Doing What Leaders Do: STT GDC India’s CSR Initiatives To Upskill The DC Industry

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a sort of self-regulation practised by businesses with the goal of becoming socially responsible. There is no single ‘correct’ way for businesses to engage in CSR – as numerous CSR initiatives aim to benefit the people, the economy, and even the environment. However, in today’s progressive and socially conscious world, employees and customers value working for and spending money with companies that promote CSR.

Simply put, CSR initiatives enable businesses of all sizes to support a constructive influence, allowing the development of trust, raising awareness about a cause, and supporting social transformations.

Amongst the many, one such company that strives to fulfil its duty towards the community and environment is STT GDC India. With several CSR initiatives and green initiatives, they have been quick to recognize the strategic relevance of encouraging business practices resulting in sustainable practices, ecosystems, communities, and society.

How to Write a Sustainability Report
How to Write a Sustainability Report

The Future of Workforce Relies on The Right Skillsets

Burgeoning technology has revolutionized the work environment. Automation is transforming business models, techniques, assignments, and delivery methods. Workers are already witnessing the transition as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and other digital advancements become more prevalent in the workplace. 

However, roughly 40% of companies fail to recruit and retain employees, owing mostly to a lack of relevant skills, whereas 30% of graduates are working in jobs at which skills they have are not relevant. [1] 

In this framework, effective government policies for workforce inclusion are critical. Therefore, in this regard, the engagement of a diverse group of stakeholders, including employees, businesses, governments, educational establishments, professional organizations, and social partners, can indeed be critical.

In India, by focusing on liberal education and contextually relevant classroom teaching pedagogy, the newly submitted Draft National Education Policy, 2019 aims to bring about substantial change. The 94,000 crore education budget, which is only 4.6 percent of our GDP, and the inefficient execution of on-the-ground education schemes, make it extremely difficult to stay optimistic about its education indicators. This is where the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is critical.[2]

STT GDC India Paving Way For The Leaders Of Tomorrow

STT GDC India developed a Data Centre Operations Management course initiative, which is conducted in association with the Don Bosco Tech Society (DBTech) and Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF). The initiative for the Data Centre Operations Management course was launched to bridge the rifts between employment prospects and industry-specific skillsets with a program highlighting key technical aspects to address the gap.* 

To further strengthen the Skill development initiative, STT GDC India launched a new, state-of-the-art Experience Centre at its Bengaluru Center Of Excellence to solve the industry’s present ability and skill gap by delivering hands-on training on data center-related operations in a realistic simulated data centre environment.

STT GDC India’s one-of-a-kind corporate citizenship programme seeks to help students develop essential competencies for their careers in the data centre business and encourage their general growth by enabling coaching for life skills.

Doing What Leaders Do – Leading By Example

Fostering business practices leading to sustainable outcomes, economies, ecosystems, and communities, STT GDC India focuses on bringing about positive social changes through its CSR initiatives to empower socially and economically backward communities. 

For the same, they have focused on CSR initiatives that can enhance access to education, improve emphasis on skills’ growth, create employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, while also promoting environmental and ecological sustainability. 

STT GDC India has always been dedicated to making a long-term beneficial effect on its customers, workers employees, investors, and communities. The company believes that an organization’s goal can only be accomplished with the active involvement of all stakeholders.  As a result, the company has accepted its social responsibility and aims to support those in need.

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