Dumb Questions To Ask Anybody | Competing With Harry And Lloyd!!!


We stumble on way too many questions that literally make us roll our eyes “FULL360°”. Oh! You think I’m being dramatic here! Wait till you hear this, so I lost a thing and then someone asks me “Where!” Dude, Isn’t it dumb as in –Duuh DUMB! Like man, If I knew where I would’ve found it ALREADY! Furthermore, this is NOTHING! For instance, go on check Quora, you will certainly come across many dumb aka BS questions there! Well, not all the time but sometimes there are questions that really blow me off! I mean these are so dumb questions to ask that seriously make us wonder, “have Harry and Llyod jumped out of our TV screen?”

The duo of Harry and Llyod made us have that hysterical laughter for two days straight at their obvious stupidity, but let me tell you! There are some Dumbers that leave Dumb and Dumber way behind! Where to find them? Well, I have come across them in reality too but you can find some of their siblings online, like on Reddit, Quora, or even on Google! Let’s look at them via our series of “Dumb questions to ask” to avoid listing yourself in the company of fools! 

Hold your tummies and drink all the water you need beforehand because this set of questions will surely make you die laughing or by choking on that water! Don’t complain that I didn’t warn you! 

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List Of Dumb Questions To Ask Your Friends, Teachers Or, Lovers!!!

dumb questions to ask

So I went on and on about how some people are fools and the questions they ask are just so stupid and dumb! But a moment of truth here, sometimes we act like that INTENTIONALLY!!! Why do we do that? Well to obviously add humor to some boring party or to sometimes just, irritate people, especially our best friends!!!

Not to forget, our teachers too! There were times when I noticed my loving teacher doing the eye exercise (rolling her eyes) at my questions! So like a really good student, I took note of them and posted them here, LOLLL!!! Hey, I did all that #respectfully so don’t judge! Oh, that’s the story of every other school and college student! And let’s not forget, teachers are posting dumb questions asked to them by their students online too! 

So without further ado, let’s just jump onto some of the dumbest questions to ask our friends, lovers, and teachers!!!

Dumb Questions To Ask Your Friends

We just love annoying our friends and you certainly know what I mean! That subtle frown and irritated look in their eyes that hints us to “STFU” or “get lost” is simply a treat on a boring day! So why not look at some of these dumb puns or questions that will make our friends go crazy!!

  1. What is the best way for blind people to see their dreams? Isn’t it true that their dreams are all black?
  2. If animals could talk, which species would be the most impolite?
  3. What’s in a Ham and Cheese Sub?
  4. What should I do if I know I’m about to die?
  5. Why is Einstein still alive if he was so brilliant?
  6. George Bush, do you think he’s a tree?
  7. Which fruit or vegetable would you choose to use as a weapon, and why?
  8. What would you be willing to give up? Is it better to brush your teeth or wipe your butt? You must choose one and explain why you chose that particular option.
  9. What body part would you separate from your body if you could?
  10. How can we avenge ourselves while remaining nice? I’m tempted to punch that individual, but I’m resisting because I want to go to heaven? So, what should I do now?
  11. Isn’t suicide a form of self-defense because you’re murdering the person who is attempting to kill you?
  12. If you had a brain, what would you do with it?

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Dumb Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend

Look at these hilariously dumb and flirty dumb questions that will seriously blow you off! Use these in a conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend to lighten up the mood and add humor to your daily conversations!

  1. If the cat was slain by curiosity, who was murdered by stupidity?
  2. When you dropped from heaven, how hard did you hit the ground?
  3. What would you choose if you had to choose between a horn and a tail?
  4. Which would you prefer: beauty or intelligence?
  5. What did you look like at your most embarrassing fashion faux pas?
  6. What other animal-face selfies can you take besides duck selfies?
  7. Would you gather the dragon balls to resurrect me if I died unexpectedly?
  8. If you were born an animal, what would it be?
  9. What would you do if you became invisible?
  10. What do you think happens after we die?
  11. If you could change your face, whose would you like to change yours with?
  12. Do you think vampires exist? What would you do if I were one of them?

Dumb Questions To Ask Your Teacher

dumb questions to ask
Source: Alexander Jarvis

We share so many memes in a day and I’m sure you might have seen that teacher one too! You know the one regarding how a teacher encourages their students to ask dumb questions! Why? To have something to gossip about in the teacher’s room! Well, that one was HILARIOUS! But why am I even rambling on about memes? Why did I bring that up? Well, obviously because we’re going to jump into the pool of dumbest questions to ask a teacher! 

Some of these questions were shared by our teachers on the internet! So compare yourself and analyze how dumb can you be?

  1. Is chocolate milk produced by mixing the milk of brown/black and white cows?
  2. Is it true that mermaids evolved into dolphins?
  3. Why would a galaxy be named after a candy bar?
  4. Why does a dictionary include so many words?
  5. How did Hitler get from Australia to Berlin? (The guy couldn’t tell the difference between Austria and Australia.)
  6. Quantum physics says we actually never touch anyone so how was I able to punch Joshua?
  7. life jackets don’t work otherwise why would people with life jackets die in Titanic?
  8. Can we play on stars and jump on clouds?
  9. “Can you tell me what those pyramid-shaped things in Egypt are called?”
  10. How do islands stay afloat?
  11. “How would liquid ice be referred to?”
  12. ‘If the light has a speed, what is the speed of darkness?’
  13. You said indigenous people lived in America long ago but how is that possible? Wasn’t Christopher Columbus the first one to arrive in America?

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Wrapping Up

There are so many dumb questions to ask that the list can go on till eternity! You can also make your own dumb questions by stating the obvious! Here’s an example- “Can you tell me what those pyramid-shaped things in Egypt are called?” Isn’t that obvious? Well, this is how you can be intelligently dumb! Do you know what my favorite of the lot was? Well, this one- “George Bush, do you think he’s a tree? Tell me which one made you choke on that glass of water in the comment box!!


What are some of the dumbest questions on Quora? 

These are the same questions that can be found in Quora! No Changes! The last one on this list really blew me off!!!

  1. Why do butt-cheeks exist? What are they there for?
  2. Would intercourse during pregnancy lead to a pregnant child?
  3. A white guy told me he was racist? What should I do?
  4. Can the severe intellectual retardation in Muslim countries be attributed to Islamism?
  5. If Einstein was so smart, why is he dead?
  6. Are males who believe in God beta males?
  7. I want to break the law without being caught. Can anyone here give me free legal advice? You’ll be liable if it goes wrong.
  8. Can we walk to the edge of the earth and see space?
  9. What does it feel like while committing suicide? What does one feel when he is in the midst of the air while committing suicide by jumping off a building?
  10. How does dying feel?
  11. Dating Advice: My guy says, “I am shit his shit girl but I could be his it girl”. He says, “Every chance he gets he is a, “turn me on, And says, Baby, you could be my it girl, but baby you are a shit girl”. This is just a way of saying. In reality, he is sincere and serious. And I really love him. How do I convince him that I am not a shit girl?

What are some of the dumbest questions about movies?

  1. Why wasn’t there a sequel to Titanic?
  2. What’s that movie where the kid Kevin was left home alone?
  3. Is Star Wars based on a true story?
  4. Is it possible to buy tickets to Jurassic Park
  5. What’s the name of the ship in Titanic?

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