Do You Prefer Cable TV Or Streaming Services? Why Is That?

Do You Prefer Cable TV Or Streaming Services

With the launch of live streaming services, the entertainment industry has been taken by absolute storm.The streaming solutions offer greater flexibilities, like a never-before-seen variety in terms of content, as well as cheaper ratesare winning in gaining customers. However, cable TV has not backed out; it is still a contenderin the game!

When it comes to top-of-the-class customer support, we haveexamples of big industry names like Xfinity with their top-of-the-line Xfinity customer services that provides amazing customer services and manages to secure a wide market of customers for its services.

Even with the benefits offered by streaming services, there is a neck-to-neck competition between the two offerings in the market. At this point, there is no clear winner. There are many factors: age being one of the biggest factors as well as convenience and ease of use. There is one major benefit associated with cable TV firms, which is the bundle offers they offer to clients. Below we have carried out some of the main factors for streaming and the reason it has such a hype in the US. 

Originality of Content                   

There is a completely new world of authentic and platform-specific content that is being created. Every platform is producing content that attracts people from all over the world. This content is created keeping the audience in mind and has addictive plots as well as storylines. Additionally, content from all over the world is available dubbed in almost all languages, which makes viewing content from anywhere in the world easy! This is one of the biggest strengths of streaming platforms.

Video Quality

Online streaming platforms tend to excel in the video quality they are offering when it concerns on-demand services. Many of the streaming services are even offering 4Kvideo quality on compatible devices but the main fact remains that users need to have a strong and steady internet connection at the back end to maintain it. In terms of finding the perfect internet connection, it is nearly impossible:glitches, as well as lags, are very normal sometimes, even with the best internet connection in town. This is where Cable TV holds the edge: consistent high video quality!However, you could pay more for good streaming devices like Roku or Apple TV and have great content quality on streaming as well.


The best aspect of cable providers is their ability to bundle together products. Internet, telephone, and cable TV are offered for cheaper than just subscribing to internet services. This the main incentives why people are reluctant to make the shift to only streaming services. One of the additional benefits is the ease of billing it affords its users: one bill for everything.


Streaming services are always easy and free to quitas you can always cancel Netflix or Hulu when you want. However, cable TV is something that has a contract in place, which can range from a minimum of 1 year to 2 years and beyond. In case a user breaks the contract, they have to pay a penalty as well as pay higher charges in case they decide to resign up with cable TV providers.


Streaming platforms are the clear winner when it concerns cost because it offers a much cheaper monthly plan that allows access to all of the content. When comparing the monthly pricescharged bycable TV as well as streaming plans, there is a significant difference. This is a major factor for those paying for the services.

Levels of Choices

While cable TV offers a lot of choices and channels, it cannot compete with the huge library of content available on streaming platforms and customized according to user. Users are able to access any title regardless of time, location, or even pick up where they left off! Streaming also offers to reduce costs with only selected streaming, these days you can access news, sports, live online even, and most people do not keep with the live shows and news, tending to watch it later when they have time. So why pay for cable when you are not using it. However if you want the exact features of the cable, then cable is the best thing.

Wrapping Up

The above points highlight all of the differences, which are present between cable TV and streaming platforms. These are all linked to each user’s personal preferences and can be linked to how they want to watch their entertainment shows or the costs associated or even the ease of accessing, retaining, and paying for their choice of entertainment systems.

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