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4 Best & Proven Methods To Earn Money From Instagram Reels

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Instagram is the fastest growing social media app. Soon, it is expected to cross Facebook in the number of downloads and active users. If you feel that you are spending too much time and the Internet on Instagram then we have an Idea that will help you earn from Instagram Reels.

Yes, you heard that right we have the solutions and the ways through which you can use the reels feature of the Instagram app to earn money and Increase your followers. Since Instagram has recently launched the Reels feature, it is promoting the popular hashtags in the explore section. So, making videos with the trending songs on Instagram reels can help you fetch a lot of Followers. Well, you must be waiting for the ways to earn money from Instagram reels. So, without wasting much of your time let me tell you the methods to earn money from Instagram Reels.

The Methods used to earn money from Instagram Reels are 

  1. Post Reels Sponsored By Brands
  2. Sell Companies Product
  3. Sell Your Own Product
  4. Increase Your Followers and Start Providing Services

These are the four most trusted and dependable methods to earn money from Instagram Reels. Since the reels feature was recently introduced by Instagram and the ban on Tik Tok in various countries have given Instagram Reels a properly engaged community. So, it is easier to earn money from Instagram than any other social media. 

Earn Money From Instagram Reels

We have told you the most trusted and dependable methods to earn money from Instagram Reels above. Further in the article, we have explained all these points in detail. Have a look at them and start using your favorite time pass as a way to earn money from Instagram Reels.

Post Reels Sponsored By Brands- Work as an Influencer

Earn Money From Instagram Reels - Reels sponsered by brands
Source: Sked Social

The first method to earn money from Instagram Reels is to Post Reels Sponsored By Brands. If you are an Instagram Influencer your great follower base will help you earn.

Influencers are the people who have the reputation of creating original and creative content. They are trusted by the audience and have a great influence on them that is why they are called the influencers.

Once you have several followers the brands like Nike and Armani will reach you and ask you to wear their products while making the reels. As you have a great influence among your followers they will try to copy you and the brand will be promoted by your reel, so posting reels sponsored by a brand will help you to earn money from brands.

Now, the question is how to get more followers on Instagram? Well, you can ask your friends or relatives to give a shoutout for your Instagram Profile or the best way is to get a package of your interest from any company that provides followers apart from these there are various apps that helps you to increase followers on Instagram

Sell Company’s Product – Be an Affiliate Marketer

Earn Money From Instagram Reels - Sell company product
Source: Ecwid

Well, you don’t actually need to be an influencer for this method to earn money from Instagram Reels. All you need to do is contact the company and ask them that you will promote their product through your Instagram Reel. All you need to do is make a reel displaying their product. If any of your followers are interested he can go to their official website and order the product.

Although, the earning will totally depend on the popularity of the brand and the product or if you have signed any contract. Mostly the company does it on the basis of the clicks, if the follower has redirected to their website from your reel then you will be paid the commission of the products ordered.

Sell Your Own Product- Be an Entrepreneur

Earn Money From Instagram Reels - Sell your own product
Source: My Marketing Playbook

Instagram has now made it possible for the growing entrepreneurs to sell their products on its platform. All you need to do is make a business profile and start using the reels feature to promote the product.

How To Make a Business Profile

  1. Open your Instagram Account.
  2. Click on the circle on the bottom right
  3. Now, You are on your Instagram profile.
  4. Click on the three lines at the top right corner
  5. Tap Settings
  6. Tap on Accounts Option
  7. Tap On Business
  8. Follow the steps and add your personal details
  9. Tap Done, Your Business account is ready

Now, you can promote your own product by making its video and this will help you earn from Instagram reels.

Increase Your Followers and Start Providing Services

Earn Money From Instagram Reels - increase followers using reels
Source: Fanpage Karma Blog

As we told you above that Instagram is promoting its reel feature and if you make content using the latest hashtags then there are hundred percent chances of getting your reels promoted in the explore section and promotion to explore section means chances of getting more followers. Once you have a considerable number of followers then you can earn money by

  1. Offer Physical or Digital Goods
  2. Release Sponsored Posts
  3. Compose Captions for business
  4. Promote Affiliate links
  5. Become a Brand Ambassador
  6. Provide Social Media Marketing Services
  7. Make Instagram Filters

To get the explanation of the terms mentioned above, click on the Underlined Text.

Now, that you are aware of how to earn money from Instagram reels what are you waiting for? Christmas!! Pick your phones up, contact a company or start making relevant and quality content and start earning. What would be better than Earning from your phone? And if you feel we have skipped any of the steps. Do write us in the comments section.

Featured Image Source: MagicLinks

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