Epic Games Metaverse | Kids, Get Ready To Enjoy In Metaverse

Epic Games Metaverse

Epic Games Metaverse will soon be launched for kids. The gaming giant will partner with the Lego Group to build a Metaverse for kids. Yes, now kids can also enjoy the virtual world with Epic Games Metaverse. The news seems bullish for those who have investments in Metaverse coins or Metaverse stocks. Let us give you a detailed overview of the news in the post below.

This team-up between the Lego Group and Epic Games will build a place for kids to play in the virtual world. The move may give rise to new investment opportunities if it releases NFTs in its Epic Games Metaverse. If it releases any governance token like ApeCoin, it can also bring great investment opportunities. 

Kids always enjoy playing, and Epic Games Metaverse will provide a platform for kids for playing in virtual space. This family-friendly experience in the digital world will provide them with access to tools to empower them and help them become confident creators and deliver great playing opportunities. 

The partnership to build the Epic Games Metaverse is a long-term plan to shape the future of the virtual world and make it a fun and safe place for kids and families. This post will discuss more details related to the Epic Games Metaverse and provide you with all the necessary information. So, let’s see what is there in the Epic Games Metaverse. 

Epic Games Metaverse 

Epic Games and Lego Group Partnership

Epic Games Metaverse will soon be launched by two of the biggest companies in the entertainment industry. Epic Games and the Lego Group are coming together to build a virtual space for kids. Epic Games officially announced that they are partnering with the Lego Group to create a great experience for kids.

The CEOs of both these companies claim that the project will focus on making the Epic Games Metaverse fun, exciting, entertaining, and playful. It is also touted to be a safe digital environment wherein kids can play and learn. It is claimed that there is huge potential for kids in the Epic Games Metaverse to develop life-long skills.

The kids need not sacrifice their well-being, privacy, or safety and will become confident creators through their planned digital experience. Kids can enjoy playing in both physical and digital worlds and move seamlessly. They can develop life-long skills like creativity, communication, and collaboration through a digital experience. 

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The CEO and founder of Epic, Tim Sweeney, states that the Lego Group has captivated the imagination of adults and children with creative play for about a century. He shared his excitement to partner with them and build a virtual space that is entertaining for kids and their families. 

We can see many companies involved in the Metaverse. They can view great potential in virtual space. Epic Games Metaverse is another partnership between the Lego Group and Epic Games. But this major alliance is for kids. It will be aimed as a sage space in the virtual world for kids of all ages.

There is no detail about what this Epic Games Metaverse will look like. The Lego Group and the Epic Games have agreed on three core principles. It will ensure that the digital space will deliver engaging play opportunities. Let us check out these principles. 

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Core Principles For Epic Games Metaverse 

The Epic Games Metaverse will be focused on three core principles. Let us see these principles. 

  • Protecting the rights of children to play by creating safety and well-being is the priority. 
  • Put the best interests to safeguard the privacy of children. 
  • Empower children and adults with tools that control their digital experience. 

There isn’t clarity about when the platform will be released but is hoped to be launched very soon. It seems to mark a milestone in the virtual world and its applications through the Epic Games Metaverse. 

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This post has all the necessary details related to the Epic Games Metaverse. The release date and the Epic Games Metaverse look have not been disclosed yet. We are waiting for further details on this. We will update you with it whenever it is released. Many people seem to be excited about this project.

What do you feel about this Epic Games Metaverse for kids? Do share your experience related to this Epic Games Metaverse with us. You can write it in the comment box below. 

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