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It has been a long time, for Hyakkimaru and Dororo, to show themselves on the screen. Subsequently, after fifty years, they are coming back on the net. Dororo is a character of manga from the 1960s. MAPPA has planned the revisit of the characters. No matter how much time it takes, a few series always make it in the heart of the audience, also, to the millennials and boomers. However, expectations are still there. Now, the expectations have shifted to more of a classic storyline. But there are always a lot of questions. And we are here to answer you.

Storyline: Dororo Season 2

The story has a quite ancient history. It started back in 1960, and a result of manga adaptions. Dororo made its debut in 1969, with its 26 episodes. And later began the series started airing on April 6, 1969. Osamu Tezuka is the writer as well as the illustrator of the series. And Osamu has garnered a lot of popularity in with this creation. Unfortunately, it could not run long and got cancelled in a year only. Subsequently, its anime adaption became the earliest in anime history. Almost after 60 years it still has a massive impact on the people. Also, even the transformation in different forms is going on.

Back in 2004, a video game returned as a part of the series named Blood Will Tell. However, it could not meet the expectations in terms of business. Finally, after 60 years, MAPPA decided to give it a try. Hence, in 2019 it catered the new generation as well as grab the attention. The series started telecasting in January 2019, and continued till June 2019, with its 24 episodes. The show telecasted on Dororo Blu-ray box set.  Now fans are eagerly waiting for the Season 2 of the series.

Back in 2007, we had received a movie but with some notable changes. Although Dororo is a girl, she chose not to be a proper woman. Hyakkimaru and Dororo are significantly older than the series itself. And later the setting for the film moved to post-apocalyptic future from Japan’s Sengoku Era.

Release Date: Dororo Season 2

Unfortunately, we still do not have any confirmation on the release. MAPPA has not broken the silence either on the release date or any guarantee for making. However, the chances are least for this part. The last anime has given a satisfactory and justified ending to the plot. Hence, to go for renewal, makers must have a strong intend with a new storyline. However, not even a single Dororo franchise has ever gone for renewal after the end of the manga.

In the last episode of 2019 anime, it gave us a hint of the future of Hyakkimaru. Biwamaru has stated in the previous episode about another journey of the lead character. Though the series has ended with the main storyline, there is a chance for Dororo Season 2 with the journey of Hyakkimaru’s new journey. Hyakkimaru may get all his body parts, and hence anime would have an opportunity for renewal.

Though there is no confirmation or announcement, the sequel does stand with a fair chance. And even after the golden opportunity, we do have to wait for official. And it will almost take one year for the release, and it gets started at this time. Hence, the drop of 2021 will be the right guess.

Plot: Dororo Season 2

If we keep the main storyline ending in season one, MAPPA must have to come up with a new storyline. The studio may continue with Hyakkimaru’s revenge and gaining all his body parts. Conversely, Hyakkimaru will walk on a path of humanity. At this moment we can only guess, rest is up to the makers.

Although some fans have different anticipations regarding the storyline, according to some fan’s expectations, it will instead shift to the titular character of Dororo. Now it has been revealed about his sexuality, and it will be an exciting part to see his life as a girl. However, it is an imagination, and there is no confirmation regarding it. Eventually, we are also hoping for the same new prospect.

Dororo’s Ending comparison with PS2 video game

Although the story got cancelled, it still had an ending. As soon as Hyakkimaru gained eyes back, he finds out that Dororo is a girl. In Episode 9 of 2019, it got revealed. However, Dororo always rejects feminist life. Hyakkimaru wants her to join the rebellion of the farmers and not to follow him. Also, he gave his sword to Dororo, which she was trying to steal from him. Hyakkimaru left Dororo crying at the door. Also, he promised her to meet her again once his adventure gets completed. But it took 50 years to kill 48 demons.

In the video game Blood Will Tell, when Hyakkimaru discovers to regain his arm, he has to kill Dororo. So, he invested his five years in building spiritual energy to cast out a demon from Dororo. After the exorcism process, he embraces Dororo, which now has turned into a beautiful woman.

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