“Dorohedoro Season 2”: Release date, Storyline, Characters, Voice Artists

Dorohedoro is the anime series of the manga based on the same name which is written by Q Hayashida. Hayashida released the first season twenty years ago. Only because of the outstanding work and creepy characters this series became a new classic. Which indeed led to the development of anime shows. MAPPA Studios undertook the anime. Dorohedoro is a complete mess for the person who has never watched shows like it before.

The primary credit holder for the success of this show is KAKEGURUI because the thing to work on was not the only animation. But to rearrange the whole format of the story so that viewers can understand the performance easily. The first season ended up quickly, and fans are waiting for updates on the second season. Suppose you’ve watched dorohedoro first season. And want to know about the second season’s update read along you’ll get to know.

Release Date: Dorohedoro season 2

Dorohedoro season 1 had 12 episodes in total which started from January to March 2020. But that premiere was local. After few months global broadcasting rights were given to this show. And on May Dorohedoro premiered worldwide. The first sequel Is appreciated by all anime lovers and manga lovers too. The thing which stands this anime out is its Animation style. However, there aren’t many episodes released which weighs towards the second season’s release.

If we talk about the manga series, it has a total of 23 published volumes. In the first season of the anime series, the show inherited the first eight chapters from the manga. So overall, the exhibit has a place to add third and fourth seasons too. When dorohedoro was written the show was not renewed for the second sequel. The renewal of the show is dependent on the performance of the first season. Says the director of the show Mr. Yuichiro Hayashi. And ratings for the show are around 8.10/10 in IMDB and 99% on Rotten Tomatoes.

But even if the second season is confirmed, we should not expect it this year. Because of the pandemic animation Studios are opened for a short period. But the production house has confirmed 6 OVA episodes of six minutes per episode. Netflix Japan will stream these episodes from 17 June.

The official release date from the director is yet to be released. This also means that their official Netflix release date is, however, to be released. But we can expect a release date to be around January 2021.

Storyline: Dorohedoro

Dorohedoro is a world where wizards use normal humans for their magical experiments. The average humans live in a small town HOLE. At the same time, wizards live in a parallel world that is connected with the HOLE. But life in HOLE is miserable compared to the world where wizards live.

The story of the show revolves around a strong muscular male named Caiman. A caiman is a man with the face of a reptile and the body of a human. Caiman was a normal human being, but he was experimented on by a wizard. His memory is erased after he is transformed into a semi-human semi reptile. So he starts his journey, finding who made him look like this. He sets out to restore his body to normal and. Starts to hunt wizards together with the help of his friend Nikaido.

Caiman does not affect the magic of wizards, and he is the only one who can fight against them the news of wizard immune killer. Gets the attention of En, he is a powerful magician and also head of En’s family. En is also on the way to vanish away low-level wizards also called as Cross-Eyes. While fighting with low tiers, he somehow encounters a high tier while fighting with him; he also stakes his life.

At the time of the first season’s ending peoples of HOLE world, En family, Cross Eyes fight with each other, and we get some hints about the identity reveal of Caiman. This fight threatens to change both the worlds of humans and wizards.

Characters: Dorohedoro


He is the main character of the show. Caiman has initially been an average human, but a wizard attacked him and made changes to his body. By changing his head with a reptile’s head and somehow making him immune to magic. He takes the responsibility of fighting against wizards with his friend Nikaido. In the hope to find the wizard who did changes in his body.


She is the best friend of Caiman and an owner of Hungry Bug restaurant. She helps Caiman in hunting down wizards, but she is secretly a wizard herself. Nikaido holds the power of time manipulation, and she is the only wizard capable of time manipulation.

There are many characters in this show, but we don’t want to make you feel bored, so we’ve only listed the main characters here which affect the show mostly.

Voice Artist

  • Aleks Le – Caiman
  • Bryce Papenbrook – Fujita
  • Cherami Leigh – Noi
  • Reba Buhr – Nikaido
  • Sean Chiplock – Shin

English Dubbed

You can watch the online dubbed version of this show on Animeflex.io.


Suppose you loved the storyline and are thinking of watching the whole season. We’ve provided you trailer here so that you can have a glimpse of the show.

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