Dreadlocks Styles For Women | Dreads That Will Awe The Onlookers!!

dreadlocks styles for women

We all love those matured locks of hair that stick all too well with each other! However, there comes a phase when we don’t know what to do with them anymore! With time, it gets rather difficult to come up with new hairstyles to tame these magnificent twirls and you know what? That’s not exclusive to dreads only! It can happen with any other hairstyle! So if you’re one of those who are running out of ideas on how to style those rock-star twirls? Here’s a solution! Check out these amazing dreadlocks styles for women that will go with any outfit that you pair them with!

The history of locs dates back to the times of legend, BOB MARLEY! The reggae artist wasn’t only known for his inspirational songs but also for the iconic dreads that he carried so effortlessly! Since then, the style has been rocked by many outstanding celebrities while receiving some of the prestigious awards like Oscars, Grammy’s, or Golden Globes! From Bob to Lauren to Ciara to Zendaya, the charm of dreads is evergreen!

Dreads, although simple, can be styled in many different ways starting from the evergreen braided side-swept or with a textured satin scarf! Or you can simply recreate the classic Ava DuVernay bun that she styled beautifully with her elegant blue dress! There are many more styles that can make your twisted or faux dreadlocks pop! 

Styling dreads was never easy! Even the transformation took time to set well! However, that is not an all-encompassing way of describing your dreadlock journey!! For those of you who lack ideas on how to charm streets with a perfect dreadlocks hairstyle, keep on reading to find inspiration! 

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Dreadlocks Styles For Women

dreadlocks styles for women

Zhavia renewed our interest in dreadlocks when she performed in The Four: Battle of Stardom where she carried those locs ever so charmingly mesmerizing the audience with her sweet voice! 

The journey of these mesmerizing locs is rather longer than what people may think! I guess the Fashion Police host, Giuliana Rancic, also didn’t know about them before he made those brash comments about Zendaya’s 2015 Oscar hairstyle! Giuliana referred to Zendaya’s locs as “smelling like patchouli oil, or Weed!” that was rather rude and it was in headlines for a long time in 2015!

For those of you who aren’t aware, the first written evidence of dread dates back to 2500 BCE! Yeah, decades ago! Dr. Bert Ashe in his Twisted: My Dreadlocks Chronicles, notes that the first written evidence of dreadlocks comes from Indic Vedic Scriptures where the revered deity, Shiva, wears his way in this manner. And not only that, many other pieces of evidence of this hairstyle have been found in ancient Egypt too! 

You’d also be surprised to know that, according to the Rastafarian belief, knotted hairs like dreadlocks are actually good! The reason for that is they do not let the energy pass out of our hair! The tightly knotted hair helps in preserving the energy in our body only! 

So, now you’re aware of the rich history of dreadlocks! Now let’s get started on how to actually style them! 

Playful Pom-Poms With Dreadlocks

Women who want to add a little playfulness to their life can try out these two cute little dread Pom-Poms on their heads! All you have to do is make two cute little buns out of your dreadlocks and pin them up! You can either do the buns on your full hair or you can just do a half hair Bun while keeping some of your dreads open! This style would be better for your casual outings or can work as a simple hairstyle for just a simple stroll in the park! 

Braided Dreadlocks

Braided Dreadlocks are the most commonly tried and not forgetting, loved dreadlocks hairstyle! Those crazy twists and turns in the form of big puffed-up braids or small braids look cool and graceful at the same time! To add more style, you can pair these braids with gold beads or hair jewels! You can either leave your braids open or simply tie them loosely together! Either way, they’re too beautiful to look away from! 

Colorful Dreadlocks

If you’re getting bored of your natural dreadlocks, then you can dye them in any color you want! Ash gray, ombre, burnt orange, red, amethyst, etc are some of the most sought-after colors of ladies trying to dye their locks! 

curly dreads
Source: Hair Adviser

Curled And Colored Dreads

Hand twisted dreads give off beautiful results and not forgetting the colored ones! If you have colorful dreadlocks, then either you can hand twist them or simply curl them loosely! I’m sure you’re going to love the charming outcome!! 

Twists And Cornrow With Dreads  

Look at these beautiful twists and twirl patterns of Dreads! Isn’t it beautiful? You can try them too! Make sections of your hair and twist them. Once you’ve twisted them enough, tie different Twists to form a pattern, and VOILA! You’re all good to go! You can add a few beads on your twirls and it will only add more charm to your Dreads! 

Short Dreads

Short dreads are best for the girls who want less hassle but more style! Shorter dreads are easier to handle and convenient for the ladies who are too busy to look after longer hairs! You can style your short dreads in many ways and one of them is to simply leave them open and let them hang freely on your shoulders! You can also try buzz cuts with Dreads! 

Bantu Knots With Dreads

Small sections of hair tied up in Bantu Knots is a way to go! First of all, the style is super convenient and on top of that, the elegance of it is unmatched! Bantu Knots ooze elegance and you will only radiate confidence once you style your hair this way! 

Side Swept Dreadlocks 

Side-swept dreads are common but you can multiply its charm by Twisting your frontal Dreads in braids! Leaving your Dreads open while some of them are twisted and Twirled is simply amazing and especially if you have colored hairs! Colored bands when Braided are simply marvelous so do try them out! 

Dreadlocks In Bun

Dreads in Bun? Bring it on girl!! Leaving half of your Dread open while tucking some of them in a high up loopy and fluffy Bun is a splendid hairstyle for those wanting to try something new! You can also tightly knit all your hair in a high bun and Voila, you’re all ready to charm the streets! You can wear this style anywhere! Whether in a formal setting or casual!

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rainbow dreads

Rainbow Dreadlocks

We’ve all seen those magnificent colors in our hair, right? Why not try those beautiful color combinations in your Dreads! Rainbow colors in your faux Dreads is a charming hairstyle! 

Mohawk With Twirled Dreads

Mohawk style in Dreads is a classic hairstyle for women who want to try something different than the usual Buns! You can loosely twist your Dreads in loops and tie them up in a Mohawk style! You can twist some of the locks very finely on both sides to complete the look! 

Side Swirled Dread Bun

Swirling your frontal Dreads on a side and tying them in a bun is a really classy hairstyle that can work in a formal and casual setting! You can rock a meeting or even a party in this hairstyle! 

Zig-Zag With Dreads

You might have seen those Zig-Zag braids of Kim right? You can try them out too in your faux Dreads by making zig-zag patterns starting from the top of your head! 

Half-Up Dreads

Loosely tying your faux Dreads in a half updo is one of the most common and beautiful hairstyles! It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing floral skirts or leather jackets, this updo can work well with any outfit! 

Loop Twirls With Dreads

Loopy twirls in dreads tied up together on a side looks too good to be true! First of all, the style is very easy to pull off! Secondly, it’s the definition of beauty!! This dreadlocks hairstyle is a good choice for casual dates and strolls! 

Different Types Of Dreadlocks Styles For Ladies

dreadlocks styles for ladies
Source: Popsugar

Whether casual or formal, you can effortlessly pull off dreads to look your best in any kind of setting! Here are some of the most beautiful and favored dread types among ladies! Happy styling!

  • Cornrows with dreads
  • Wavy dreads
  • Long dreads
  • Bohemian dreads
  • Twirled dreads
  • Dreads in a pony
  • Side-swept dreads
  • Mohawk dreads
  • Short dreads
  • Braided dreads
  • Zig-zag dreads or Intricate dreads
  • Colorful dreads
  • Bantu tied dreads
  • Crinkle dreads
  • Petal-bun dreads

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Wrapping Up

There are many dreadlocks styles that you can try to level up your styling game! No matter what occasion, beautifully styled dreads will only add shine to your charm! You can style your dreads in petal bun, cornrows, twisted loops, crinkle swirls, braids, etc! Make sure you try them out! For more funk and playfulness, try dying your hair as they will make your dreads all the more magnificent!


What are some of the best dreadlocks styles for ladies?

Some of the best dreadlocks hairstyles are-

  • Twirled dreads
  • Dreads in a pony
  • Side-swept dreads
  • Mohawk dreads
  • Short dreads
  • Braided dreads
  • Zig-zag dreads or Intricate dreads
  • Colorful dreads

What are some of the simple dreadlocks hairstyles?

Cornrows, twisted braids, and crinkles are some of the easiest dreadlocks hairstyles for beginners!

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