Essential Practices for Working from Home

Working from Home is everywhere now; whether you are a freelancer, or you’re starting up a small business in your bedroom, or you’re part of a business that had to go remote due to the pandemic – we’ve all learned to become productive and bring our work life into our homes. 

We spoke with TechQuarters, a Microsoft Partner that also provides Business IT Support London companies have relied on ever since they went remote due to the pandemic. TechQuarters discussed the most important practices that everyone, whether a freelancer or an SMB, should employ when working from home.

Tips for Working Remotely
Tips for Working Remotely

Create the right environment for work

To work from home, it is important to separate your work life from your home life. This is why creating the right work environment is essential. Ideally, it will be away from your bedroom and where you spend your free time – because it is not healthy to create an association with work in the places you relax and sleep.

Of course, not everyone is able to set up an office in their home, and may be forced to use their bedroom or living room for work. In this case, it’s important to have routines that mark the beginning and end of your work day – for example, you can keep your laptop, your headset, your pen & paper, and anything else you use for work in a box that you unpack in the morning and pack up in the evening. This way, you can be economical with your space and create an association with beginning and ending your period of work each day.

Equip yourself with the right products for work

Another important aspect of working from home is making sure that you are set up just as you were in the office. This means no discrepancies in communication with your colleagues, or the ability to access company resources. In today’s era of Cloud-based applications and services, it is easy to stay connected with company resource no matter where you are.

For example, many businesses that go remote opt to migrate to Microsoft 365 and Azure. These Cloud-based services can provide you with everything you need to operate remotely. Microsoft 365 will give you all the essential Office apps, plus Outlook email, OneDrive and SharePoint storage, and Teams for communication. Microsoft 365 comes with individual licenses, as well as a range of Business licenses – if you are opting for the Business license, you may wish to recruit the help of a Microsoft 365 Consultant.

Ensure your technology is supported

When you have all of your hardware and the applications you need for work, you also need to make sure that they are being supported. As a business you may opt to outsource your IT Support to a provider – these can be easily found in all the major cities across the UK; for example, TechQuarters offers IT Support South London businesses have been using for many years – they deliver support to businesses in every part of London & further afield.

It is very important to have IT Support in place when you are remote. While it was easy to get help for your machine when everyone was under the same roof in the office, an IT issue when you’re working remotely can feel like a much bigger road block. But if you have outsourced your IT to a provider that has the resources to deliver remote support, then you will be covered.

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