“Pop Team Epic Season 2” Read to know Characters, Plot, Release Date

Pop Team Epic also called Poputepipikku in Japanese was adapted from manga series written and illustrated by Bkub Okawa and the production of new chapters is done to date.

The first series was premiered on 14 August 2014 and enjoyed a decent success after streamed on the Manga Life win website. According to manga, the story is all about the misadventures of two 14 years old girls, namely, Popuko and Pipimi. The surrealism and stupidity of this serial have a hold on Japanese fans and all audiences throughout the European and American continent, creating a sensation of a pop-cultural phenomenon and leading to these frequent satires.

Kamikaze Douga, a Japanese animation studio started the production of the television anime series after successful four years of serialization of this show. The first episode of the Pop team epic was premiered on 7 January 2018 which boosted the morale of manga enthusiasts and the serial viewers and hence delighted and satisfied by the manga adaption to anime, the fans are urging for the next continuation elements of this series.

It will be interesting to see what the production house decides to take the show in which new direction while balancing between happiness and enjoyment of the show with other consequences.


The first season can be said as more than a decent success. But what about season 2? Is there any chance?

The first season had 12 episodes in all, which were aired from January 7, 2018, till the 25th of March of the same year. After the ending of season 1, the anime also saw a special episode within less than a week, aired by Kamikaze Douglas productions itself. There had been already several spin-offs shows of this anime. The three-episode Pop Team Epic specials, the single episode of Ninja Batman x Pop Team Epic Kindan no collab CM Eizou Kaikin!, and a single episode of Original net animation (ONA) unusual titled Pop Team Epic Kitten. However, despite all these spin-offs creations, there’s still no declaration and confirmation of the next season yet.

There’s still hope among fans about the revelation of the show’s next franchise, but it seems to be an undiscussed topic among the producers yet. However, taking into consideration the previous season’s success, the next one will be on the screen sooner or later. It’s still around two years of the 1st season of Pop Team Epic premiered, and hence there’s no point to concern about the next. The producers may announce the dates till the end of 2020 if not, then will obviously in 2021 at some point. If it further delayed over 2021, then fans should assume a gradual decrease in chances for the creation of the same. We should also not neglect the loose ends of the first season, and so much of the plots that can be continued as only a little portion of the story in manga is covered in 1st season and hence gives a good reason for the beginning of 2nd season.


Yes, the whole season of Pop Team Epic is available in English dubb after the massive western fan base development. The finely dubbed English episodes are present on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and also on Anime-planet.


As stated early the plot revolves around the misadventures of two 14 years girls called Popuko and Pipimi respectively. Each episode involves a different story, and hence there’s no concrete plot for the information. Moreover, the attacks consist of only 12 minutes of runtime each.

The misadventures of girls include bizarre situations and encounter them with equally odd manners. It also consists of some surreal humour and like it’s manga creation it is also known for parodies of pop culture. It’s a unique storyline which enhances the spectators from western and Japan domain to enjoy to their fullest. The genre of this show comprises of comedy, drama, action, humour, and plenty of swearing and concludes the stories of the pop culture world.


As the story accommodates only two main characters Popuko and Pipimi respectively, there’s everything you need to know about them:

Fourteen years old girl who is distinct for her show, light orange hair, and yellow irises is one of the two main characters.  Her character is short-tempered and angers prone, which attacks anyone and believes more in violence. Her weapon of choice in combat is a bat embedded with nails. Despite her violent nature, she cares and loves Pipimi.

She is also 14 years old and seems to be the best friend of Popuko. She has a navy blue long hair with very blue eyes. She is opposite in character despite being Popuko’s best friend. Her name is a calm, sweet, and stern person who cares about Popuko very much and can change her personality to an angry girl if someone threatens Popuko. Otherwise, unlike her friend, she has total control over her anger and temper.

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