guys because they are GOOOOOODD listeners! No, I’m not emphasizing the Good part here, it is what it is!! When you are hurt, feeling excited, want to talk about general stuff, or have a long childhood story to share, shy guys are all ears!!!

Ahh!! I’m already falling for this quality!!

2. Aww!! How Can Someone Be So Polite And Humble All The Time?

Aww!! How Can Someone Be So Polite
Source: The Modern Man

Girls are very sensitive from the heart!! They can’t bear violence, bloodshed, or abuse!

So, the qualities where bad guys probably seem failing one hundred percent, shy guys take the lead!! And it’s not hidden that we all are drawn towards politeness and respect!! That’s where a shy guy can steal your heart without you knowing!

Even if you behave rude or harsh with your partner, they’ll always remain calm, and try to settle things up rather than making it a big issue. (But that doesn’t give you the license to be mad all the time!)

They respect your opinions and will always support you through all ups and downs! Still, feel like asking if girls like shy guys? 

Yes, they do!!!!

3. Mysterious Personalities Are Attractive!

Mysterious Personalities Are Attractive
Source: Scientific American

There are two types of people, one who always speaks highly about his personality like, “I am this, I am that, I can do this, I can do that, I know more, Blah Blah….”

And then there’s the second one, calm, composed, don’t feel like being the center of attraction always. Speaks only why required but does have a unique personality everyone admires!

Whom will you fall for? Well, I honestly believe your behavior speaks a lot about what you are! You don’t always have to brag about it out loud! So, definitely, the first one is a big no-no for me!!

Also, shy guys who generally like to be silent are full of mysteries. You never know what’s up next!! Aren’t mysterious personalities attractive? 

Yeah, they surely are!!!

4. Once They Open Up, They Are Great Conversationalists Too!!

Once They Open Up, They Are Great Conversationalists Too!
Source: How Kenya News

By far what I have been feeding you with are shy guys’ traits, don’t think like they don’t talk at all!! They do, in fact, they talk a lot!!! 

It’s a fact that we open up to the person we feel connected to, where our vibes match, where we feel loved and comfortable!! So, when shy person opens up to you, they are great conversationalists!!

You can talk about anything and everything with your shy but cute partner!! They are not so conservative. In fact, they are very open-minded when you get to know them.

How will someone not fall for a sweetheart like this, who listens, shares, cares, and respects you the way you are?? 

God!! Send a shy cutie for me too!!

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5. Shyness= Full Of Surprises!! 

 Shyness= Full Of Surprises!
Source: Couples

Well, if you are feeling that a shy person is not capable of treating you with surprises, then you are very wrong!

Shy means full of surprises!! You never know when you are going to wake up with a beautiful breakfast setting, or when he is going to surprise you with a bucket of roses at your workplace! Ahh!! Such a sweetheart!

This may vary with the type of bond you share with that person. He might simply hold your hands while walking, and make you feel loved and cared for!

What else can you wish for?

6. Less Intimidating! More Loving!!

Do Girls Like Shy Guys? What Makes A Shy Person So Wanna Be?
Source: SimplyTogether

Unlike most men, a shy person is less intimidating and more genuine!! Thankfully he doesn’t believe that dominating is meant only for men!

There’s nothing wrong with dominating your partner, but only until it’s healthy and acceptable! You can’t force your partner to do things they don’t want to or quit doing something that they love doing, just because you don’t like that.

It’s always a two-way process. If you are giving love, you are getting back equally! So if you’re disrespectful then do not expect girls to be your puppets to agree at every point!

Shy people are totally opposite. They’ll not try to change you. In fact, they try to polish who you are!!

7. You Are Getting The Best Advisors In The World!!

7. You Are Getting The Best Advisors In The World!!
Source: The Good Men Project

Girls!!! If you have a calm, composed, and shy person in your life, never let them go!! They are just better listeners and good lovers, they are great advisors too!!!

Who needs advisors? We all do!!!

In situations when we feel stuck and can’t decide what to do, and what’s best for us, you can seek advice from your partners! Trust me they are good at it!

Since a shy person silently notices everything around and may have stored enough things to share, they might be your best advisors at times!!

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Wrapping Up:

Last but not the least, girls like real men, not those who pretend to be someone else!! So, boys you better start being you!!!

Do girls like introverts? It’s not that we girls have a soft corner for shy guys, it’s the calmness in a world full of noises that attract us towards them!!

All the things we talked about regarding the qualities that shy guys possess were merely based on personal experience. If you feel like we missed out on any important point, do share that in the comments section below.

Finally, I would say, that love has no type, shape, or color! Just be you and listen to your heart!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Quiet Guys:

Q. Why are shy guys attractive?

Shy guys are normal humans who are often found to be attractive for their calm and composed nature. They don’t like to hog the conversion all the time as other guys do. That’s what makes them more likable than others.

Q.Why cute guys are shy?

Why cute guys are shy doesn’t have a particular answer as such. But one trait that makes the shy guys look cute is the sweet warming smile that they always wear on their faces!

Q. Is being shy attractive?

Most of the time it’s found that girls kike funny boys, who are fun to be around. But that doesn’t mean shy guys don’t hold a chance at all. Being reserved can sometimes hold a bonus for them!

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